My Testimony of Fire of God Church

When I first came to the Fire of God Church I was full of sin and idols. Not only was I very stubborn in my ways but I didn’t know God’s ways. I went to many different churches where I learned bits and pieces of God but never really knew about the judgments and the fear of God. Without those I never really knew who God was and I was deceived in thinking that I did and was on my way to heaven.

In the bible it even says that many ppl on that day will say, “Lord, Lord…” but God will respond, “I never knew you, go away from me…”. The thought of that brings me to repentance and makes me want to get on my knees because it is no guarantee that I will make it as Paul states…even he could be cast away. But it is my hope that in this church I will continue to grow in my relationship and walk with God more closely through the leading of my shepherds, Pastor Steve and Pastor Yoojin. I thank God for leading me to this church and I pray that those who want a closer walk and want to really know God will come here to have a closer relationship with him and know what it really means to love and worship him. Amen!

He gave me a husband, a home, and a car ????????????????…..