1 Chronicles 13:1-14. David consulted with all his officials,
including the generals and captains of his army.
Then he addressed the entire assembly of Israel as follows: “If you
approve and if it is the will of the Lord our God, let us send
messages to all the Israelites throughout the land, including the
priests and Levites in their towns and pasturelands. Let us invite
them to come and join us.
 It is time to bring back the Ark of our God, for we neglected it
during the reign of Saul.”
The whole assembly agreed to this, for the people could see it was the
right thing to do.
So David summoned all Israel, from the Shihor Brook of Egypt in the
south all the way to the town of Lebo-hamath in the north, to join in
bringing the Ark of God from Kiriath-jearim.
Then David and all Israel went to Baalah of Judah (also called
Kiriath-jearim) to bring back the Ark of God,
which bears the name of the Lord who is enthroned between the
They placed the Ark of God on a new cart and brought it from
Abinadab’s house.
Uzzah and Ahio were guiding the cart. 8 David and all Israel were
celebrating before God with all their might, singing songs and playing
all kinds of musical instruments—lyres, harps, tambourines, cymbals,
and trumpets.
But when they arrived at the threshing floor of Nacon, the oxen
stumbled, and Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the Ark.
Then the Lord’s anger was aroused against Uzzah, and he struck him
dead because he had laid his hand on the Ark. So Uzzah died there in
the presence of God.
David was angry because the Lord’s anger had burst out against Uzzah.
He named that place Perez-uzzah (which means “to burst out against
Uzzah”), as it is still called today.
David was now afraid of God, and he asked, “How can I ever bring the
Ark of God back into my care?”
So David did not move the Ark into the City of David. Instead, he took
it to the house of Obed-edom of Gath.
The Ark of God remained there in Obed-edom’s house for three months,
and the Lord blessed the household of Obed-edom and everything he
owned. Amen.
Today's title is, "The Sewer".
Although the Lord's church is an ordinary church, at the same time, we
have this uniqueness that other churches do not have.
The other churches may pray, The Lord's church has its own unique way
of praying that is distinctive from other churches.
Therefore, the members of The Lord's Church puts more of an effort to
carry out a spiritual life desperately longing for it
Resulting God's precious grace coming upon the members, and they
become more holy. You guys are holy now and I believe that you will
continue to become more holy in the future. Hallelujah!
It may seem like everyone prays a lot, it may seem like everyone is a
prophet and has a mission, and it may look like everyone is guided by
But many times, people who have been led by God conflict with others.
For example, if I and my wife were led by God on a certain matter.
Let's say that both of us were led by God. But if we argue who was led
more accurately, then this will become a problem.
Therefore, at this point, we will need to put things in order. I used
my wife and I as an example to explain.
But in reality, she always gives me priority although my wife receives
her own prayer answered. It is because I am the pastor who is in
authority, a man who preaches the Word of God, preaching about
spiritual things, and I'm the one who had nurtured many people.
Everybody says that they are led by God and they do what they do
because they say it is the will of God.
We've always experienced such matters in our own church. As time
passed, we realized that they were Not led by God. It wasn't God's
guidance. They were deceived.
They talk about their faith, God's guidance, God's will, God's prayer
answered and so on. They thought it was God's will.
But as time and days passes, it becomes clear that it has been by
their own assertion.
What they said was basically what they wanted to do. But since God was
not granting their desires, they said it was the will of God and
deceived themselves by saying, "I was led by God!" Were they being
deceived or not? They were Greatly deceived.
They were deceived by their own self. In today's time, there are so
many people like that in the churches.
There are " famous prophets" who are globally known in the USA such as
Sadu, Sundah, and so on... These "prophets" in the States, Africa, and
even Korea prophesied many times that Mr.Trump was going to be re-
elected as a president.
Moreover, although Mr.Trump had lost the election, they claimed that
the situation was going to turnaround and Mr.Trump would regain his
People who supposedly prays, people who supposedly prophesy, and
people who supposedly has good faith are saying such statements. What
is the big deal?
As time passes, things are exposed. At first, people insist that "it
is God's will" and they were "led by God" but in reality, it's their
own desires.
As a snake sheds it's skin, as their fault and errors are gradually
exposed, they realize that they were wrong and they were deceived.
Then you need to fix yourself and we call it, "Correction." It will be
great if you can fix and correct yourself but that is not the case.
When you do the work of God, you really need to be wise, precise,
keen, and sensitive.
When I say "be sensitive" I don't mean you need to point fingers
another's fault or error, I don't mean get upset with others when they
make mistakes.
But rather, you need to gently, kindly and gracefully carry out God's
work and with people. Hallelujah.
People who have a loud voice and those who can rebuke well are not the
type of people who carries out the work of the Lord.
You need to carry out the work of the Lord as you gracefully and
gently handle people and as you touch people's heart. Even if you get
the blame, even if things do not get restored, you cannot handle or
treat others harshly or offensively.
Do you understand?
You thought it was God's will. You thought you were led by God.
the Israel people said, "Our Ark has been stolen while fighting with
Philistine! King Saul, Hophni, and Phinehas are the ones to be
After the Ark was stolen and David had become a king, he tried to
bring the Ark back. It was God's will.
David gathered all the musical instrument players, and all the people
of Israel.
David carried the Ark of God in a magnificent and splendor way.
David thought the method was the instruction of God, he thought it was
God's will, and he thought it was God's impression.
But there is a trap.
Countless people says that, "God impressed me." "I was led by God."
"It was God's answer to my prayer." People claim that they've been
trained by God.
But in reality, do you know how difficult it is to receive God's
guidance? To be led by God, do you know how many times you need to
make determination/choice?
But people who say that they know God's will, led by God and received
God's answer think it lightly and easily.
In their mind, they assume that 'receiving an answer must be a good
thing, therefore, will it not make me comfortable? And makes all
things easy for me!'
But in reality, when they encounter difficulty, people become dismayed
and discouraged.
Recently, there was a person who became our church member
He said so many times, "I been trained already! I've been trained!"
But I've discerned that he/she had not been trained at all.
He said he was greatly trained spiritually. I've discerned that he was
Even if you were spiritually trained, if you are not overcoming the
tests today within your daily lives, if you are discouraged, all your
training is pointless, it is in vain.
Don't you agree?
No matter how assured you were of your salvation, if you could not
enter the kingdom, it proves that you had lived an insecure faith
life. We must make it into heaven.
The past is past. You need to pass and overcome the tests of your
current life and future.
Your salvation must be in progressive form. This way, you will be
proven. Hallelujah!
If you are offended now, there is no meaning to your past disciplining
and training from God.
You need to properly live by faith from now on.
When it comes to prayers answered, in order for our prayer to be
answered, we need to live and move forward with faith.
In other words, you need to initiate and show action for God to answer
your prayers. If you don't act, there will not be God's answer. Don't
you think?
It's like, if you do not evangelize, no souls will be saved. Right?
How can an answer come if you do not pray?
No matter how many times you say, "I drive good! I drive good!" if you
are not driving, it's a pointless. You need to prove that you drive
It may seem like everyone is a prophet, everyone is getting their
prayers answered, and they all talk about their past stories. They are
living in delusion.
They have their own prayers answered, they have their own kind of
faith, they have their own guidance, and they all talk about the will
of God. But in reality, they are in delusion.
Therefore, do not be deceived by their words, such as, "I'm being led
by God."
No matter what these people did in the past, please do not be deceived
by their false statement. Hallelujah.
As the times passes, things will be proven.
If you are delusional, only a bitter lesson of failure will be left
for you.
Therefore, people who believe in Jesus, people who claim that they are
led by God, people who talks about power of God and holy fire, and
people who claim that they were trained by God must ask this question
to themselves,
'Is God's impression and His work still available in my current life
that I speak about? Do I still get impressions from God? Am I still
impressed by God's touch?
'The work and impression from God that I receive, is really from God
or not?
As times passes, it will be proven whether from God or not,
'I've been deceived. I was delusional. I had deceived by myself. My
spirit is being deceived by my soul, flesh, thoughts and my emotions.
I am deceived by my own words.'
'Because of my pride and because of my stubbornness, I have deceived
by myself.'
This is the work of the evil spirits.
However, since people do not know how the evil spirits would operate,
they refuse to say they've been deceived and delusional. They rather
say, "People make mistakes!" Unless these type of people fix and
correct themselves, they will be deceived and delusional continuously
Therefore, in the process of discerning the will of God and knowing
the will of God, you will face many difficulties and tests.
Apostle Paul stated that there is a clear reason why people become
deceived and delusional. He said that you need to die to the world.
You need to first die to your own thoughts, mind, and to all fleshly
things in order for God's truth to work within you. Hallelujah!
1 Corinthians 4:10 talks about how thankful and happy it is to become
God's people. But the important thing is afterwards.
It is very important for us to be born again by the Holy Spirit and as
God's people. But the method of how we live as born again people are
very strict and difficult. We need to know this. Hallelujah.
The Israeli people became God's own possession because of the promise
Abraham made with God and not by the Law.
The people of Israel did not believe in God although the Law was
given. They did not live according to the Law. Therefore, due to
Abraham's promise with God, the Israeli people became God's people.
It is like, someone had worked and died for you so that you can become
God's people, His possession. Hallelujah.
There is blessing that has been granted to God's people. In order for
you to receive and enjoy continuously, you must not leave or fall away
from the place of blessing.
Do you know the people who have been fallen away from the Lord's
Church are wandering? They roam about many places.
They pretend to be alright, but their spirit is very thirsty. It is
because they've been listening to the spiritual messages over a
They try to ignore what they've heard and learned, you don't know how
their spirit is suffocating.
What will they do then?
They will put what they've heard and learned aside. Receiving holy
fire only become a memory. Holy dancing become a memory. 'Ahh..I've
experienced it in the past.' 'I used to pray in the past.' 'I used to
be a person who was chosen to do certain work for God.' 'I've traveled
abroad before.'
'I used to travel with Pastor Kim.' 'I did this and that....' But that
is all.
If you are not able to live a spiritual life right now, whether you
travel abroad to minister holy fire to others, it is meaningless
because you are not living spiritually and you are not handling
matters with your spirit.
You are not living as God's people.
Therefore, the Israeli people continued to fail. They were failing
In order for you to survive as God's people, there is only one way.
You must strictly and completely die to yourself before God. Please
repeat, "I must die in order to live. I must die in order to live."
Don't try to use any other method besides dying to yourself. Even if
you try other option, it will not work.
If you do not live by the Spirit, nothing will work even if you try to
do other things.
It will only be resolved if you live by the Spirit. Hallelujah.
If you do not live by the Spirit, what will happen? Curiosity within
you will move into your spirit.
If your curiosity and greed are alive in you and if you have no power
or strength to overcome it, you will become a self-centered person.
Even if you go to church, received the Holy Spirit, and carry out
God's work, you will remain as a self centered person.
Sin will not let you be in peace if you have such problems.
Many times, it will feel like it has its own character/personality.
This is sin.
Sin acts like a human. It thinks, decides and speaks. Wherever you go,
sin comes along with you. Have you ever experienced this?
I've preached it before, when it comes to spoken and written words,
some kind of spirit will flow within those words.
Its like, when you plug the electric cord to the wall socket, you will
instantly receive electricity.
Evil spirits follow people's words, thoughts, emotions, will, and
their movements. Isn't that right?
Who is in you? The Holy Spirit is in you.
Who is the Holy Spirit? What kind of a "person" is He? He is the
When you gracefully speak, the Holy Spirit will work together no
matter who you speak too. Hallelujah.
Despite the fact the Holy Spirit still works within you, if you do not
become the pathway for the Holy Spirit, but if you only converse about
the things of the world, speak about nonsense, useless things, and
converse about sinful subjects, what will happen then?
Evil spirit will say, "You have the Holy Spirit within you Who is not
approachable for us. But today, we see that you sin a lot today! You
cuss a lot! You blew up!" As evil spirits observe, they will begin to
work as they trigger you more to commit more sin right beside you.
All spoken and written words have some kind of spiritual flow and
Therefore, whenever we meet unbelievers, people who believe in Buddha,
and people who worship idols, although we do not have to speak
anything outwardly, we do need to pray on the inside.
'Holy Spirit...This person does not believe in Jesus. How should I
preach the gospel to him?'
'I will speak the statement that will give him peace. But please help
me to speak words that will touch him. And the statement may make him
remember me.' Hallelujah!
The next step will be evangelizing the gospel. Buy something to eat,
speak gently, and help ease the person's state. When the Holy Spirit
helps you, it will work out well. Hallelujah.
People who have been saved must maintain the state of salvation. You
must always check your salvation. "You must warn each other every day,
while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin
and hardened against God."
"Deacons/Elders/Pastors, Let us all be encouraged! We will be praying
for you!" This is one of the ways you confirm your salvation. Instead
of saying, "what day, and time have you been saved?"
People's faith can be maintained when we speak the word of faith, and
through the spiritual conversation, they feel empathy and gain
strength. The power of salvation will be kept. Hallelujah!
When you look at today's scripture, David's action appears really good
from the outside.
The Ark of God was stolen by someone through someone else's mistake.
Philistines got the Ark. King David wanted to bring it back.
King David's motive was really good. King David spoke to all the
nIsrael people with a good motive.
Then King David went to bring back the Ark. His motive was really
Although from the outside, it may look good and nice, something was
still not quit right.
It will be great if you can continue to have holy fire impartation at
the church and do not miss the chance.
Although we all receive the same power of the Holy Spirit, and same
holy gifts, there is an order which the Holy Spirit leads. There is s
We don't bluntly say, "This is the Lord's will and this is His
answer." I don't carelessly say, "This is the Lord's will! This is the
answer from the Lord!"
Although the Holy Spirit grants us various power, answers, and holy
gifts, the Holy Spirit will put things in order within us and the
Please repeat, "The Holy Spirit will put things in order within us and
the church."
We all receive the same guidance from God and although the same holy
gifts are granted to us, the Holy Spirit leads us to put things in
order. What would be the reason for us to put things in order?
Although everyone talks about God's guidance and His will, why would
God wants us to set things or people in order? When there is no order,
people fight.
They argue, "What I prayed is accurate! What I'm doing is right! I
received God's answer!" Numerous times, many people have told me that
they received God's answer.
But at the same time, many came to me and confessed that it wasn't
God's answer.
The reason why the Holy Spirit set things in order is because...
In the spiritual realm, there is this line, a dangerous line.
If you cross this  line or boundary, your mental state will become
unstable, or you become insane and become deceived! It will become
very difficult for you.
Therefore, the Holy Spirit sets things in order by putting a boundary
line, a dangerous line so that you do not cross it. Hallelujah!
Therefore, people who understand the order, even if they receive holy
gifts, power, and receive God's impression, they must first obey the
church authority. Do you believe this?
Miriam, Aaron, and some of the tribal chiefs had crossed the line.
Therefore, they were facing death. But because Moses interceded, some
of them were able to avoid judgement and in fact, some of them got
restored. The Bible proves it.
Although we receive the Holy Spirit, grace and holy gifts, we still
have what smells.
It's like when we open the sewage, the stinky smell hits you very
hard. Although we were born again by the Holy Spirit, because we are
still living on this earth, our heart is still like sewage.
A sewage that is mixed with all different kinds of filth. Our sewage
is not covered but opened. It's always opened.
When sin enters into you through the gaps, and if sin matures as it
continue to accumulate, and if you cross the line, you will become
like Uzzah.
You and God will conflict. God will not let old sin be. God will
create circumstances to conflict.
God makes circumstances to conflict and turn things upside down.
King David experienced it.
When we say, "King David" we consider him as a worshipper, a good and
wise king, and we think him as a man who praise God. We see him as a
man who repents properly. But although he was King David, when he
crossed the line,
God personally conflicted with him.
King David had good motive which is to bring the Ark back to David's
palace. It was an act of faith. David had loyalty to God.
But David crossed the line, but how? It was David's own idea without
realizing it. Without realizing it, he had come up with his own
thought. He had decided
Although he started with good motive, this good motive gradually
Even if you start with good motive, if something goes wrong in the
process, someone is going to "die".
The Ark was placed between the two Cherubim. The Ark Represented God's
presence and anointing. King David greatly yearned God's presence.
Therefore, he wanted to bring God's Ark back.
But why the incident of Perez-uzzah happened? Why did God struck
Why did the incident of death happened? This is always the question.
David made atonement and repented.
If King David had repented,
there is an interpretation in Judaism through their Jewish Bible. They
call it "Midrash"
When you look at Midrash,
There is a content of how David earnestly repented before God and in
If so, if King David repented in tears, from King David's stance and
from his own view, he knew he had some kind of problem. That's why he
repented before God right?
King David made a new cart to carry the Ark. But it wasn't approved by
For the Philistines, it was alright for them to carry the Ark on a new
But King David is different, he is God's people. He has to know the
requirements of God and His Law. Do you believe this?
The worldly people have many problems when it comes to understanding
God and serving Him.
But when it comes to God's own people, and when it comes to serving
Him, He will not let us act like the people of the world.
They need to cover the Ark with a curtain of the holy of holies. The
Ark also needed to be covered with leather that covers Tabernacle.
Then the Ark has to be carried on the shoulders of the tribe of
Levite, the clan of Kohath.
They were prohibited from touching the holy objects. They were
required to carry it on their shoulders. Priests had to carry it.
But when they first carried it on the cart, when the oxen stumbled,
because Uzzah tried to prevent the Ark from falling, he touched the
Ark and he instantly died on the spot.
But who initiated the event? It was King David.
But King David had good motive within him.
But within the good motive, something was hidden deep inside his good
motive. God was looking at what was hidden.
Even though you may be carrying out the work of the Lord, you might
have something hidden inside or behind it. You might have good motive
to do things for the Lord, but within that good motive, you may have
some kind of greed.
All people may be like this. Although, you may be serving for the
Lord, something else may be hidden within you and God looks at that.
God looks at the hidden thing that no one can see. Hallelujah!
King David try to show the dignity of himself. He was conceited and
prideful. Everything was done by the command of King David.
King David mobilized the people. He pursued the way to carry the Ark
and mobilized the method.
King David was showing off himself
Only after Uzzah died, King David came to realization. He repented and
asked for forgiveness.
When we decide to do something for the Lord, it is very important to
know where our heart is at. Hallelujah!
You may have the motive that is for the Lord, but at the same time,
you may want to show yourself off, you may have greed, and you may
manifest your selfish interest. Without realizing, pride may be
created within you.
In this case, you will not be able to glorify God.
Therefore, we need to know those these hidden things that will become
a big sin before God.
Please repeat, "In order to live, I need to become humble."
We need to be serious about the Word of God. We need to become humble.
"Today I am who I am because of God’s grace." Hallelujah!
We need to always do such a confession and we need to diligently carry
out the work of the Lord.
Let us pray. "Father God,
In the process of moving to the new church location, all our faults
and shortcomings have precisely been exposed. Therefore we have
repented. Some church members have fallen away.
We've experienced difficulties and hardship. But God, through the
process and such incidents, let us become more humble and go lower.
Please help our life be only for You, God. It is late at night, but we
are here to worship You, we give offerings to You and pray to You.
Please be glorified.
Even if we have a good motive and heart for You, Lord, but if within
that motive, or another area in our heart has pride and boasting about
ourself, Lord, please forgive it all.
Tonight, during prayer, let us find all hidden things within ourselves
and let us repent. In Jesus name we prayed, Amen.

Translate by Pastor Yoojin Kim, Fire of God Church