Acts 5:17, 5:34-35, 5:38-39 TPT
The high priest and his officials, who formed the party of the Sadducees, became extremely jealous over all that was happening,

But a Pharisee named Gamaliel, a noted religious professor who was highly respected by all, stood up. He gave orders to send the apostles outside. Then he said to the council, “Men of Israel, you need to be very careful about how you deal with these men.

So, in this situation, you should just leave these men to themselves. For if this plan or undertaking originates with men, it will fade away and come to nothing. But if this movement is of God, you won’t be able to stop it. And you might discover that you were fighting God all along!” Gamaliel’s words convinced the council.

Jealousy will lead you to “murder” someone. Not physically (in our case) but spiritually.

Due to jealousy, without even realizing it, you might become an enemy of the Holy Spirit because you will fail to see the works of the Holy Spirit, but instead, you will only focus on the person and the things that are happening in her(his) life.

Let’s learn from it. We should all get rid of jealousy and envy. You need to see how dangerous it can become! You will become totally blind!

We won’t react to the false prophetic messages. But we will just show our good deeds, fruits, and advancement. 

This is what I found:

Jealousy is when someone is bitter, resentful, and has hostility toward another who possesses something they don’t. It could be a relationship, character trait, advantage, achievement, or many other things.

Please put your best effort to follow God and be changed. As our church grows, we need more faithful members and mature members. We need more pillars.

My current prayer request is this, and it’s my main. “Building our church building”

I envision it every day and night. I know God will grant the answer to this prayer. Please pray with us. Our ministry will bear a lot of fruits!!

Pastor Yoojin Kim