Genesis 15:1 Voice “Some time passed. One day, the word of the Eternal One came to Abram through a vision—a kind of waking dream.

Eternal One: Do not be afraid, Abram. I am always your shield and protector. Your reward for loyalty and trust will be immense.”

In the amplified version, the Bible says because of Abram’s obedience, he would be greatly blessed. In other versions, the condition to be blessed is not present. It more or less says that he will be blessed with no stated condition, but the true context is, of course, with the condition.

We do realize even in real life, that reward is based on condition. we cannot tell God that we will give Him our loyalty and trust and expect the reward without our faith being proved through tests.

Abram is greatly rewarded as he proves his loyalty to God. How are we to show our loyalty to God? If you do not know, then you will continue to be bottom feeders. Therefore, it is important you find out by listening to the sermons, praying, following our examples, respecting authority, and reading the Bible.

Pastor Steve Kim