“Women, your emotions can be your biggest enemy. It can be the greatest hindrance to deliverance, healing, and the fulfillment of God’s vision, both for you and your husband, respectively, and as a couple.

Emotions can blind you from seeing what is really going on in the spiritual realm. Your emotions can make you see your husband as your enemy.

Your emotions can make you give up on your marriage and make the devil gain the victory.

the wife complains her husband does not know how to listen to her…that her husband does not care about how she feels. She loses track of “the call”. The focus turns to the self…Which is exactly what the devil wants to happen.

the devil is taunting us with our emotions. He wants to cripple us and paralyze us so we can’t fight for our husbands and our families.

Why do you think he attacked Eve first? … when he got Eve, he got Adam as well.”

-Armour-Bearer Wife by Lisa Maki-

This book flows with our church’s teaching.
I’m only halfway through, but the flow is matching.
The author’s experience is something I can truly relate to.

There were many moments, and some exhausting seasons when I had to not only fight for my husband (when he was not right with God) but I had to fight for myself & children. But with the power of God, we (our family) survived and gained victory!

Remember, God doesn’t just use His power to fix everything for you & your family. God works with us. When you decide to cooperate, when you determine to fight, He will empower you with His infinite power.

The book isn’t a well-known book, and I don’t think the author is a well-known person. But when I first held it in my hand, about to read, the negative fear/energy came around me.

I was trying to discern if it was God who was trying to warn me not to read it, or if it was an enemy trying to block me from reading it by scaring me.

But then with the overpowering fear, my whole body was covered with goosebumps. I felt the presence of the devil. I felt the devil’s hatred towards the book. Therefore, instantly, I realized that I needed to read the book.

For wives, I think it will be a good idea for you to read and meditate. 🙌

Pastor Yoojin Kim