Let us be blessed and touched by today’s sermon. The title is, “The Mission/Calling of the Lord”

The Lord has transformed countless souls in the Bible. Ultimately, after we are transformed, what are we going to do for God?

We were born as common and we have gone through a growth process. We will meet a proper season in our life where God will work and manifest. Hallelujah!

In God’s proper season, HE will transform us.

After God transforms us, we will be able to see our calling/work. We will surrender our lives for the call.

We call this the “Mission.” Let us say it together. “Mission/Calling”

God has chosen and called us. There is something people first learn from theological school, “God has planned and prearranged everything.”

God has set His will. God has a sovereign will.

Who is God? He is the Self-existing One.

God has set His will. God has a prearranged plan and leads according to His will. When the right season meets, God will choose, designate, and call us.

When does God call us? God called Abraham at the age of 75. Moses was 80 when he was called.

They had lived a normal life until they reached 80 years old.

But, even if we had lived a common life, God works in the background of our lives in which we do not see. Hallelujah!

When God calls us, each one of us will realize and obtain knowledge of it.

We call this Suffering and Discipline.

When you believe in Jesus, you must know that just believing in Him is not all you do. But what you do after believing in Jesus is more important.

After we believe in Jesus, it is very important to know what we will do next.

There is you who concerns yourself about the spirit and soul. Within you, there is you that is spirit, soul, and body. The bible does not specifically explain this. But based on my personal experience, I have explained this subject to you. I’m not saying my personal experience is the truth.

The reason why Jesus came to this earth is to save us.

Jesus came to this earth to save us. Even when Jesus had left the earth, He had granted a mission/calling of saving other souls to disciples.

The Lord had promised the Mission/Calling. But the mission/calling will be fulfilled when the disciples become more broken, shattered and receive the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, if you are not born again with the Holy Spirit, even if you believe in Jesus, it will be very possible that you will become a chaff. Please remember this. Hallelujah.

Repeat after me, “We must be born again”

After you are born again with the Holy Spirit, is that all? It is not all. Believing in Jesus is like continuously going over the mountain after mountains.  You can’t stop.

If you have crossed one mountain, you need to cross over another mountain. You must continuously cross over the mountains until you enter the Kingdom of God

Theological schools and churches teach that God will never forsake His chosen people.

Right, I agree with such a statement. God will never forsake us. Actually, there are quite a number of verses that state God will never forsake us. At the same time, there are two sides to it.

Even if you are born again and saved, if you are not trembling in fear, your condition will become dangerous. There are quite a number of verses that speak about it. Hallelujah!

When you receive the Holy Spirit and are born again, will you never fall? Even if you have received the Holy Spirit, born again, chosen by God, and are predestined to enter the Land of Canaan, The reason why Israelis could not enter was full of their sin.

Through disobedience, adultery, various type of idol worship, different kind of sin, lack of faith, not properly handling their mission/calling, having no fruit, and due to many more reasons, people will have events that make them stop moving forward

Moreover, even if you have received the Holy Spirit, in the book of Hebrews, it warns of drifting away from your salvation.

Theory will say that you will never fall. But in reality, you can fall away.

When Jesus came to earth, He always lived His life centered around His mission/calling. Repeat after me, “We need to live our lives centered around our mission/calling” Hallelujah!

When you become a disciple of Jesus and are determined to believe in Jesus, the mission will continuously be created within you.

When it comes to the mission/calling, there are countless types. There are common missions and there is a little bit more “core/to the point” type of mission. You must figure this out.

But until the power of the Holy Spirit specifically comes upon us, we will walk our faith life through a common and ordinary mission.

After we have received the Holy Spirit, begin to pray, and after power comes upon us, the more we read the Bible, the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit does not leave me stagnant.

We are constantly being pushed. “Go! Forward! Move forward! Advance! Advance!”

From the first dimension to the second dimension. From the second dimension to the third dimension. From the third dimension to the fourth dimension.

As we are continuously pushed through the invisible hand, some kind of mission/calling will be created. Hallelujah!

When the mission/calling is being created and when we become a disciple of Jesus, what will happen? Tests will always come.

People do not think about tests coming on their way but they only think about their mission/calling. Therefore, when tests come, they drop their mission/calling due to the tests. They give up.

Historically, today is the day Jesus had died. He came to this earth to save us. But Jesus did not have a nice and fine life. But Jesus lived a difficult life and tragically died.

The idea of the mission of Jesus and the content of His mission was far from our idea of how a mission should be.

It was not fine and nice.

The idea of our mission must not be ending our life nicely in the end. It is not about ending it fine and nice.

Think about writing a novel, you may write it nicely but the mission is not a nicely written novel.

A person with the mission/calling has no tomorrow. You do not know what will happen to you.

No one should ever think that they must live their life nicely and end beautifully. That is not a mission.

When we speak about and carry out the mission or some kind of task, we need to have the theoretical Word of God. We need to possess powerful spirituality. Our spirituality and mentality need to be strong. Hallelujah!

Our physical bodies need to be healthy. We need to have healthy thoughts. No matter what type of people you encounter, you need to be in a condition that you are able to converse despite the other person’s condition.

People who make a separate group with people whom they think perfectly match with them according to blood type, mindset and idea are not a people of the mission/calling.

In the days of my theological college days, I’ve met all kind of passionate servants of fire. At worship time, they shed tears playing the guitar.

But as the people move to their second year of college, the faith which they had as a pastor dropped down to the level of an elder’s faith.

When people entered into their third year, their level of faith dropped down to that of a deacon.

When people entered into the fourth year, their faith level dropped down to a layman’s faith level. Fifth-year is when most of them went back into the world.

In their fifth year, they became hardened shedding no more tears.

When God gives us a mission/calling or task, you need to have healthy spiritual power. You must have the healthy and strong mentality. Hallelujah.

You need to have a healthy body. It will be great if your body is very healthy. I’m not saying your body needs to be healthy in order to carry out your mission, but the basic physical strength needs to be there and it needs to be good enough.

What if my body is very weak especially when I am a pastor who needs to carry out all night prayer meetings every night? What would you do?

(He makes a joke about the English pronunciation of this one particular deaconess)

Your bodies need to be healthy and strong. The Lord has created me perfectly to fit this type of a ministry. I have small eyes and because of too much stamina, I’ve lost most of my hair.

I’ve had my left eye retina detached for two years but I have no problem living.

An inflammation has developed inside of my mouth and I often nose bleed but I have no problem living. But a doctor warned me of my eyes falling out if I ever go flying on a plane.

I said, “Don’t you worry. Can you just weld them?” “Pastor! Where did you learn about welding?” “I’ve asked and had done it in America.” I’ve welded my retina.

The most important thing is that in order to solve a problem, you must have faith that is bigger than the problem. Hallelujah!

This way, I believe that you will overcome the test.

The Lord had always prayed. Whether He had a problem or not, He always had prayed.

If you do not pray and when a test is upon you, you will be swept away through the test and not recognizing that it was tested. But if you pray, God will let you know when the test is upon you.

If you face something that you can’t handle, God will give you a way out. Hallelujah!

Jesus called the disciples whom He desired. Just because you want to be a disciple doesn’t mean you will become one.

Above all thing, Jesus must choose you and call you. Jesus went to the scene of where the disciples were.

When Jesus called the disciples, He first prayed all night and choose.

There were three reasons. First, you need to be a person who is always in close fellowship with Jesus. You need to be a person who will always be devoted.

Your thinking needs to line up with His. You need to obey according to every word He speaks. You need to exactly do whatever the Lord tells you to do. When it comes to doing the work of the Lord, these qualities are very important.

But when the Lord spoke, from the outer appearance, it looked like they were following. But inside, they conjectured in advance.

They had their own feelings, emotion, and thoughts that were centered around them. But from the outside, they were following Jesus

Especially, when Jesus had shown power, they were greatly shocked. The mom of John and James wanted her sons to be seated left and right of God.

Jesus knew their condition. How frustrated He must have!

“How pitiful! Do you think that is their mission/calling? When my power manifest, wanting to be seated on my left and right are the people with the mission/calling?” Absolutely Not.

Second, when Jesus choose disciples, the one who ultimately obtained a close fellowship with Him is the person who does not have an uncomfortable misunderstanding with Him

We must not have discomfort and misunderstanding.

When it comes to doing the work of the Lord and wherever we go, it applies. We travel all over the world to do the work of the Lord. We must not have any discomfort and misunderstandings. Even when you see the other person’s mistake and shortcoming, you need to learn to overlook and move on. This way, we will become one to properly work.

Even in this world, if you want to be close to someone, but if you are being difficult for that person, it will be very hard.

If you are being difficult to people, touching each other’s nerves with every word you speak, and if you have biased thinking already, it will be hard for you to have any type of relationship whenever you meet people.

Especially people who believe in Jesus are worse.

(He is talking about one of the revivals. Not important content. Please forward to 21:10)

When we do the work of the Lord, we must not have any misunderstanding. Hallelujah.

No matter how touched you are and filled with the Holy Spirit if you have prejudice and continue an uncomfortable relationship with someone, how do you think the Lord will view it? The Lord is always concerned about it.

In that particular era, there was prejudice about Jesus.

Jesus gave His life for us. Besides His disciples, whoever He encountered, He tried His best to raise them and make them into a good disciple.

It is a very difficult thing to raise someone and make them into a good disciple.

As Jesus spoke/teach and trained the people, His heart ached.

If you have an intimate relationship with the Lord, the tremendous privilege will be given to you. The Holy Spirit will work for you. Hallelujah!

Having twelve disciples were not enough who were chosen by Jesus.

It was taking too long with only twelve. Therefore, the Lord picked persecutor Saul and made him into Paul. Hallelujah.

In the book of Acts chapter 9, the Lord needed a person with a mission of preaching the gospel to gentiles but the twelve disciples were not good enough.

They took too much time, took too much time on understanding. God’s chosen apostles were 100% Jew, the Lord needed someone who was liberal without being restricted as Jew.

But that liberal person was not broken yet, this person is too restricted. He was only for Law, Pharisee, the Word of God, and religious precepts.

This person had passion, but that passion was not properly broken. He could not enjoy the freedom in the power of Spirit of God.

There are many passionate people within churches. But at the same time, so many are not broken by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Too many Saul’s are overflowing within churches. They cannot enjoy the freedom of the Holy Spirit.

What will happen if you attend such type of a church? Such type of churches will continuously make many more Sauls with their congregation members.

They talk about the gospel, but it’s not real gospel nor Law. They are messed up.

If a pastor does not have experience with the Holy Spirit, cannot speak in tongue, and stops you from speaking in tongue, that church is obvious.

No matter how many times a pastor talks about the Holy Spirit, if a pastor does not accept the power of the Holy Spirit, presence and anointing, then you must know the pastor is in a great dangerous condition.

It does not matter if the church is big. The churches tell you speaking in tongue is too loud. They are foolish.

Who do they think they are? How dare they stop the Spirit of God? They say tongue has ended with early churches.

Therefore, many saints wander around and lost.

They wander all over the place. They end up attending a church that does not speak in tongue believing it is the true church.

They do one hour service. Therefore, they are not spiritually satisfied and filled.

God’s word consist of several things,  logos, and rhema. We can explain to a person, “With the power of Holy Spirit, you can receive holy fire right now, just stretch out your hands because holy fire is entering into you!”

“Your tongue will be restored!” The Lord works to restore a person’s tongue. Then the tongue will be interpreted. The prophetic word will be given. As a person’s spiritual condition is scanned, the loving Lord will work accordingly.

When the Lord works in such a way, the person will surrender before God.

He/she will shed tears and transform right at that spot. He/she had drifted here and there but wasted a long time wandering around.

Repeat after me, “Let us not become like Saul but become like Paul.”

There was a ministry/mission which Jesus wanted but this could not carry out properly only with twelve disciples. The ministry/mission could have taken too long with only with twelve.

Even though the twelve disciples listened to the word of the Lord, they were not the people of the Holy Spirit yet.

Jesus needed people who would completely pray and completely rely on the Lord. That person was Paul.

But he was not Paul yet but Saul. So what should Jesus do? Jesus broke him. “If you are broken, you will be Paul but because you have not been broken there are overflowing Sauls within churches!”

When you look at the book of Romans, chapter 1, Apostle Paul realized that he was called for Gentiles.

For Paul, Greek or slave, wise or foolish, and the more he encountered gentiles, he felt the stronger mission. His mission became more fervent, “I must carry out this work! I will live and die for this mission! I will martyr for this mission!” This is how people supposed to be.

At first, people will be confused about their mission/calling. But the more they carry out tasks, the more of work of God will manifest.

It will be better for you to figure your mission/calling out as soon as possible. This way, you will not wander and when a test comes, you will overcome.

Repeat after me, “I must figure out the content of my mission” There is a core when it comes to mission.

The book of Acts 20:23, Paul said he owes gentiles a debt.

Paul visited gentiles once more to pay a debt. Paul informed the council of Jerusalem and have gone to first, second and third evangelistic journeys for churches. In the end, he was martyred in Rome.

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus”

Apostle Paul expressed such a way. “I owe a debt to gentiles and I need to pay it off.” Paul thought that he was saved because of gentiles.

“If it was not gentiles, how could I have saved? How had the Lord saved me? For the salvation of Gentiles, I was chosen by the Lord.” On the road of Damascus, he had surrendered to God

Paul could not see for three days, but when Ananias prayed for him, he restored and received his sight. They became brothers in Christ. Hallelujah!

When it comes to the mission, there is one thing that you must first importantly realize.

“Who is the one that I need to serve? Who will I be with?”

If an individual mission does not work out and if you are insufficient, at least, you need to come to the Lord’s Church and cast fire. You need to go on a group mission.

If your individual mission and calling do not work out, you need to form/join a group and go on a group mission.

This way, you will be strengthened and be effective.

The subject of Paul’s mission was for gentiles.

We are called for someone. Jesus died for you and me.

Who am I called to witness the gospel? For whom am I called?

Fishermen have their own fishing grounds to go too and can take one or two hours to get there every morning.

God has called Peter a fisherman of men. Jesus continuously led his disciples toward the fishing ground.

Wherever you go, you need to catch fish very well, wherever you go, you need to preach the word of God well, wherever you go, you need to make peace, no matter wherever you go and whoever you meet.

But Peter, James twelve disciples had limitation.

This is why Apostle Paul had to be brought up by God.

Paul had to go in order to resolve the problems. Paul had to go wherever the other apostles could not find solutions

The other disciples only went to Jews.

Seven deacons came forth who were like Paul.

One of the reasons why I hold revival meetings abroad is because the church congregation members DO NOT LISTEN to their church pastorS no matter how many times the church main pastor gives advice.

It is because their church members knew me(met me) through the Holy Fire books before they met their church pastor

When I go to those churches, people listen to my preaching, I receive the Word of God and personally touch them. Then I need to help them transform with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some people wait for one year until I come and visit. Some are waiting for two years.

When I first went to Rwanda, I think it was 2007 or 2008.

A pastor from the US told me that he will translate for me. He said, I was going to be the main speaker and he was going to fully assist me.

I said, “I am very thankful for your words.”

This pastor was his second or third visitation to Rwanda. I and my family was the first visitation.

But because we could not speak any English, I and my family stayed in a hotel room starving for all day long. But that pastor and his crew were treated very well just because they knew how to speak English.

But we did not say a word.

We felt pity for male and female housekeepers at our hotel. “Hello, come here for a second! God is with us and we can give you holy fire at this spot” They were shocked.

We used body language.

They received holy fire, they threw away trash cans postponing cleaning. They received a gift of tongue at the spot. They repented. They were very touched as they received holy fire at a hotel room.

We went outside. There were other housekeepers. Two men. One was blind. The other one was lame.

The lame had prayed for 40-50 years.

He was a holy man who was able to converse with the Lord.

“Do you want to receive holy fire?” The lame man said, “Yes I want to receive it”

“A man from Asia will come and cast holy fire. He is a bald head and has slanted eyes.” He said the Lord told him this prophetic word a few years ago during his prayer time.

as far as I can see, this man wanted me to be the one whom the Lord spoke about.

So, when I ministered with holy fire, they received holy fire and got turned upside down. The blind man opened his eyes on the spot.

Beside the spiritual experience, they emptied their pockets. It was about 1000-1500 dollar.

Rwanda is the country that has two tribes of Hutu and Tutsi. Two tribes slaughtered each other.

Children were captured by adults and had their head crushed against trees. It was like how tomatoes would get smashed. There were not much men and women left after the slaughter.

Later on, after they became independent, one of the men from Tutsi tribe became president. He declared that they must not discriminate either they are a tribe of Hutu or Tutsi. If anyone discriminates, that person became an absolute subject to be thrown into a jail.

After they became independent, because of the lack of a number of men and women, people who had lost their wife or husband got married and formed a family. Wife would be Tutsi and husband would be Hutu. So many were like these couples.

So, those housekeepers got healed and emptied their pockets and gave us money.

“Do whatever you want to do with this money!”

1500 dollar was big money in Rwanda.

As the man cried, he said, “Pastor, with this amount of money, we can start a business. Today, I received two prayers answered which the Lord spoke about a few decades ago.

God said that a servant from Asia will heal my sickness, you will be baptized by holy fire,  and you will give a financial gift to him.” The man said all the prophetic word had come to pass.

I have this in my memory when I was in Rwanda.

A few decades ago, we were destined to meet someone, someone was prearranged to come to meet us and I had held a revival meeting at a megachurch that had 15000 members which were not that important.

To God, what was important was every single soul. When we were trapped in the hotel room, people received the holy fire and prayed to see precious people being restored.

For whom have I had been called? Where should I go to catch much fish? Which fishing ground have much fish? You are going to become a real fisherman, fish for people.

In San Francisco, on the last day of a revival meeting which was on Sunday, I’ve lost my voice and it was hard for me to lead the holy dance time as I needed to lead worship.

But on that day, the Lord powerfully worked. I was preaching and word came out of my mouth like bullets shooting out of a machine gun.

I thought my brain was going to blow up.

Deaconess Ann Chung who had graduated from Cornell University translated extremely well. Even Youth Pastor Chris was impressed and touched.

“Pastor Kim. I’m not just saying it but you need few translators such as Deaconess Ann Chung. I’ve seen many translators including myself, no one is qualified for you. A person like Deaconess Ann Chung must translate!”

Deaconess Ann Chung expresses everything that I want to express in English.

To Koreans, I can express freely as much as I desire. But when I am abroad, I feel suffocated not able to freely express.

I’ve visited a church located in a valley area. Three people were translating. I had spoken in Korean, pastor Chris translated into English and it needed to be translated into Spanish.

As I was looking at the women who was translating into Spanish, she seated slanted linked her arms and had her legs crossed. I felt like blowing up inside.

Nonetheless, God did not say, “You! Do not cross your legs. Unlink your arms! Don’t do that!” Even though God did not say any of those things, when the holy fire was cast unto them, they fixed their posture as they cried and repented. Halleluah!

The Lord did all.

The people with mission/calling will always suffer from spiritual warfare.

Our enemy devil will regularly attack us, and tests will always come to our ways. Things will go well for a while but all of sudden, things will go bad. It will repeat. Couples may have peace for a while. But all of sudden, the relationship of couples may go wrong and even split up.

All kinds of things can happen at any time and any moment between parents and children, between members of a church, between pastor and church members and so on. This is the reason why we are always in tension.

It is possible the devil can actively work as much as he desires.

When the devil actively works, there are things we can and can’t do anything about it.

When it seems like your prayer does not work, you may have to change your prayer.

Even if you are praying within the will of God, there is something more beyond.

It will be great if we do everything good and right. But God is pleased when we try to do our best. Hallelujah.

When we try with our best, God will give us an opportunity. What is the opportunity? It is a mission.

Prophet Isaiah became worn out after passionately preaching the Word of God. In the book of Isaiah chapter 6, his mission shattered.

Because King Uzziah died. This king tried to bring reformation.

This king was the second wisest and powerful king after King Solomon. But this king died of leprosy because he went beyond his powers and authority.

Therefore, Prophet Isaiah became discouraged, distressed, and hurt.

In that moment of time, the presence and anointing of God had overflow in the temple of God. His spiritual eyes were opened. He saw angels ascending and descending. His lip was touched by a burning coal.

Prophet Isaiah thought he lived his life pure and holy. But when fire touched his lip, he realized he sinned. He acknowledged that he sinned a lot with his lips.

“I am doomed! Not Israel but I am doomed!” Prophet Isaiah delivered the Word of God. When Israel people did not accept the message, he proclaimed that Israelis were doomed. But he realized that he was doomed. How this realization come about? Because of the touching of fire.

Prophet Isaiah had realized he was doomed and a foul-mouthed sinner because he was properly touched by God

As Prophet Isaiah realized that he was doomed, he now obtained divine understanding in the presence and anointing of God. He was able to hear the small voice of God.

“Whom shall we send? Who will go? “Lord, I’ll go! Send me.” The second calling and mission were created.

Whether people come or not, whether people listen or not, the Prophet Isaiah delivered the message to his heart’s content. According to Israel’s tradition, Prophet Isaiah had died by having his neck sawed and head severed by Manasseh who was the son of king Hezekiah.

Even if you do not have an audience to listen to you, it is alright because you are a person with a mission. It will be great if many people come and experience revival. Regardlessly,

A person on a mission will move according to the Word of God. A person on a mission will go and do exactly according to God’s command. Hallelujah!

When you give utmost efforts, there will be the greatest enemy to stop you. All kinds of good things will be presented in front of your eyes.

The evil spirit will constantly lure you to pursue earthly things and desires. When you keep pursuing earthly things that are considered good, tasty food and only good comfortable circumstances, you will give up giving utmost efforts.

What will happen next? You will desire to become supreme of all. You will desire to become an expert in a certain area. Becoming expert is not important but give utmost efforts is more important.

Timing does not belong to you but belongs to God.

Only when you are graceful you will become soft. In order for you to become graceful and humble, remember, you will need the presence of God and Fire.

When you are graceful, you will be filled with forgiveness and the love of God will become more abundant.

Joseph was disciplined.

When you observe the servants of God, such as Apostle Paul, he had a thorn in his body. Therefore, he prayed regarding this problem. But the Lord view it differently. “Because of the thorn, you are fully in My hand and being utilized.”

Because of the thorn(hurt/scar) in his body, Apostle Paul obtained powerful word that shatters stronghold of the enemy. The thorn/scar manifested into power.

God will utilize our hurt, pain, and scar.

When the Lord died, He left us many things.

There were 12 disciples but unexpectedly, some kind of variable occurred and there is power in variables. The oppressor Saul was discovered.

Saul turned into Paul. In order for Saul to become Paul, a critical event had to happen. Stephen had to die.

A man like Stephen had to be on the scene and get stoned to death so that Saul can become Paul. But it will be great if no one had to die.

Please hold on to today’s message and pray. Hallelujah!

Lord, thank you for your grace.

You always grant us grace so that we can carry out spiritual warfare. Although we always suffer, although it may seem like our mission do not radiate light, we know that You are always with and leading us.

Suffering may repeatedly come our way. The mission seems very vivid and certain. But at times, our mission seems like vanishing.

We have many big and small hurt and scars but we believe every hurt/scar, and even the most extreme scar have meaning. Our suffering has meaning. In all these hurt, scar and suffering, we believe God has His vivid will.

By utilizing our hurt/scar and suffering let us turn it into the energy so that we may become God’s powerful pathway and power. Amen.

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo