There is a place in the Bible where God said to His people because you are not listening to Me and treating Me with disrespect, first will I curse your children and descendants (future), and then I’m going to throw pooh (sh..t) on your face. Then, after that, I’m going to throw you on a pile of pooh (sh..t) so that you will know it is I who did that to you!

When your life begins to stink and everything feels like pooh, you need to think and realize you’ve been thrown in a pile of (sh..), but not by the devil but by God Himself. God will personally throw that pooh on your face, and it will be a warning to return to God and His ways.

Can anybody care to tell me where this scripture is? Hint. After pooh (sh..) has been thrown on your face, you will not be hearing God’s voice for a long time. Perhaps that is when people begin and start to listen to the false prophets (their own false voice) and multiplying their problems.

Pastor Steve Kim