Hello, Beautiful Church family!

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for what the Lord is doing in Paul and my life lately!
Even though, in every season He is Good!!

I am so nervous writing this because the goodness of God has been manifesting in our lives, and I don’t want it to stop! I am cautious and more aware to try and do the right thing, things that please the Lord. I use my imagination to envision Him always watching me.

It’s been a very tough road, so when little or big blessings happen, I immediately know it’s God and am so grateful because every “good” and perfect gift comes from the Father above. When you go through such a dark season, you immediately are able to tell when you see “Light”.

So where do I begin?! I feel like I’m in a dream, a very good dream.

So, I now work at a barbershop in Mountain View. Since I have been working for my new boss, many incredible and amazing things have been taking place.

First, he suddenly and randomly recruited me to work for him. He explained he had been observing me help my husband and how I carried myself, and he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he had a strong gut feeling to hire me. I have no experience or license, but I agreed.

He told me that I would be his investment and that he would train me how to do all things beauty, and eventually, I will train others one day, as well as help Paul and I start our own barbershop❤️

Then, the blessings began to pour out through this man to Paul and I. Doors unimaginable are opening up, and all I can do is wonder in awe at the majesty of God and say thank you, God 🙏

These are some of the Blessings that have been happening:

**Paid in Full sponsored my Hair School!!

**Boss paid $900 for me to learn a 3-day eyebrow threading class. My cost 0

**Trained in facials- FREE of cost (his mother is a licensed aesthetician with 20+ years of experience; she ran a successful business)

**Boss bought me a $1500 Hydraulic cosmetics chair for facials, eyebrow threading, massages, and any beauty service. No one in the barbershop has this chair, it’s nice!!

**Chosen out of all barbershop employees to be professionally recorded by a videographer for social media marketing. It was fun!

**Boss appointed me as his personal assistant, giving me full authority to purchase anything the shop needs.

**I Was recently told in a conversation with my boss that if there is anything I “need” for my work to send it to him, and he will purchase it on my behalf. (Mind you, all employees are independent contractors; everyone is supposed to purchase their own supplies) My husband told me he does this for no one.

**Got the privilege to attend a world conference gala for start-up businesses in San Fransisco. Investors were there, people who were very wealthy looking for a business to invest in. I met a lot of very influential people.

**Purchased me $5,000 worth of skincare products from a very high-end brand I suggested to him, not knowing he would actually make a purchase.

**Boss bought me a ticket free of charge to travel outside California and go to the auditions for the show, “Shark Tank”. My airfare and hotel is paid in full. And when I’m there he will pay for food as well.

**My husband, is FULLY booked. I mean busy people. This is a miracle. As before it was hard for him to work for 1 hour. He is building a steady clientele quickly of very educated, high-end, wealthy people. Averaging 2k a week. Thank you Jesus lol!!

** The boss is amazed how quick Paul is developing a following/clientele, he is intrigued how he went from 0 appointments all day long to now fully booked. We have one car, and for many days I had to wake up at 5:30 am to drop Paul off at work by 8 am, then finish my work by 9:00 pm) then read, pray, clean, etc…it is now all paying off🙏

**Millionaire Mentor named Money. God is hilarious. I prayed to God to be taught and surround me with influential people. My boss personally told Paul and I that he will personally mentor us, that also means disciple/correct.

**I have been wanting a 24-hour fitness membership to work out and take care of myself. I was calculating how I could save for one. Then, on Christmas Day, my boss told me to open my email. I did and nearly fainted, because only God knew how much I wanted one!! It was a one-year membership to 24-Hour Fitness. I was crying in my car thanking God. I’m trying not to cry now!

**For Christmas gift he gave my husband and I 1oz pure silver round each.

** Boss respects my Church beliefs and responsibilities, he told me to block off my schedule any time and just put “Church”

These things have been happening since I have been employed by Paul’s boss. Also a really amazing thing last Friday happened to me. I was really hungry and thought in my head, “I am really hungry,” but before I could finish the sentence in my head, the Chinese Landlord of the building popped his head in my suite and said, “ Today I am going to buy you lunch!” Lol
I wanted to start crying like a baby because I knew it was God, and he was so good. Later, one of the barbershop employees told me he had been working there for 3 years, and Ken never bought him lunch, lol.

Since so many blessings, big and small, have been happening, I felt that I needed to start journaling these amazing events.

I started a gratitude journal

I write down every day what God did for me, big or small, and say thank you.

I wrote down 10 things I want to see come to pass this year for 2024; I declare it, close my eyes, and imagine it is already done! God is so Good!

Whatever happens, I am so joyful, it could stop here, but I know there is more! 🩷

Fay Valle