Mark‬ ‭14‬:‭4‬-‭5‬ ‭TPT‬‬ “But some were highly indignant when they saw this, and they complained to one another, saying, “What a total waste! It could have been sold for a great sum, and the money could have benefited the poor.” So they scolded her harshly.“

The context of this scene is when the woman came and broke the alabaster jar and anointed Jesus. Who were the ones that disagreed with this event? They are His disciples who had yet to go through the resurrection of Christ. They are the ones who are not born of the Spirit but still act carnal in many ways. They are the ones who are still humanistic and have their eyes set on the priority of men even over God.

After three years of following Jesus and witnessing that HE is the Son of God, their reaction to Mary breaking the alabaster jar was grumbling and complaining. From a humanistic point of view, it does sound good. They said that the perfume should have been sold and given to the poor to feed them. They failed to recognize and honor their beloved Savior.

From the outside, those who are still fleshy and view things from a humanistic perception will not see the greater impact of allowing the sacrifice of the expensive perfume to spill over and onto the floor even though it was presented to God. How can we apply or see the revelation in today’s application? Jesus is the Son of God, and He is God. He is the Head of the Body. The Body is His Temple. The temple is His Church.

Christians have several choices when it comes to offering what they think is important. But too many times, their motive is driven by offense, jealousy, lack of respect, greed, lack of knowledge, or other carnal foreskin hanging from their hearts, eyes, or ears. The first priority is always to sacrifice to the Head or Temple. Mary had it right. She knew what to do regardless of how people thought of her actions. When people praise you, then you may be in the wrong direction. When God praises you, then you will find favor from Him but not necessarily from men.

If we apply for today’s application, Mary gave to the Temple or church and however the church spends it, some may think it is a waste based on their opinion. For example, some may think the pastors’ decision to help certain people with finances is not agreeable. Some may even, out of jealousy, think that the church providing for the pastors’ livelihood is a waste. But yet Jesus said what Mary was doing would be remembered to the ages.

The disciples, being jealous, stated that the money should have been given to an outside factor. It sounds good from a humanistic point of view. Rather than letting it go to an unnecessary expense, like spilling it unto the ground, those who grumbled said ‘let us at least feed the orphans and poor and “look good” in front of others.’

Even in our church, there are people like that. Because they are offended at the pastors or look down on us, rather than offering to the church, they will send it somewhere else, deluding themselves. They define tithes and offerings in their own manner. I hope they see the fruit of their own lives and realize their decision is not accurate and that they are not being biblical.

If you do not understand the revelation of this message, there may be a foreskin over your mind that has weighed you down all these years. The foreskin of jealousy and offense.

Pastor Steve Kim