Hello Family,

When it comes to any positions in title or authority whether given titles, ability to lead, hold meetings, speak for pastors, speak for the Holy Spirit for others, or major church duties, such authority or positions must be certified by us as we openly and publicly declare and appoint in front of the congregation and or posted officially on Band.

For example, if a word was given that you will be a main pillar of this church, that word is still conditional to you passing your tests, becoming mature, and receiving certification through our authority.

If a word was spoken that you may be one of the spokespersons for the Holy Spirit representative of our church, this is conditional to you passing your tests, becoming mature, and becoming certified before the congregation and through the senior pastors openly and publicly.

Even with your previous words spoken before you arrived at this church, unless we are given such a word from the HS, we will not recognize it from another authority. Regardless, you must pass your tests to be certified by the HS. It is all conditional, and you must prove your obedience and loyalty to God.

If I tell my child they will be a doctor when they are 12 years old, they must go through the schooling and hard work and be certified by the board of medical doctors. They cannot at the age of 15 years who do not have much experience (testimony) or resources to start practicing when they have yet to grow up.

But you must know and realize, you are starting over in this ministry. I hope we are humbled enough and are not afraid to start over at any given time.

Pastor Steve Kim