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There is a peculiar people or group of God who has been chosen among many nations. We call them God’s people and the special saints.

Among the chosen people of God, there is still a specially chosen people, and I call them the people that belong to the Lord’s Church. I am the president and the senior pastor of the Lord’s Church Ministry. Thirteen years ago, the Lord began to form the headquarters of the Lord’s Church in Korea as an international group through the holy fire.

The holy fire churches and all the servants of the Lord of this global village are very peculiar. Due to my peculiar passion of faith in the past and until now, I have received the burning love and power from the Lord. The ministry and the work that had been granted to me is still being carried out with the members of the Lord’s church.

As the year is coming to a close, I am experiencing special suffering once more.

About six months ago, Satan had suddenly attacked my left wrist. Even though of the sudden attack, and also thought I’ve seen symptoms, I’ve neglected it. But the pain has lasted very long. Although the feeling of the pain had come and go. Recently, the pain has severely increased, and my wrist had swelled and inflated like a mountain.

The Lord’s Church members from Korea and the members from outside Korea has fervently prayed for my condition. Some have advised me with many different types of therapies, spiritual experiences, or precise alternatives. But the Lord had given me a free will to choose.

I did not know the precise reason, but the more I prayed, the more certain and clear answer to receive surgery had convinced me.

After the clear and specific prayer was answered, I decided to end such a matter before this year came to an end. Therefore, I had visited the local orthopedics nearby. The orthopedist took my pulse several times, and he had examined me several times. Then the orthopedist advised me to go to the larger hospital to have a full health examination and go to surgery.

The orthopedist advised me that normally a cyst on my wrist often forms on people who use their wrist a lot. It occurs on the articular outer wall. The orthopedist wrote a doctor’s note stating, “Perhaps, the surgery will only take about one hour..” The orthopedist referred me to a skillful doctor who was working at a larger general hospital located behind our church. I went to the “International St. Mother’s hospital.”

For two days, I drew a good amount of blood and received about ten intense examinations. These examinations were more precise than the regular health check-up which I do every two years.

The physician of the larger hospital also affirmed that the surgery will only last about an hour. I believed it and therefore, I was relieved.

The day before surgery starting from 8 PM, I was forbidden to eat any type of food. Because I ate very little until eight o’clock, I got severely hungry and thirsty as I led the nightly prayer service. I thought I was going to die due to the hunger.

The next day, at seven o’clock in the morning, I arrived at the hospital. I laid on the operation table at eight o’clock. I took off all my clothes including my undergarment, and I changed to the patient’s outfit. I prayed in tongue to ease the anxiousness on the operation table. With peace, I received the powerful holy fire lying on the operation table.

******Holy Fire is more powerful/stronger than the anesthetic******

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Partial anesthesia was given to me to numb my left shoulder down to my left wrist. But due to powerful holy fire on both my hands, the anesthesia did not work.

The doctors were very surprised by the unexpected situation. The anesthesiologist increased the number of anesthetics. The anesthesiologist put 20 percent which was supposed to work for one hour. It normally works. But the anesthesiologist said, “What’s going on?? Why is it not working? We need to increase once more!”

Because the anesthesia was not working, I prayed to the Lord, “Lord!! Please withdraw holy fire from me!! Don’t you think I need to be anesthetized?”

The Lord weakened the holy fire; therefore, the anesthetic began working.

They increased from 20 percent to 40 percent, 60 percent and finally 80 percent. Only after an 80 percent increase, the anesthesia worked, and I could not feel anything anymore.

Since only the half side of my body was numb, I was still alert. I decided to personally witness the scene of the operation. The antiseptic was repeatedly applied about five times on my shoulder, the armpit, and all the way down to the tips of my fingers. Eventually, when I was under the anesthesia, it looked like as though my left arm and a hand were flowing in the air in a gravity-free state. The look of it was very unique.

Any feeling from my left shoulder, left arm, and left hand was gone, and I was able to receive the operation. I thought about Jesus, and I also thought about Deacon Song (This Deacon had lost one of his hands). As I pondered about how he suffered, the long process of difficult rehabilitation, and the pitiful stories of perseverance, I respected him for his willpower and what he had gone through. Deacon Song might not want me to mention this but….Can’t I help thinking about it?

Anyway…the variable or unexpected problem occurred during my wrist operation. Therefore, the doctor who was performing the operation had become perplexed.

About ten doctors and nurses surrounded me, and they were busily moving. As one hour passed from the operation, I was released from the anesthetic state. I don’t know how many times they had injected me.

The doctor who was performing the operation became perplexed and said, “Ah…what is this?”

Perhaps, the doctors whispered among themselves in case I would hear them and become fearful. But I was listening to all their conversation.

The doctor said, “Patient, do not look here!!”

Then they covered my face with some kind of white cloth. Then the doctors put an oxygen mask and told me to look away. They continued the operation.

The doctors continued to become surprised, and it was expressed with their words. When they cut up the flesh of my wrist, they were surprised completely with a different matter. My wrist was not swollen due to the cyst. Within the major arterial which is located on the left side of my wrist, they had located several cancers. The cancer was responsible for all the swelling.

Therefore, the doctors had to cut open my major arterial. They tightened my left armpit once more with an elastic band, and they cut open a major arterial and removed the cancers which looked just like a cyst. From the major arterial, blood gushed out like a fountain. A nurse vacuumed the blood. I heard the sound of people changing their medical gloves several times.

Anxious factors had continued to manifest. A doctor shouted, “This is really weird!! Hey! Someone quickly come here with a camera and record the scene of this operation!! Hey! Record this and that!!” Until they had finished the operation, they continued to record due to the unique case.

As bleeding continued, the nurses around me became busy moving around. I had my blood pressure medicine in advance, but after listening to their conversation, I shrank psychologically. As a result, my blood pressure rose, and I began to get a fever.

I wanted to move my body, but I could not move a bit. Because the blood pressure rose, the doctors checked my heartbeat and pulse. The machine that checked my heartbeat and pulse loudly echoed in my ears. Within my sight, there was a green color screen with a graph that acted according to my heartbeat. The move of the graph was not consistent, but it rapidly rose up and down. As I watched, I became psychologically anxious.

I was wearing an auto blood pressure device on my right hand. This device was frequently checking my blood pressure.

When the doctor cut opened the major artery, due to the coldness in the operation room, my blood vessels shrank. As though they were stretching an elastic cord, they held my blood vessel. “Hey! Grab tightly onto the vessel!”

I was able to hear precisely. Even though it seemed like a simple operation, it became more complicated than planned. It had become a major surgery.

I felt with my whole being that the doctors and nurses were gradually becoming tired and having a difficult time. I began to pray in tongue. I was not able to move for 4 hours. Therefore, my back was continuously hurting and aching. But I did not show a hint of my discomfort, and I endured without budging because the doctors were doing their best. Recently, before this surgery, I had gone through many regions throughout the world. The regions which many people advised me that it would be very dangerous for me to visit due to the contagious diseases in those areas.

Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, United Arab Emirates Dubai, and many more such regions were once known for the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome disease, Ebola virus, cholera, typhoid, and so on. Therefore, strict orders to wear a mask was given to people.

The doctors consecutively said during the whole time of the operation, “I had never seen such a unique case in my life!” They finished the operation with great difficulty. I even wanted to treat them for dinner for their hard work.

From the moment I went into the operation room, and until I had come out of the operation room, it had taken about 4 hours. Patients who have started later than I, they all were finished early. The surgery was more difficult than any of us thought. Due to the unexpected variable, it took about 4 hours. My wife must have become quietly frightened outside the operation room.

My wife said, “I thought something unexpected had occurred, so I was really worried!”

Due to the Lord’s special grace, even though it may seem like it was a big crisis, God had allowed me to experience this event. But because the Lord allowed cancer to be found early, I was able to go under the operation to remove the tumors within the blood vessel of my major artery. The doctor said that If I had given my ears to the people’s advice and therefore if I had discerned incorrectly, misjudged, and delayed, it could have become a great trial. I agreed with the doctor.

Depending on the person it varies how their blood vessels gradually change. As we age our vessels become weakened. I have deeply thought about it many times regarding the operation, listening to the doctors’ conversations, the dangerous factors of surgery, and the certain incidents that had occurred.

Like usual, people are troubled with their root problems and their identity. Who am I that the Lord has allowed sickness in this unique way? Why is HE handling me in such a special way? Who am I to be treated in such a way? The spiritual ministry that I (or we) am carrying out is in the process with the grace of the Lord, and it is very peculiar and special. All the Lord’s church (and branches) and their members are very biblical and special. The Lord’s church is very biblical like the days of Acts. All the churches must carry it out in such a way.

For this very reason, perhaps, the Lord’s Church (and its’ branch churches) go through many tests. This is something only the Lord’s church (churches) can handle and cope with. Even so, personally, the different types of sickness are not special anymore. I only earnestly pray that the members may never obtain such illnesses.

Can I just go through some light cold symptoms and can it just quickly disappear? The doctors said that the blood vessel operation was very difficult. The degree of the difficulty is very high. Therefore, even many doctors try to avoid it. Also if they perform surgery and because of the degree of difficulty, they do not want even to start. This tells me having the operation on the artery is very difficult and tricky.

After finishing my surgery, I heard some families in my church were encountering surprise attacks. This is such sad news. My heart aches. I will pray for the emergency prayer. I am very grateful to all the enthusiastic holy fire members who had prayed for me within Korea and abroad. I am very sorry if I caused you to worry.

My fellow workers/pastors and their wives within the holy fire ministry located in the United States of America all said, “Pastor Kim!! Please don’t get sick anymore!”

One of my church pastor trainees said, “You may have thick bones, but that’s about it. It seems like you are a walking patient!!” Perhaps, this may be true.

Ever since the baptism of the holy fire, I’ve been going through difficulties, but I would not dare to tell you what I am experiencing is the suffering of Christ. But yet, my body is continually experiencing the unwanted suffering.

If the Lord proposed and had shown me the condition and terms that were to occur in advance, and if He had asked me, “You will experience these types of fleshly suffering. Will you accept it for the price of the baptism of the holy fire?” I think I could not have agreed and accepted it easily.

As I look back now, I have many scars on my flesh. I once had an operation to remove a cystoma. I am experiencing the detachment of my retinas in both my eyes. I have a problem with my nose and inner part of my mouth. There is a continuous infection on my tongue. I have issues with my thyroid gland and my protruding eyes. I had an operation of my appendix and a process of my heels.

Moreover, and recently I had the major operation on my wrist. Also, I had fallen into a manure toilet when I was 3 years old…. I wonder how much more sufferings will I experience? I wonder what awaits me in the future?

The whole year of 2018, I had been exceptionally dominated by much of Satan’s tests and the suffering of the flesh. Perhaps it may be my own idea but what if I am paying the severe price in such a way because God is planning to grant my prayer request of receiving 5 trillion won.

This year of 2018, without fail, joy, and sadness intersects as we approach the day of Christmas. But I earnestly hope that all of you will leap with miracles, signs, and wonders in the coming new year. I hope this year be the year of power.