Main Leadership

Founders of Global Holy Fire Ministry

Bishop Yong Doo Kim, Pastor Kang Hyun Ja, and family

The Lord’s Church, South Korea

Previous Presbyterian pastors of South Korea and through relentless years in prayer and difficulties, Bishop Kim and family encountered the Lord Jesus to experience Heaven and Hell as they were Baptized by the Blazing Fire of God. The encounter was first experienced in 2005 which led to the Fire books. Of the ten books Jesus spoke that would be written, there are six completed with the seventh in progress. 

With their testimonies, Jesus used Bishop Kim’s family to spread and cast the Holy Fire of God throughout the world as many branches have been established. 

On the right, their children, Pastor Joseph, with his wife and their two boys and daughter. On the left is their daughter Pastor Joo Eun and her husband, Pastor Solomon. 

Senior Pastors

Steve and Yoojin Kim

Fire of God Church, USA


We are Senior Pastors for Fire of God Church, a Holy Fire Ministry, since the year 2012. We started out as lay believers who are prior business people. All our possessions and wealth were taken away, and we were sent to the bottom so that we may fully surrender to God’s calling.

When we lost everything, we experienced tribulation, going through God’s Fire of purity, so that religion and the world would be burned away from our souls, and a true spiritual relationship would be restored with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Now, we march forward to Mt. Zion where HE dwells with His people.

We are His people and HE is our God, and Love is the power that drives our church.

Assistant Pastors

Christian and Rose Mata

Fire of God Church, USA

Throughout our lives we may wonder why God allows us to go through certain things, but as He unfolds His master plan, we realize how amazingly good He is to us. He loves us so much. We are His beloved.

What was once a question for us, can now be an answer to a lost soul walking down the same road we once walked.

May we live the rest of our days as a vessel of honor for the Lord, and make it home to our King.


Joseph and Sarah Jang

Fire of God Church, USA

It’s been 20 years since we got married. We carried our married life under the illusion of respect and love for each other. Now, as a result, we learned how to love and respect each other in the Lord and began to live like that. If we hadn’t been here, we would have lived in an illusion all our life.


Daniel and Ellen Mata

Fire of God Church, USA

God restores. We came to Him broken and messy. Piece by piece, He is reconstructing us for His glory and His purpose. May we always serve Him with hearts committed to Him and with love for His people.


Sam and Doris Chiles

Fire of God Church, USA

We trust God will lead us to unity in the fullness of faith in Him. By diligently seeking Him in our own lives, we hope to steward well the outflow of His many expressions of love unto others. We are honored to serve in the ministry to build up the body of Christ to maturity, and actualize the abundant life Jesus came to give.

“Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness.”

Psalms 143:10


Kim Lacas

Fire of God Church, USA


Wonju Hulse

Fire of God Church, USA

God brought me under Fire of God Ministry to refine me to be the best of myself, so I can glorify Him.

“You’ve rescued me from hell and saved my life. You’ve crowned me with love and mercy.”

Psalms 103:4

Youth Pastors

Jason and Megan Schiffner

Fire of God Church, USA

We know people have experienced many painful hurts and traumas and long for healing and belonging.

By God’s empowering grace, made available through Jesus Christ, we’ve been through many of those painful traumas, and healed, and found a home.

As leaders our hearts are to serve as “fathers and mothers” to spiritual orphans—those who are hurting and separated from Father God and to help restore them to Him.

The Kingdom of God is now and it’s our job as the church to bring the presence of God on earth through our surrendered lives.

We gratefully serve God and His people with our whole hearts, live according to the Word of God, and move from glory to glory through continuous repentance and transformation.