Why do people get scammed? How do they fall victim? Why do people go to psychics? Why do Christians jump from one conference (churches) to another looking for prophecy? Why do people like prophecy?

People like to find shortcuts. They seek a path of least resistance for the maximum gain. But the laws of life do not give you this jackpot unless you cheat, steal, or scam, partnering up with the devil. And those who do not want to cheat, steal, or scam will go to those who do cheat, steal, or scam, and think such people may have the “holy grail.”

But if you partner up with the Holy Spirit, there is a process of cultivating, planting, waiting (baking), and harvesting as you give proper sunlight and nutrition. But if you find a farmer who will mentor you on farming, you can reach a faster harvest without going through the trials and errors of learning on your own.

But still, people look for steroid seeds, soil, or GMO seeds to quicken their harvest bypassing proper procedure. What happens when we try to fast-track growth for maximum gain? We get what the Western world has turned out. Poison in our food system, making everyone sick and using a cheap fast system to get to their outcome.

Modern-day lazy Christians are no different. We want a pill to lose weight without taking care of the body God gives us. We look for synthetic products so we can continue to eat our junk food. We don’t want to learn anything yet we want the highest-paying job or business without proper foundation. Many buy lottery tickets, thinking they will actually win. This is called delusion at its finest. I’m speaking about those who buy it every week.

So people will go around the mountain looking for a shortcut, not realizing they have lost so much time. Their greatest fear has come. They have lost time.

Let us not make such mistakes.

Pastor Steve Kim