1 Samuel 7:3-14, Let us read
Then Samuel said to all the people of Israel, get rid of your foreign
gods and your images of Ashtoreth. Turn your hearts to the Lord and
obey him alone; then he will save you from the oppression of the
So the Israelites got rid of their images of Baal and Ashtoreth and
worshiped only the Lord.
Then Samuel told them, “Gather all of Israel to Mizpah, and I will
pray to the Lord for you.”
So they gathered at Mizpah and, in a great ceremony, drew water from a
well and poured it out before the Lord. They also went without food
all day and confessed that they had sinned against the Lord. (It was
at Mizpah that Samuel became Israel’s judge.)
When the Philistines heard that the people of Israel had assembled at
Mizpah, the rulers of the Philistines gathered an armed force and went
to attack them. When the people of Israel heard that the Philistines
were coming, they were filled with fear. They turned to God’s prophet.
“Don’t stop pleading with the Lord our God to save us from the
Philistines!” they begged Samuel.
Samuel took a young lamb and sacrificed it as a whole burnt offering
to the Eternal One. He called out to the Eternal on behalf of Israel,
and the Eternal responded. Here is what happened:
Just as Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines
arrived to attack Israel. But the Lord spoke with a mighty voice of
thunder from heaven that day, and the Philistines were thrown into
such confusion that the Israelites defeated them.
The men of Israel chased them from Mizpah to a place below Beth-car,
slaughtering them all along the way.
Samuel then took a large stone and placed it between the towns of
Mizpah and Jeshanah. He named it Ebenezer (which means “the stone of
help”), for he said, “Up to this point the Lord has helped us!”
So the Philistines were subdued and didn’t invade Israel again for
some time. And throughout Samuel’s lifetime, the Lord’s powerful hand
was raised against the Philistines.
 The Israelite villages near Ekron and Gath that the Philistines had
captured were restored to Israel, along with the rest of the territory
that the Philistines had taken. And there was peace between Israel and
the Amorites in those days. Amen.
Today's message is title, " Residue".
Although we've been saved after believing in Jesus,
and although we've repented...and even if our repentance was a perfect
as long as we are alive in this world, like food left over on your
plate after a meal, there will still be residue of sin within you.
This residue harasses,  makes us fall, and gives us a hard time. There
is a reason and cause of why we become offended and tempted. It is all
because of the residue within us.
The weird thing about this residue is,
if it was food left over, you can gather and use it for plant food.
But the residue of your sin cannot be used for anything good.
Because there is the residue of your sin, Satan can work again
utilizing the residue.
The residue is used as a pathway for Satan.
This residue can possibly destroy your soul and spirit.
Because countless people do not properly deal with their sin's
residue, they backslide from their salvation.
They disappear from salvation.
This is why the Bible witnesses the danger of ourselves.
Please repeat, "Sin gives me a hard time."
When the residue of sin unites with your flesh, it becomes one.
When your flesh, sin, and mentality unites, this mix can possibly
destroy your spirit.
This sin residue is good for nothing! You can't use it for anything!
Satan and the evil spirits love this sin residue the most.
you and I have this sin residue.
Whenever there is an opportunity, this sin residue blazes.
Blazes on lewdness, blazes on lust, blazes on envy, blazes on
adultery, blazes on temper and anger. It will continuously blazes
itself, like a lighter that sets things on fire.
It's like pouring oil on it.
There is one thing that the Israeli people were good at the most when
they faced hardship.
God's people, the people of Israel were doing good at this the most
when they faced hardship.
When hardship was weighting them down, when hardship was extremely
difficult, agonizing and when they could not endure any longer, the
people of Israel were really good at repenting.
They were very good at repenting. Sometimes, God was even impressed by
their repentance.
You probably had done such a thing in repentance.
As they were "becoming good" at repenting, they were also going down
as they repented in such a way.
When they encountered the hardship they knelt down before God and
humbled themselves and confessed, "We have lost God are placed in a
such condition because we have worshipped Idols! Therefore, let us
repent before God!"
For the first couple of times, God had received their tears, prayers,
and sweat.
But still, they could never let go of something within them. What was
that? It was the residue of their sin.
Still you have habits. You have some kind of mental habits, fleshly
habits, habits regarding how you speak, emotional habits, all areas
that are manifesting through your flesh are tainted with the residue
of sin.
Funny fact is, when we cast out the evil spirits, we shout out "Holy
Fire!" Then spiritually, the fire of God blazes. Holy Fire blazes and
burns the evil spirits in us. They disappear in the form of smoke.
But the weird thing is, it was very clear that those demons were
casted out, some kind of trace was left behind.
And within the trace, something was left. That something was residue.
It was "ashes." When we think about ashes, it does not have a life.
But as we spiritually experience these events, we've learned that
whenever there is a gap, the left over ashes will  begin to grow as it
takes advantage of the situation
It won't just peacefully grow. You may realized, you may have been
touched by God and by His grace, but because you are still a flesh,
you can still possibly fight with your spouses at home even after
you've realized and been touched by God.
Your husband may jab you with the certain words and your emotions gets
hurt. All of a sudden, you may encounter financial difficulty.
Evil spirits around you will be awakened. The evil spirits that have
the ability to stir all the areas of your life begin to approach.
But if you emotionally react, the residue will ignite.
When the ashes are on fire, it will blaze and your flesh will commit
I've experienced such events countless times.
Why does the residue, why does the ashes, these are not supposed to
have any power, ability or life. How can it reoccur?
I've experienced and learned such things one at a time. Whenever I
hold revival meeting abroad, just being able to explain spiritual
things is a very grateful thing.
Please say, "Amen." To be able to explain such matter means, we have
experienced a lot in such an area.
We've experienced how it is like to be in the state of pride, we've
experienced becoming weak, we've experienced how it is like to be
vulnerable, we've condemned others, I've made mistakes and have failed
as well,
I experienced discouragement, I have complained and resented as well.
Because of all these experiences, when similar situations arise, "Ah,
I will tackle the matter in this and that way." But if I am not able
to handle the matter, I kneel down and pray before God.
"Lord, we are trying to cast out demons, but it's not working." Demons
are spiritual beings but we are vulnerable beings since we are flesh,
Apostle Paul expressed our flesh as " a messenger from Satan"
Therefore, as long as you are in the flesh, although you try very hard
to live spiritually, it will be difficult.
Therefore, we must depend on the Lord even more. You have experienced
a lot? You have received holy fire? You have experienced holy gifts?
You can cast out demons very well? No, no, no.
It is all because of the grace of God. You have to only rely on the
Lord. You are only a sinner.
"I am the worst sinner of them all." Paul was smart, he had a lot of
experiences, he was tutored in the great school of Gamaliel, he was a
Jew, he was a Roman citizen and so on. Although he had various
experiences and all types of honor and glory, he confessed that he was
a sinner who only deserves death.
He said he was the worst of them all. He had honor, money, education
and all but he had put it all down. Apostle Paul only delivered the
message about Jesus who was crucified.
The disciples of Jesus also did the same thing. When they died, they
didn't die peacefully but in fact, they died horribly.
"I can't die the same way Jesus died! Crucify me upside down and kill
me!" Later on, Peter was martyred by being crucified upside down.
When you are crucified upside down, blood will flow backward.
Eventually, blood will come out of eyes, nose, throat, and blood will
continue to flow backward.
What will happen if blood flows backward? You don't know how horribly
he died.
But in heaven, you will be seated at the most glorious place.
Peter is one of the 24 Elders. Hallelujah!
Although we are born again with the Holy Spirit, the trace of sin
residue is still left within us.
When the Israeli people encountered hardship, there was one thing they
were good at doing the most. It was repenting.
They didn't just easily or lightly repent. At first, they were
repenting with sincere hearts. But as time passed, gradually, their
repentance were going south.
The type of repentance they did was not approved by God.
God was fed up with their repentance process
"Why are you giving Me worship in a such way? And although you are
repenting, why are you repenting in a such way? You are supposed to be
living spiritually, but why are you living in a such way?
Although you say that you are praying, your prayer is a great burden
to Me! All the offerings you give to Me is a heavy burden to Me!
No matter how much tears you shed, I can not believe you anymore."
Why is that? It is because the repentance of the Israeli people was a
temporary repentance.
Only when they went through the suffering, they sought God, "God!"
It is because they had sin residue within them.
What is sin residue? It is the residue of worshipping idols.
It wasn't only one or two idols they had worshipped, but there were
always piles of accumulated idols.
Male and Female gods. Because there were residue of male and female
gods, when the circumstance/condition of sexuality is met, they became
sexually corrupted.
When they saw heathen women, their hearts were moved. When they saw
handsome men, their hearts were taken away. Handsome men and beautiful
women, when they saw naked women, their hearts were snatched away.
It is because they still had sin residue of worshipping idols,
lewdness, and sin residue of Baal and Asherah.
In these days, the people's purpose of living has changed. We are not
in the generation in which they make money with much hardship, and who
desperately saves.
Of course, still, there are people who desperately save money and make
money with much hardship. There are people who think, "Well, no matter
how much I make, things are not getting better, I will just spend it
all!" This type of people spend one month worth of salary within a
In the United States, there are these types of people who diligently
make money for one month, but with one month worth salary, they buy
wigs, they do nails, they buy make up, and spend all that they made
for the month.
They make money just to enjoy, they work just to survive, and they
live without definite purpose. They live month to month.
They have different value for money, their habit of saving money is
different, and the value of life has been changed.
Therefore, their purpose of living has changed.
What is the purpose of living now? Eat, drink, enjoy, gather, going
after physical pleasures, enjoy their hobbies, move toward the center
which is their families and so on.
In these days, there are many different health programs, such as how
to build muscle, how to become slim, how to do yoga and much more.
People have deeply fallen into it. What's all this really? It makes
you lose the purpose of why you are living.
These things are deceiving you that living without God is the real
The Israeli people have fallen into these things.
In the midst of all these, we know how difficult it is to protect our
spirits, maintain our spiritual life, and live our life with faith.
In the midst of it all, it is very difficult to keep our spirituality
as we carry out our prayer life.
Currently, in this world, ancient gods of Greece such as Asherah pole,
Baal god, Asherah god, Venus, Zeus, Hera, and the Israel people's sin
residue of minor gods they had worshipped are now manifesting through
the flesh.
it is the same with the church.
They heave a sigh when there is a night prayer service or daily prayer
service. Even before they start, they are already feeling tired and
getting sick of it. The Word of God approaches to them offensively and
it becomes very burdensome.
Then crisis will occur.
If people fail to recover their spirituality in the church, not only
is it a crisis of the churches but it will also become a crisis for
the nation.
Crisis of a nation.
The thing that the devil likes the most is worshipping idols, live for
your flesh, watch all types of worldly TV shows/programs. The devil
lures people to live and move toward the fleshly pleasures such as eat
and drink and to make that the center
But what did our Lord tell us? "Whether you eat or drink, whatever you
do, do it for the glory of God. People do not live by bread alone, but
by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
Although we need to move toward the Spirit, but the world is tempting
us to move toward the flesh. What is this? This is a new type of idol.
A new type of idol.
Then what's going to happen? It will be very difficult for you to be
"Other people are prosperous but why is nothing working out for me?"
You may be living spiritually and living for the Lord, but you may be
extremely poor. You may compare yourself with others as well. Whether
you have money or not, it is more important to live by faith.
But people keep on comparing themselves with others. They think they
need to adorn themselves with luxury brands.
Therefore, when the Israeli people had their sin residue accumulated,
great hardship and suffering came upon them and it came in the form of
war. God handed them off to the other nations.
When the hardship was too great for them to bear, the Israeli people
began to pray. But God heard their prayer.
Through such prayers, first few times, they were restored repeatedly.
But eventually, it became a habit.
Therefore, they performed temporary repentance.
When it comes to repenting,
we may have repented with genuine tears with snot at first, but as you
continue to repent, you may repent habitually.
Of course, it will be great if you repent daily. But the genuine
repentance is, with a contrite heart, fervently, you have to confess
to God that you will not commit the same sin again. Right? hallelujah!
But people repeatedly do temporary repentance.
For myself, I once did the temporary repentance without realizing it.
'How had I become in this state?'
You are misunderstanding if you think pastors are good at repenting
just because they are a pastor.
It is more difficult for pastors to properly repent. If you are a
spiritual person and commit sin, it is more difficult to properly
repent. Therefore, you have to desperately repent while praying!
Before, I was able to recover God's grace upon me if I prayed all
throughout the night, but these days, it doesn't easily recover the
same way as before. Even if I fast, cry out, and even if I pray all
throughout the night for a few days, it does not easily recover.
My prayer becomes dispersed. "AAHHHH!! What must I do God!!" I begin
to cry bitterly like a little child, I weep out loud, and ask to grant
me a contrite heart.
I ask God, "Please have pity on me! I feel like I'm cursed and I feel
like heading to hell! I feel like I'm going to perish!" Praying in
such a way barely gets me to recover.
Therefore, my prayer request is this. "God, repenting temporarily has
become an ingrained habit. Please break this habit!
The devil likes us to live without repentance the most. Live according
to the flesh and it's pleasure; live according to what you see and
feel. Live according to your sensation.
What does the devil hate the most. He hates it when God's people come
to their senses and wake up. He hates it when they pray. He hates it
when you and I pay attention. Hallelujah!
We have to return to the right belief. We have to read the Bible. In
these days, our elders are diligently reading the Bible.
I heard that people around them who do not go to church were even
Of course, it is good if you can be restored by faith. But some times,
when people are given a position or a duty, they try hard to live
spiritually, and strive to live accordingly, while people around them
witness, they are touched.
When this happens, people with a given position/duty realize. 'Oh, the
grace of God is given this way as well! Why didn't I know this before
and earlier?'
It is through God's grace you realize it. Please repeat after me,
"God's people need to come to their senses." Hallelujah!
Therefore, when God's people are spiritually back to their senses and
repent, instead of blessing to come first, the devil will massively
attack you.
Mizpah, the meaning of Mizpah is "tower" Samuel saw the people of
Israel at Mizpah and realized their faith was bad.
The Ark of Covenant was stolen.
"They need to restore their faith, what should I do?" When it comes to
proclaiming the Word of God, he was always able to proclaim it. But
Samuel wanted to proclaim more serious level of Word of God, a
powerful and spiritual Word of God,
But when you listen to such type of the Word of God, you will have to
repent. In order for God to work, manifest and touch you, you need to
make the atmosphere the atmosphere of repentance, there has to be a
powerful proclamation, and you need to gracefully flow.
If you lightly and just habitually repent, then you will depreciate.
The quality won't be there.
In order for people to repent with depth, and be delivered from
habitual temporary repentance, they need to be in the midst of God's
grace and touch, they need to listen to good quality Word of God.
Within such a condition, God will powerfully work with the Spirit of
repentance. Hallelujah!
The core problem is this,
People with sickness need to go to doctor and tell the doctor the
symptoms of their sickness.
But because people do not know the name of the disease, they wonder
around many places. It will be great if they can meet Jesus everyday.
But like a woman who had bleed and met the Lord, because people have a
hard time encountering Jesus, they go through very difficult times
while spending unnecessary money.
Therefore, even when you go to the hospital, you need to think.
'God...' Just because you are sick, don't just go rashly. At the same
time, if you are sick, you have to go and check.
But ask God, "Is it spiritual sickness or physical sickness?" If the
doctor tells you that there is no problem but if there is continuous
pain, then you have a spiritual problem.
You may be spiritually or mentally captured by the evil spirits, your
will may have lack of determination. If you have a weak will, you need
to be trained in that area.
I think using your physical body is good training if you have a weak
will or a lack of determination. I think labor work will be best for
you. If you do labor work, you can even build muscles.
You will lose the unnecessary fat. Your appetite will increase.
Morning, lunch and dinner, you will eat at a regular hours. Because
you will have to leave early in the morning, you will sleep early.
You will develop some muscles too.
But if you have a problem with spirituality, as you listen to the Word
of God, as you pray and as you live by the Spirit, increase the prayer
You need to find the core while living your daily life with utmost
effort. Have a purpose and objective. Carry out your daily lives in
such a way.
If your mental area is weak, you need to train to have a strong
mentality. There is no other way, but pray and read the Bible while
diligently living as you work hard. This is the key to a healthy life.
For twenty years, the Israeli people were in a helpless spiritual
state. For twenty years.
They were passive. They never admitted it
"their muscles was never developed. People with muscles have a strong
impression. Right?
Like wise, through the word coming out of a person's mouth, we can
realize and know if the person is a spiritual person or fleshly
For twenty years, the iIsrael people were spiritually dead.
No matter how hard they tried, they could not achieve breakthrough.
This is why there is a pastor and a prophet.
Therefore, Samuel precisely diagnosed their problem through the
Samuel said, "Gather at Mizpah!" The meaning of Mizpah is "Tower"
"Let us gather at the top of the Mizpah and let us be precisely
diagnosed of our problem by God, and may we be healed!"
Only if we fully open our hearts, God will swiftly come and heal us.
God won't be still if you fully open your heart. Jesus will swiftly
come to you and be ready to throw a feast.
Besides resolving your problems, Jesus said, "“Look! I stand at the
door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come
in, and we will share a meal together as friends." Eating together
means feasting!
Jesus won't just passively resolve the problem and go His separate way
but the Lord will throw a feast!
The feast of the filling of the Holy Spirit, and the feast of
overflowing prayer answers. Hallelujah!
At the Mizpah, a tremendous event happened. Samuel powerfully
"You say that you believe in God! But you still have the residue of
heathen's idols! You believe in Asherah and worship with heathens!
This is why your spirit is not being restored! In this condition, even
if you pray for 10 or 20 years, you will not be restored!
What is your idol within you? If you truly want to be free from the
Philistine..." The Philistines constantly harassed Israel
Today, our Philistines can be finance, materials and the world we see
with our physical eyes. Because these stops us from living
But also, the Philistines can be our flesh, and mentality. You want to
live by the Spirit and want God's Spirit to lead you but your flesh
and mentality hinders you.
Your flesh and mentality makes you become neglectful, makes you lazy,
idle, makes you say, "I can not do it!", makes you ignorant. You
continuously become lazy.
Do you know how the devil comes to you? He won't say, "I am the
devil!" The devil comes to you through your habits.
When you are ingrained with laziness, the spirit of laziness will come
and make their nest in you.
If you carelessly speak, then the spirits of careless speaking will
enter into you. They will bring other spirits with them. the evil
spirits won't just come in by itself, but it will bring many others.
When the spirit of laziness enters you, it will also bring in the
spirit of anger, the spirit of lewdness, and much more.
When the spirit of anger enters you, it will also bring in other
spirits. "Hey, take me in too!" "Sure! come on in!"
"Hey me too!" "Me too!" "Me too!!" They make their nest, increasing
more evil spirits, laying eggs, they enter into your mental area and
different parts of your flesh as well.
They enter into your mouth, lips, thoughts, and even enter into all
your internal organs. Like how a fish lay jam-packed eggs, they fill
themselves within you.
Then they cause sicknesses, and prevent you from doing God's work.
It will be great if we can burn it with a flame thrower. Hallelujah!
The Prophet Samuel preached, "You say that you believe and worship
God, but why do you worship heathen gods, Asherah and Baal as well?
If you want to be free from the Philistines, you must only believe and
worship God! You need to get rid of all unnecessary things.
Asherah is a female god whom the Phoenicia people worshipped.
the spouse of Baal god's was Asherah. Also called Ashtoreth, but same
as Asherah.
The name meaning is, "queen of heaven." Baal is literally "male god"
He is a god of pleasure and prosperity.
The book of Jeremiah chapter 44 also talks about it. Heathens seduced
Israeli people to burn incense to the heavenly god and Baal god. They
constantly seduced the Israeli people.
They seduced the Israeli people to burn incense toward the heaven and
earth, and also burn incense to the sun god. In the land of Canaan,
countless people had worshipped Ashtoreth.
In Greece, they call this goddess, "Aphrodite" In Egypt, they call
this goddess, "Anat". In Rome, they call this naked goddess, "Venus"
In Babylon, they had 180 idol temples. They made all Babylonians and
all the other tribes who were captured as slaves to believe in their
Their god was multi-national god. Multi-national god is a god of
A god that enjoys through music, prosperity, physical pleasure,
sexuality, and so on.
People who claim to preach the gospel goes to the karaoke bar and
dance and sing with unbelievers.
On Sundays, Christians record "MukBang" on Youtube while they abandon
Sunday church service.
Deacons, Sunday School teachers, and choirs join to record MukBang
Youtube video. They abandon their role and positions.
Hobby...Some entertainers confess that they worship God but they drink
alcoholic beverages, smoke, they drink wine, and "Christian" comedians
do comedy using worldly contents.
Why do they believe in Jesus? I don't know why they even believe in
Deacons drink and smoke here and there. These Deacons/Deaconesses of
entertainers publicly and repeatedly speak about how they drink
alcoholic beverages on  TV
Will they be able to go to heaven? Are they real? Will they be able to
become Jesus' Bride? Will they be able to wear a white dress? There is
no way!
Even if they had passionately, desperately, and faithfully carried out
their faith life in the past, it is messed up now.
The world has all things abundantly these days, therefore, people have
mingled themselves with it.
But when we live spiritually, the Holy Spirit teaches us abundance
(abundance that is contrary to the world) with the power of the Holy
Please repeat, "We need to become abundant with the power of the Holy
Therefore, we need to properly discern where we are right now. Is it
due to the guidance of the Holy Spirit or where you are right now
through your flesh, for the pleasure of your flesh through the fleshly
matters and content.
You need to figure out if where you are right now is due to guidance
and the work of the Holy Spirit or due to the guidance of your flesh.
The biggest stumbling block for the Jewish people were gods of
diseases in the land of Canaan.
the Israeli people were supposed to be worshipping only One God.
There are times when God's people receive help from people around them
and resolve difficult matters.
But the real help comes from God, therefore receiving help from God
considers real help. Hallelujah!
It is necessary for you to get back with the power of God, it is
necessary for you to get back with prayer, "I will get back up with
prayer, I will get back up with the power of God, I need to live
Only in this way, you will possess the power that will satisfy all
your thirst. Do you believe this?
Therefore, when we possess God's divine nature/spirituality and His
power within us, even if other people demand something from us, even
if other people insist what they demand is the "truth", and even if
other people ask you to do wrong things, you can reject their demand.
But God never rejects our prayer.
Even if your repentance may be temporary repentance, He will not
reject but He will be patient with you and watch you for awhile.
If God finds some degree of authenticity in your repentance, God will
work for the person. This is a very thankful thing. Hallelujah!
When I was first starting up a small church, I think I did such
I was leading the small start up church, I had no church members, and
I had no one giving offerings for the church. Therefore, I thought,
'How should I live?' 'How should I lead this ministry?'
Although I did not say anything, I always had such thoughts in me.
But when I held night service, cried out, shout out and wailed, all
these thoughts disappeared.
'Well, I have the grace of God! Surely, the Lord won't let me go
hungry! The Lord is with me! But in reality, my wife was suffering
from sickness, puking blood, and waiting to die,
'What should I do?' Then my wife said, "Pastor...we have no rice." "I
will go and buy some flour" Sometimes, we couldn't even afford to buy
flour. Then I suggested, "Let us pray!"
Whenever we prayed together, amazing things happened. While praying,
some people came to church. But they did not come to pray, they filled
the rice pot. Isn't it amazing?
Some people stopped by just to drop off meat at church. Some people
brought medicine, some people brought bone soup, and so on. We did not
know who brought them but God led them and it was God's work.
In this hour, please let go of all your idols within you. Hallelujah!
Although people do temporary repentance, it is still better than no
"God, I don't know if this is the type of prayer you will receive, but
God, I still repent before You." If you want to live, you need to
repent. "Lord, please forgive me...If it is a temporary repentance in
Your eyes, please precisely diagnose and please heal me!"
What kind of repentance is temporary repentance? It is a dangerous
repentance! But, even if it is, it will be better than not repenting
at all! It is better than not praying at all!
Therefore, even if you do the temporary repentance, there will be a
chance that God may powerfully work for you. Hallelujah! Therefore,
let you and I be the people who get back up with the power of God!