Romans 5:17 Voice If one man’s sin brought a reign of death—that’s Adam’s legacy—how much more will those who receive grace in abundance and the free gift of redeeming justice reign in life by means of one other man—Jesus the Anointed.”

Adam left us a legacy of pain and death. What will you leave for your kids or the next generation? Will you cop out, making them believe Jesus will come in your lifetime so you do not go all the way? Will you leave a legacy of more poverty, family chaos, pain, sickness, and false hope?

We are in a position to have received grace abundant to reign in life and leave a legacy of restoration, love, and power to glorify the Lord rather than be victims and bottom feeders. But it will be your choice to go all the way or constantly look back for your backup plan because the fear of failure is greater than your faith in succeeding through Him. Then the legacy for your children will be a continuity of your past lives, and those of your parents and grandparents, and even before them.

And there’s no one else to blame except those who say they believe in Jesus but do not walk in what they declare or believe.

Pastor Steve Kim