Hello Everyone 😊

Pastor Yoojin asked me to share a really sweet testimony that happened to me.

Personally, I am positioning myself for some lifestyle changes in the near future, but I knew I wanted to create a good budgeting plan. I do not spend much money on many things besides tithe/ offering, church things, gas, and getting my eyelashes/nails done. I have been contemplating stopping doing my nails and lashes to sacrifice something for the new year and show greater responsibility with finances (although it is very special to me to have). A week later someone I know on Instagram who does eyebrows contacted me to do a service trade which I never considered before. So I said yes.

After that, I started praying that God would create the opportunity with my eyelash and nail technicians to trade services because neither of them had done anything with her hair for like 5 years. 😅

Well, A week later my nail tech randomly asked me to dye her hair, and so I offered to trade! Then yesterday my lash tech texted me asking if I could trim/ dye her hair and now we are trading too!

So the few “high” maintenance things I have, God gave me friends in this industry and the opportunity where I can get them for free. It really touches my heart because I know that God saw/ heard me and he let me have these such little, unimportant things, just for me🥺🤍 Glory to God

Sarah Mata