Third day of the New Year’s Special Conference – January 3rd, Thursday, 2019

While Pastor Kim was leading the Holy Dance Worship service, Satan intently attacked his left wrist by piercing it mercilessly. This is the wrist in which he had just had his operation on.

Pastor Kim tried to swallow his pain but in the end, because he was intensely and severely attacked, he stopped leading the holy dance worship. Mrs. Kang, and few other ministers ran to the altar and assisted Pastor Kim. All the church members began to intercede in prayer for him.

Previously, the cyst shaped like tumors had developed due to Satan’s attack. Even now, after the operation, in the midst of his recovery, Satan had once again continued his attacks.

The medical grade thread which was used to stitch his wrist is a foreign material therefore, tomorrow is the day he will have to go to hospital for its removal. In the midst of the recovery time, Satan had frequently attacked Pastor Kim. Therefore, there were times when the inflammation had occurred previously.

Only after a week, from Monday to Sunday, Pastor Kim will have to lead the Vietnamese Mission center and hold revival conference. The weather will be around 30 Celsius over there. Vietnam is considered a tropical region. Therefore, if he does not remove the thread before their departure, there will be the possibility of flaring and inflammation.

Please I ask All who earnestly love the holy fire to intercede for Pastor Kim, Yong Doo.