2 Corinthians 7:10, 11 (TPT)

“God designed us to feel remorse over sin
in order to produce repentance that leads to
This leaves us with no regrets, But the sorrow of the world works death.

Can’t you see the good fruit that has come, as God intended, because of your remorse over sin? Now you are eager to do what is right! Look at the indignation you experienced over what happened and how alarmed you became.…”

What does God seek from us when we tell God we’ve repented? How do pastor Steve & I discern that you really mean it? How do we even discern ourselves if we really have repented??

We first observe a person’s (our) life and see if he/she has overcome (overcoming) and has received (receiving) deliverance. Deliverance or victory comes as you truly repent.

And the verse states that it leaves us with no regret: It means. You won’t go back to it, you won’t show behaviors or actions that you used to do, you won’t complain or repeatedly talk about it, you won’t blame anymore, and you won’t think about it anymore. You are now pass that previous stage, it only becomes your testimony!

We then watch if you will bear fruits.

The scripture said one of the traits we will have when we truly repent would be “you are eager to do what is right!”

You can’t possibly fake true repentance because it’s the work of the Holy Spirit.

The footnote of the TPT version says it also leads you to salvation. So Victory, deliverance, and salvation all go together.

Let us really need to think about it! 😑😃

***There may be some exceptions due to certain conditions such as mental stability***

Pastor Yoojin Kim