1 Samuel 15:23

Refusing to obey is as bad as the sin of sorcery. Being stubborn and doing what you want to do is like the sin of worshiping idols. You refused to obey the Lord’s command, so He now refuses to accept you as king.”

This verse has stuck in my mind ever since I heard it for the first time. It has had a great impact on my spirit.

Sorcery is defined as the use of evil supernatural power over people. It is closely connected to witchcraft and the casting of spells.

God concluded Disobedience was the same as doing sorcery. When you disobey, whether you realize it or not, you negatively influence others around you—your children, spouse, family, church members, and so on. You are “bewitching” them under your disobedient spell.

Stubbornness, another word the Bible also uses, is “arrogance.” You are stubborn because you are prideful.

The meaning of it is the “quality of being unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people.”

Stubbornness is like worshipping an idol. You are that very idol you worship.

I hope we all come to obtain the revelation of this verse. 😭🙏

Pastor Yoojin Kim