Last year, the school district where I work offered school staff the opportunity to apply for a teaching credential program at CSU East Bay. Upon acceptance by the university, the school district will provide a $4000 grant.

I consulted with Pastor Steve and Yoojin about this program, and they encouraged me to try. Initially, I was afraid due to my age and lack of ability to face the challenges of pursuing the teaching credential, but I decided to go on the journey nonetheless. It was not an easy path, filled with complexities stemming from my education in a different country. Despite numerous hurdles, such as paperwork, interviews, and exams, I persevered, often feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up. However, I prayed for the opportunity to glorify God through this process.

Today, I received an acceptance notice from the university department. Though I still have tests and paperwork ahead, I’m halfway there. I am so very thankful to God and grateful for the encouragement and out-of-the-box perspectives on life from both Pastor Steve and Yoojin.

Additionally, during this time, my husband has been very supportive, covering all the costs associated with processing paperwork and tests. He’s very happy for me. I will continue to pray and work diligently to live in a way that reflects positively on God’s name.

Thank God for all!

Elder Wanju Hulse