God tests everyone. No one is excluded from this. Whether we realize it or not, God will, without fail, test us if we will willingly let go of certain things that we cherish if He asks us to.

But since people are so nearsighted, they just can’t let go of things (even our pride) when God asks them to. They hold onto what they consider important, and fail to see greater plans or things God already has in His hand, ready to replace them!

Most people waste their time holding onto things that won’t do much for them.

We have to really understand what it means

Matthew 22:14 TPT:
“For everyone is invited(called)to enter in, but few respond in excellence(few are chosen).”

In order to be chosen when called by God, you need to respond with excellence! Not half-hearted!

Don’t be afraid of giving control of your life to God. He knows what to do, and He will do better than you.

Pastor Yoojin Kim