Pre-Wilderness to Wilderness: God’s people yearned for a Savior and experienced Him as Savior. They, as baby Christians, had to be led and told what to do by Moses their leader. Like babies, they had to be provided supernaturally. They basically had to just follow waiting to get into the Big Show.

Promise Land: Experiencing Jesus as the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. This many cannot experience due to their fear, lack of submission, and pride. Only the mature and those who choose to grow up will cross over and be successful. During the conquest, many of God’s people died. Many may cross over involuntarily, but they will fail to conquer and possess the Promised Land. There is no more manna or water from a moving Rock. Now, the style of how leadership is employed has changed. But all tribes must still adhere, submit, and follow Joshua. Growing up is to follow and fight the battles rather than letting Joshua do the fighting for you. But you must still follow the leader. It is adjusting to know a new style of leadership, which may be viewed as a “sergeant style.” From Savior to Lord/King, you must now understand spiritual authority to be able to win in the Promised Land.

Unlike the wilderness, the blessings of the Promised Land are obtained from the land of miracles through conquest and occupation. However, the babies will still look for signs and a suitcase full of money to fall on their lap from heaven. The mature will conquer and possess the earthly wealth hidden in the darkness that is very abundant in the land of miracles (Promise Land).

Moses was a father figure carrying the baby Christians on God’s wings. It is his job to get them to the promised land. Joshua will lead God’s people to fight, conquer, possess, and occupy.

Many will not be able to cross over to the Promised Land because, like the servant with one talent, he/she is offended by the training and tests from the Master and sees Him as an unfair, hard person. They will be content to stay in diapers, which is to constantly be taken care of as a baby and they rather stay experiencing manna to justify their position in God instead of growing up to do His Will!

Moreover, such people are afraid to offend other people more than doing the right thing. They are afraid to exercise their full authority with spouses, children, employees, church people, and others just as Adam was afraid of exercising with Eve and the serpent. They want to stay in the “I need a Savior” mode (help me) rather than the “I will serve the King of Kings” mode (as Bride of Christ).

Do you see? What will you choose? More to come as we move into the new year

Pastor Steve Kim