*** 07/18/2021 Summary of Sunday’s Sermon by Pastor Yong Doo Kim ***

Ephesians 6:10-20

The Power of Repetition That Brings Victory

Whether it is the students or soldiers in training, their most difficult task is repeatedly studying and repeatedly training. Likewise, humans cannot obey the Lord’s commands at once. Even though you have received God’s grace, you forget it the next minute and go back to what your flesh desires. This is because we are sinners. That’s why we need to do God’s work repeatedly. Let’s not forget that repetitive training will bring us victory in spiritual battles.

In the book of Revelation, the church in Ephesus is described as the church that has forsaken its first love. This church had a mixed population of Jews and Gentiles that caused many troubles within the church. On the outside, the church looked okay with people shouting, “Hallelujah” and “Amen.” But there were always dangers lurking within this church, like a dynamite that can explode at any time. This can happen to anyone when the grace of the Lord is lifted, leaving their weakness exposed. Remember, there is woe within blessing and sickness within health. If you are not humble in front of the Lord, you cannot hide from His curse and judgment. If your mouth is continually speaking unspiritual/worldly things, then you are headed towards the danger zone. It means you are supposed to produce a good crop on good soil. But instead, you are heading towards the thorny ground where the worries and distractions of this world make you unfruitful. That’s why we need to repeatedly pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance so that the grace of the Lord does not fade away from us. Our term of active service in Christ is our entire lifetime and it consists of repetitive training.
Whoever believes in Jesus must be able to testify and experience two spiritual encounters. First is being born again in the Holy Spirit. The second is experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. Anyone can experience the first part, being born again in the Holy Spirit. But the latter, the power of the Holy Spirit, is likely to be concluded by how you are going to serve the Lord. All believers must be clothed by the power of the Holy Spirit to fight the spiritual battle and become God’s people. If your mind and body cannot express spiritual things very well and become isolated from the spirit, you will be targeted and devoured by the devil. On the contrary, if you speak spiritual things and act accordingly, the Holy Spirit residing in your spirit will be pleased. When you pray and cry out to God because you need His help, the Holy Spirit will help your spirit realize and understand further. That will flow into your mind and body and you receive the answer to your prayer through your action. If you feel frustrated, stuck, or trapped, it is because you are not touched by Him and live fleshly life. The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, is who teaches you, reminds you, gives you power, and heals you. We need to take good care of our body that belongs to this worldly realm. If you follow the desires of your mind and body, you are sacrificing your spirit. Also, you make yourself subject to judgment and will be thrown into the fire. Do not pay attention when people talk about their worldly experience and worldly knowledge. Their words can influence you and cost you to sacrifice your spirit.

When people are frustrated, they need to cry out to God with their frustration. When people are hungry, they need to cry out for their hunger. But, people are praying without purpose and listening to unspiritual sermons these days. Then, you cannot receive the Lord’s correct prescription for your prayer. The reason churches do not allow praying in tongue is that there is no gift of interpretation of the tongue and people cannot understand it. But, even if you do not understand what it means and are unable to harvest the fruit for your thoughts/mind, the Lord will receive it when you pray by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have both desires to live spiritually and unspiritually. Be alert! The unspiritual/worldly thoughts can enter you at any moment and become your master to destroy your spirit. Your action shows what’s in your mind. Similarly, if your mind/thoughts are filled with the things of this world, the Holy Spirit cannot work within you.

The apostles in the early church spread the gospel with their ordinary faith. But they also ministered in extraordinary ways when the Holy Spirit came upon them powerfully. In the last days, anyone wanting to receive God’s Spirit can receive it. You can even touch, know, and feel your faith with His power. The woman who suffered constant bleeding touched Jesus’ robe with faith. Immediately, she felt that she was healed. Jesus also knew His power had gone out from him. We can be the channel that God works through. When I’ve visited heaven, there were so many angels and archangels that give fire. In Revelation, an angel in charge of the fire appears during the harvest of the Earth. Then, an angel with a sharp sickle gathers the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine. We need to receive that fire. Let’s continue to receive the fire through repeatedly reading the bible and repeatedly praying. We need to become the victorious fire servant of God.

<Summarized by: Hyun-Jung Choi from the Holy Fire Ministries Church in South Korea>

<Translated/Edited by: Gina Choi from the Fire of God Church – Northern California Branch>