Oct 23, 2017 – Last night right when I started to pray I started to think about everything that God has done for me since I came to this church. I was so amazed by His love and I started to cry because of how good God’s love is. My chest started to feel warm and the feeling was so overwhelming in a good way. The thought that came into my mind was His love is magnificent. I just kept crying and thanking God because He loves someone like me. This is a unfailing love, a love that stays the same no matter what. His love felt so pure.

During prayer I looked up the definition of magnificent. The word means: impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking.

“a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains”

Synonyms: splendid, spectacular, impressive, striking, glorious, superb, majestic, awesome, awe-inspiring, breathtaking More

Then after I looked up magnificent in bible gateway and this verse caught my eye:

Ezekiel 31:7 “The Voice (VOICE) It was magnificent in its beauty,
grand in its form, and long in its branches;
For its roots grew deep and tapped the sources of many waters.”

After I read this verse I started to pray about it. This verse to me means that once we get delivered and get rid of our hurts, pain, trauma, receive deliverance there will be more room for God to come into ours hearts. The more God enters into our hearts then the deeper the roots will be and we will able to reach other people [or tapped the sources of many waters] who have hurt or trauma as well. Pastor once said about me and Deacon Junior that we have a lot of weaknesses. Also we have received a word on New Years of 2017 that God will be glorified through our lives. How are we suppose to glorify God? I watched a sermon from Pastor Joyce Meyer and in the sermon she discussed about how God can only come through from our weaknesses, even Pastor Steve said the same!

When I first came to the church I was full of hurt, trauma, and demons. Almost every weekend I would need deliverance, I would scream, cry, kick, and punch. I had so much trauma I couldn’t even go to a shopping mall or even grocery shop at big stores. I would get anxiety attacks. Pastor Steve and Pastor Yoojin took my husband and I under there wings. Pastor started to go grocery shopping for us, saving our money, and everyday giving us instructions to do something or get a job done. He was teaching us to be a adult. We got married and moved to Fremont at the age of 19. They put so much effort and love into us. As I looked back I can see how much my husband and I have changed. To me really its miracle. Nobody has ever taught me how to do any of the things the pastor has taught me. I have only seen true change in my husband and I at this church under there covering.

On Sunday night Rose was starting to manifest. Rose reminds me a lot of myself when I first came to the church. At first pastor just wanted to be there to hold her down if she started to punch. Pastor Yoojin then wanted me to start to practice delivering Rose. I had to wipe her tears, her sweat, wipe her nose, hold her down, everything that the deacons and pastors had to do with me while I was manifesting. I was in shock! This use to be me, and now God has healed me to a certain point [which was one of my weaknesses] and now He can be glorified and use me to help heal and deliver someone else. God is using one of greatest weaknesses for His Glory. Now I see it is a good thing to have many weaknesses. You are able to let God use those weakness to show how great He is. We have come so far and I am started to have a very small taste of Gods goodness. Now I realize there is no shame in my many weaknesses, God made me this way. I am called to glorify Him and the only way for God to be glorified is through your weakness. All glory to God!

Deacon Marissa Estrada Hopes