Hello Family,

During prayer, the Holy Spirit said some of our people are becoming too dependent on the pastors to be their financial savior rather than looking to God for their full help. This means assisting to make money or anything to do with money in terms of some help. The pastor’s office is not EBT nor a bank. All people are required to work when they are able to work especially when deliverance and miracles are available to obtain good health and good jobs. If you are in financial distress or needing an increase, you need to go into prayer as first rule rather than expect pastors to be your help. Moreover, we are not your crystal ball for all answers. Stop being so afraid to make mistakes. In twelve years of ministry, we have never gone to Bishop for any of our financial questions, whether for the church or personal. We have sought our own answers all from prayer, and I have learned through my own trial and error, mistakes, and success. I own my own decisions.

Effective immediately, when it comes to financial advice as in making money, I can no longer directly help unless the Holy Spirit specifies. You are all adults and able people to go and learn on your own. That is what I do. You need to do your part.

As pastors, we are first your spiritual mentor and helper. We have sought to use other incentives to motivate people to come to full obedience to God but for some it has become a dependency like EBT.

IF you all pray, read, and seek God diligently, HE will bless you abundantly as HE has my family and I. But if you seek a shortcut by solely depending on “man,” then you will end up with the short end of the stick. This reminder is for all of us to stay dependent on God and not solely on “man.” Although God uses man to help, they should not be used as a shortcut to cheat on the things and duties (prayer) of God to get your blessings.

If I help anyone in the future when it comes to finances, it must be directed from the Holy Spirit only.

I believe God wants our people to grow up and learn to lean on the HS and depend on HIM by keeping up with your spiritual positions and doing your own DD (Due Diligence) in obtaining your own information to make a mature adult decision.

Meaning of Due Diligence

“Due diligence is the process of investigating and verifying an entity before entering into a business arrangement, such as with a vendor, third party, or client. It can also refer to the process of gathering information about a prospective sale, purchase, or contract. Due diligence is used in both law and business. For example, a court might say that there was due diligence on the part of a plaintiff. In the financial world, due diligence requires an examination of financial records before entering into a proposed transaction with another party.”

Basically, it means: go learn it.

I will assist in giving general financial advice, but you need to make your own decisions as grown-ups and own them rather than not take responsibility. Please do not tell your pastor, “Just tell me what to do!”

No, grow up already, thank you.

Moreover, those who can work full time and do not cannot come to me for any financial help. If you elect to go to school or any trade school, you need to make your own plan on how to keep up with your bills and any extracurricular unforeseen expenses like a broken down car, medical bill and need to consistently pay rent. Those who have been given help at the beginning must now understand there is no more such extraordinary help.

Thank you

Pastor Steve Kim