Hello Church Family,

Today, I was deep cleaning my bathroom and room when my boss called. He began to talk about business and his vision for the next level of our shop. The manager is leaving in 30 days, and he is appointing me to fill the role of manager.

I have been praying and DECLARING and DECREEING a shopping spree for months now. Our work clothes are all black, and I needed new clothes.

Today, God answered my prayer! My boss took me on a shopping spree to TJMaxx and Macy’s. He spent around $500 and told me that this was a reward on behalf of the barbershop for my husband not quitting, pushing through, and NOT GIVING UP!!

We would have kept shopping, but Macy’s was closing, and my boss said, “We will be back” 😎🔥lol.

I am so grateful, thankful, and in AWE of the Majesty of God 🩷. What a good Father. I left Islam and accepted Christ many years ago, but there isn’t a day God hasn’t revealed the Father’s love to me, he takes care of me and leads me down a good path; everything I gave up to follow he gives back and greater.

I FIRMLY BELIEVE IN the power of DECREEING AND DECLARING in the Name of Jesus to bring things into EXISTENCE! You have to do it according to your faith. I have decided I’m going to DREAM BIG or go home! One life to live, so why not believe BIG?! Believe for the IMPOSSIBLE?!

What I see now isn’t my end result! Pastor Yoojin’s testimony this Sunday is so powerful and true! During her darkest hours, she kept the basics and declared what she didn’t see into existence, and it worked! I don’t just thank God for His Promises over my situation and family! I open my mouth and SPEAK THEM INTO EXISTENCE! The caps are because I am excited lol.

My boss is so proud of my husband for purchasing his first car fully with cash. Our boss came from a very poor family and appreciates the value of money. Today, he sat me down and instructed me to open a Roth IRA and start another savings account. He said within 3 years, we will be able to purchase our own small home. And 3-5 years after that, a bigger home. He is starting to instruct me how to save. I’m so excited and thankful. 🥲

My boss even tells me that we will travel the world, as we expand locations and the shop! This is a dream come true!I used to decree and declare that God would send wealthy, influential people into my life to instruct and help me to become wealthy and that they would be overjoyed to do so, not burdened by it. That was only a few years ago, and it has already come to pass and is happening!! My boss is a person who is so full of joy! He is extremely generous and often takes my husband and me to very nice restaurants, twice in one month to Fogo De Chao (I thought about it in my mind one day how I would like to go eat there, and that day, my boss told me that where we were are going to eat 😳) Praise God!

Another testimony is that I struggled with insecurity, dressing nice, and doing my hair. But my job pushes me to look my best for God, it’s pushing me out of my box (post Islam trauma lol or wearing all cover up garments) into more of a freedom and confidence. My boss told me today to dress to impress every day because you never know who you will bump into or meet.

I love you, Church family, thank you all for all your love and support, we are so grateful for you all🙏🩷
Fay Valle