Pastor Yoojin’s spirit and my spirit feel an excitement coming for our ministry as we enter the year 2024. I hope you all do your part to fully participate in the joy and blessings that are coming! Please make a choice to get out of your prisons within your minds of offense, jealousy, greed, pride, and go into full submission/freedom under the covering of this church. Your choice(s) today will affect tomorrow and the lives of your children. Or else you stay poor in spirit, soul, and body constantly struggling and asking, “Why or why me?”

In the wilderness, their shoes did not wear out. Even in disobedience, you will still have a measure of good blessings under this church, but you will fail to capture the overflow of abundant blessings and joy! Remember, it is not your way. It is His way, and HE is the Root (The Cornerstone) and the Fire of God Church and His pastors are the main branch after Bishop’s authority, and you are the branches. You cannot be blessed and nourished except through the main brain which is connected to Bishop and Jesus. You cannot jump to Bishop’s authority because you are offended at us or because you pridefully think you can get a special blessing for that is not how it works. Your blessings come through our authority as our blessings come from Bishop’s authority and from Christ and Father through the power of the Holy Spirit! This is why some of you are still struggling and taxed after all these years failing and refusing to realize the order of God.

If some people saved their tithes and gave them to Bishop during revivals when they were members here and being fed here, wouldn’t that be extremely disrespectful to us and out of order? What would be their motive? Offense? I’m just saying this as an example because I know you are not like that. We have given a great deal and a big amount through the years in our church tithes and offerings to Bishop. This is one of the reasons why we are so blessed as a church.

Just like the children of parents, the kids are either blessed or cursed based on the parents’ choices. A 10-year-old cannot jump to my authority and get relief. They are the authority of their parents, and the parents must make the right choices. Only when the child becomes an adult and moves out can they be under another authority.

As a member of our church, you cannot belong to another authority unless you move to that church. You are the branch to us, and you cannot bypass that order. Please understand order so you may be blessed. And I am speaking to those who are physical members who tithe directly here. If you tithe somewhere else, you are relinquishing your covering under us, and your blessings will be limited or nullified falsely thinking sowing somewhere else will have gain.

But I hope you change your mindset and humble yourselves to know the authority of my wife and I are and have been firmly established and you need to decide now as we are about to move onto a new season. We love you all very much and hope you all grow in His Grace with much love and mercy.

Pastor Steve Kim