Husbands, buy one for your wife. All future wives need to read this also
Book Overview
If there is one area that the devil is attacking in major ways, it is the Christian marriage. What better way to destroy society than to destroy its very foundation? And if he can destroy Christian marriages, then there will be no more threat for him. Unfortunately, when the attacks come, the married couple sees each other as the enemy, forgetting that they are not warring against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness. Just as Eve was the enemy’s target in the garden, the wife continues to be his target. Once he gets the wife, he gets the husband. Once he destroys the queen, he can get the king. This book is meant to arouse wives to fulfill their God-given role as Armour-Bearers, not only of their husbands but of the kingdom that God has entrusted to them. It is a book that will train the wife to be the spiritual warrior who will win the war. It is a book that will bring healing into her soul so she can fight more effectively. It is a book that will bring about deliverance and breakthrough. This book is only for those who are willing to fight for their marriage … up to the very end.
Of course, we have been preaching this for 11 years, but perhaps good for some to hear from another angle

Book 2

Book Overview
More than his desire to destroy your marriage, the devil wants to destroy your relationship with Jesus. He can use your marriage to distract you from fulfilling the call of God in your life, by making you focus on your husband. He will keep you busy trying to fix your marriage, instead of resolving your inner issues that are blocking you from hearing God clearly. He will get you consumed with your husband, letting you watch his every step, until you are exhausted. He will make you blame your husband and even cause you to rebel against him, instead of examining yourself and getting delivered and healed from your own issues. This book is meant to awaken the wife to her true calling and purpose. It is designed to lead her back to her real husband, Jesus Christ. It is written to stir up her broken heart towards the love of the Father. This book will birth visions and fulfill what God called women to do.

Pastor Steve Kim