Jeremiah 32:40-42 Voice

40 I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop blessing them with good things, and I will put in them a fear and respect of Me so they will not turn their backs to Me again.

41 It will be My great joy to do good things for them, and you can be sure that I will devote Myself completely to planting them anew in this land.

42 This is what I, the Eternal, declare: Just as I brought this great disaster upon My people, so will I do all these good things I have promised to them.

You must learn not to get and be offended when disciplined. When we are stubborn, and in disobedience, a great storm or forest fire will personally come for us. It will be sent from God as HE refines you. Then, when you have learned to fear and respect Him, HE will bless, restore, and do many good things for you. My wife and family have personally experienced the process of being roasted to ashes and then molded into His beauty.

Since most people do not know the ways of God or have read the whole Bible, they do not know why things happen to them. Rather than humbling themselves, they just cry out for help but miss the main point that they need to change, repent, and turn fully back to God. Acknowledging Him or asking for help without seeking His Face will result in minimum help if at all. This is why God used Moses to lead His people. God will raise and use leaders to mentor and lead His people out of their spiritual Egyptian slavery and into the Promised Land. But you must fearfully understand that only two made it from the first generation. The second was given grace to pass over, but yet they were not prepared, but God would keep His Word regardless. Getting into the Promised Land will not keep you there if your heart does not change.

John the Baptist had to die and be sacrificed so Jesus would get full attention from John’s followers so those people would follow Jesus. John was just a forerunner to the expectation of the Messiah coming. John was the best man at a wedding. Jesus was not only the Word that John was preaching about, but Jesus is the Word of God with Power, Authority, signs, and wonders. One season or level had to cease, and the new paradigm had to begin. When dating ends, marriage begins. We are required to move from Glory to Glory or else be stuck going around the mountain passing time to just drop dead like those who were in the physical wilderness. Do you want just to date Jesus for the rest of your life or become His Bride?

Today, those who do not know or Respect the Holy Spirit will die in their sins. An Apostolic era is here and about to begin for our ministry and church. If you are ignorant and ill-prepared, it will not turn out well for you when the Presence of the Holy Spirit is very strong. The Bible warns and shows us. Fire will burn and remove all impurities. You will either run or submit to the Fire of God. You must become His Fire servants so that when His flames touch you, it will not destroy you but rather be united since we are one with Him.

Pastor Steve Kim