If you feel like you are drowning, time to exam!
One of my prayer statements is “Father! show me my blind spots!”We all have blind spots, and we won’t be able to see them, that’s why it’s called blind spot!

This prayer sometimes makes me nervous, because Father answers my request 😭

One thing I know for sure. With those blind spots, I will not, will never move from glory to glory, moving from season to season. I can’t be waiting for anything higher if I’m not willing to correct myself.

Every time when my blind spot is revealed, my flesh instantly hates it! My flash tells me “It’s not God and it’s not my blind spot revealed by God.” The deception of my pride and flash comes at me with full force trying to prevent me from accepting it. It wants me to give a bunch of excuses and cowardly give pitiful explanations.

But then deep in my spirit or core of my heart knows “I need to fully accept and just be broken at the moment. Then obtain freedom”

Pastor Lissa Bevere once said about “scary prayer” if your prayer has “no scary” statement, you should try 🙂 if you handle it rightly at the right moment (when things are revealed) you will gain a lot of freedom, and that freedom comes with blessings of God (unexpected reward from Father)

I’ve come to realize how messed up Christian women are in this modern time. Make time for yourself (women & wives), and listen to pastor Lissa Bevere’s sermons. She is truly a warrior.


Pastor Yoojin Kim