Hello, church family pastors approved this post.

I am going to share a little bit about my testimony and what happened to me. Well, I had been doing well clean for three years, and I recently fell into a depression, and which resulted in me backsliding into drugs and alcohol. My life fell apart in one day because I broke a promise to God, and judgment came upon me. I didn’t listen to Pastors after several times they warned me, that if I go back, judgment would come on me. I got struck with shingles, and it was extremely painful to where my body wanted to shut down, but I had to fight for my life, and I ended up in the hospital. I cried out to God to help and forgive me. God expects better and more from me.

I live to tell everyone that no one is exempt from following God; it’s His way or the highway. Thank God for his Mercy because I probably would not be here today, but I decided to turn back to God before it’s too late, and I’m thankful for my family for not giving up on me and Pastor’s prayers for their support and guidance through the Holy Spirit. I was not serving God wholeheartedly, but I’m learning how to give it all to God. This is a complicated life where we must search for God and the truth. I am knocked down but not defeated and dead, so I still have a chance to change and turn back to God.

He has taken care of my family and me, and I recently got a car from God. It’s a commuter car for work, and it’s exactly what I needed. A little while back, Pastors had instructed me to save my money, so I did and paid for the car in full with cash. I see this as a small step forward. Originally I had told Pastors that I wanted to get a used 20k Mercedes but Pastor said “no” and to “wait”. Today, I can’t tell you how happy I am with this car. I worked hard to save for it, and it means so much to me because I accomplished a goal—one step at a time. I really feel the value of my car. I have no stress or worry about car payments or large insurance bills. When we turned on the car, the radio turned on and said, “God is with you.” all the stations were set to Christian channels, and Pastor Yoojin’s dad said the car belonged to a missionary from Africa. Pastor Yoojins dad put a lot of work into it, new tires, tune up, oil change, etc..There were other buyers (5 of them), but he saved it for us. What a blessing from God.

I purchased this car from Pastor Yoojin’s dad, and it was exactly what I had been looking for. The exact color, make, and model. I’m so comfortable driving it because I used to have a fully loaded luxury truck before, and I washed it every day and idolized it in my heart and I didn’t want no one in it or to touch it, and I treated the car more precious than people, and now my heart is not attached to this car, and I can enjoy it and feel comfortable in it because it’s an older car I’m not attached to it in my heart it’s just a car to me so I see God doing a change in me, and I thank and give God all the Glory because little by little I’m not the same person I used to be Thank you God for another chance to see myself in your light.

Joshua Valle