Yesterday, as I was listening to one of the Pilates teachers teaching, I realized a lot of what they teach relates to spiritual teaching.

She said something like this, “Someone asked me if Pilates is easy. I told her, ‘No, it never gets easier, in fact, it gets harder. But as I continue to do Pilates, I become stronger physically, spiritually and mentally.’”

This statement hit me powerfully.

Every level I pass, my mental state & physical state become stronger. But each level is not easy. I have to push my limit every time.

Spiritually exactly the same thing. Only when you pass/overcome every season/test/hardship, will your mental state and spiritual state become stronger.

If you don’t overcome or pass, you will never go to the next level. You will become stuck and stagnant. The next level WILL NOT come staying the same without pushing your limit. Something gotta change if you want a better-blessed life.

The Pilates teacher said that many do not finish classes and fail to graduate. She said they spend thousands of dollars and end up giving up. Some students do not show progression but stay at the same level, and at the end, normally they give up.

God is watching all of us right now. He is trying to see where He will place us as we move to the next level. Spiritually, physically, and financially.

Pastor Yoojin Kim