Joshua 24:15
If you decide that you’re not willing to serve Him, then today is the day for you to choose whom you will serve,…But as for me and my family, we will serve the Eternal.

This has been one of the main verses I’ve been declaring since my wilderness time especially while P Steve was drunk and depressed.

Also, this is the very verse I placed right above our car keys at home so that every time we grab or hang the car keys, we can be reminded.

Around July time this year, during my prayer time, God whispered,

“Ask Callia what she would like to have on her 21st birthday this year.”

So I asked Callia, but she didn’t know exactly what she wanted. She said,

“I will have whatever God wants me to. I’m okay with just having dinner with church kids and you guys. But can you ask God for me?”

Since July, I’ve been asking here and there for her. In October time, God whispered again,

“Buy her new car.”

I replied in my mind,

“But her car is fine and good enough for her to ride for more years.”

But God continued,

“Buy her an electric car.”

It actually sounded good since she doesn’t need to put gas and gas prices have gone up a lot. So I asked,

“What kind?”

He said,


At this moment, I began to rebuke the voice, I’m not even kidding, I really did.

Then I waited a few days. After “self-deliverance” on myself for a few days (in case I’m deceived), I prayed for Callia’s birthday gift again.

God said,

“Buy BMW electric Car.”

So I said,

“If it is You, God, show me the signs.”

After this prayer, RIGHT NEXT day, BMW was doing a huge promotion in Pleasanton, our town.

So, I asked God again,

“Yes God but I need more signs, God.”

Then, RIGHT AFTER this prayer, our brother-in-law contacted Pastor Steve.

He has been handling our mother-in-law’s bank account since they lived together. He said his mother (Pastor Steve’s mom) was bugging him to give him the whole authority of handling her bank account and use her money for our needs.

We were very surprised at his “obedience”.
He is a very wealthy guy, but he is very stingy with money. In our wilderness time working under him, he never paid for the work we did.

He only gave us gas money and food money. There was no extra money paid for our kids or us. We worked like slaves for 6 years under him.

But him handing over her bank account to us and granting Mother’s request is almost a miracle.

So we called our mother to confirm. She said that she had not given us any inheritance (she gave everything to her second son, Pastor Steve’s little brother.) and now she regrets it a lot. (Her wish is to live with us)

She then out of nowhere asked us to buy Callia’s birthday gift with her money. She wanted something special since it was her 21st birthday. This is another sign God was showing us. I did not have to ask anymore.

So we went to the dealer, got a huge discount, and bought the car. But they said the car is not ready and will deliver around the first week of December, that’s callia’s birthday week! That was another sign!

So I received 3 different confirmations!!
We are going to sell Callia’s car, and we will get close to $ 20,000!! We will use it to make a down payment.

2024 BMW i4 all electric

Black exterior & red interior.

We give all glory to God!!

Follow God with ALL your heart and mind. With ALL your strength love Him. Love is action, show Him that you Love Him. He will not withhold anything from you.

Birth your testimonies, and show the unbelieving people how God is faithful and good.

It’s not going to be easy, but you will become stronger as you pass your test and kill your pride. ♥️🔥

Pastor Yoojin Kim