Proverbs 12:24 TPT “If you want to reign in life, don’t sit on your hands. Instead, work hard at doing what’s right, for the slacker will end up working to make someone else succeed.“

The scripture says to work hard in righteousness which is in doing right. Therefore, whatever you are assigned to do, including going out to make a living, do it well in the Lord to properly represent Him.
Do not be afraid to start at the bottom, for that is the natural order of life and success. A seed must be buried, requiring time and nourishment to grow properly. A seed on steroids will only be GMO. What is GMO? Sin entered the world, and it made us GMOs. In science, it stands for genetically modified organisms. Do not continue to be a GMO Christian, having your foundation collapse when tested, for only the pure and holy shall see God. The Lord had gone to the Cross to cleanse us of our sins. Live as a Christian living and doing as Jesus did when He walked the earth.

Pastor Steve Kim