Isaiah 42:3 NLT
“He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. He will bring justice to all who have been wronged.”

This verse always reminds me of God’s love. This reminds me to love everyone no matter how people behave.

“Weakest reed” & “flickering candle” represent people who seem “hopeless”

While doing ministry, we encountered people who lie, throw tantrums, disobey a lot of instructions, hate to submit, go against authority, get angry with us, and manipulate things for their own gain or to do what they like to do.

Sometimes thoughts enter into my head,

‘Will there be hope for them to be changed and live a blessed life?’

‘Will they ever be saved?’

But then, Isaiah 42:3 comes into my mind. God will still give a chance to the weakest reed and flickering candles. He will not break off the weakest reed, and He will not put out flickering candles. God still loves, and He is passionate about blessing & saving them.

This verse gives me so much hope and strength to go on with even extremely stubborn and disobedient people. I think Isaiah 42:3 is a very powerful verse! ❤️👊

God already told pastor Steve and I “Many difficult ones will come to church. Endure them well” so it’s expected 😂

I hope all church leaders are ready to love everyone to the end. ❤️

Pastor Yoojin Kim