Follow after me, “The devil’s approaching pathway” I will continue to preach about spiritual warfare.

I’ve already preached about this subject,

Within the spiritual realm,

Whether we are aware of it or not, the spiritual realm exists and we are in contact with it. There is some kind of law within the spiritual realm.

Repeat after me, “The spiritual realm has some kind of spiritual Law”

In the spiritual realm, the soulish and fleshly things are connected.

We can actually contact the spiritual realm. We contact the spiritual realm through our choices.

When we come before God reading the bible and praying, we will contact the spiritual realm in which the Holy Spirit leads. We will enter into His realm through our proper choices.

When it comes to the spiritual Law, it may be vary depending on who interprets,

The law of the spiritual realm is very fair.  God has created the pathway through our bodies which we will be able to contact the spiritual realm of God.

A lightning rod is placed on top of a roof. If we only experience fine and clear weather having no rain, we will not know it’s role/purpose.

It may appear without any power.

But all of a sudden, sky became darkened, a powerful wind blew accompanying thunder and lightning.

Wherever that got struck by lightning were destroyed and burnt.

This one particular building had a lightning rod on top of a roof.

When the lightning struck the lightning rod, the rod absorbed powerful voltage of the lightning and it sent the voltage down to the ground. The lightning rod discharged the powerful voltage.

The lightning rod makes lightning voltage without power. This is the role/purpose of a lightning rod.

When a crisis comes, when powerful thunder and lightning flashes, the lightning rod will discharge its voltage.

When we contact the spiritual realm of God and accomplish the will of God, we will be able to draw the power of God and with this power, we will be able to demolish the forces of Satan. Hallelujah!

In the book of 1 Kings chapter 18,

the Prophet Elijah draws the holy fire to demolish the false prophets of Baal and Asherah.

In other words, The prophets of Baal and Asherah had powerfully led the people of Israel into the strong spiritual realm of lewd and lust. The false prophets were controlled by Jezebel. Jezebel and the false prophets made the whole nation of God to commit adultery and do lustful acts.

The people with the spirit of Jezebel and a man possessing the spirit of God confronted on Mount Carmel. The Prophet Elijah displayed the power of God.

In the last days, the most actively working spirit will be the spirit of Jezebel.

1 Kings chapter 18 verse 21 has content that represented the spirit of Jezebel.

What kind of woman was Jezebel? She was the daughter of the king of Sidon.

The condition for marrying King Ahab was for her to take her religion and many of her prophets with her. King had permitted. King Ahab had willfully sold his soul to Jezebel.

The spirit of Jezebel is a powerful spirit.

The last days’ spirit is the spirit of Jezebel. The spirit of Jezebel has already entered into many churches.

The spirit of Jezebel is working powerfully through the people who possess the spirit of religion, those who possess a religious consciousness, and especially through many pastors.

The meaning of Jezebel is the one who does not belong to anyone, who is independent.

The people with this spirit will refuse to work together.

They do not like to be partnered with anyone.

Even though Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, in reality, she was not a woman of Ahab. Jezebel controlled Ahab to her heart’s content.

Even the people who possess the spirit of Jezebel cohabitate with someone or works as a partner, and even if they marry someone living together as a couple, their inside will always work and decide arbitrarily. This is the characteristic of the people who possess the spirit of Jezebel.

Today’s message is regarding the spirit of Jezebel.

Yesterday, I talked about spiritual warfare.

After I preached about spiritual warfare, I went home laying on my bed.

The Lord appeared to me very vividly.

But He did not come the way I recognize Him.

The Lord appeared to me as an ordinary servant.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord.

I thought, ‘Oh! I’ve never would have  thought the Lord would appear to me in such a way!’ I did not instantly recognize the Lord.

I could not say, “This is the Lord!” He looked very common.

I did not know who He was but He was spiritual whom I could not recognize.

The moment I saw Him, ‘This must be a man of God, he is full of the spirit of God’

I asked the Lord, “Lord, I’ve delivered the message of spiritual warfare after a long time but I could not deliver the whole message.

The Lord replied, “You did a good job”.   I asked, “Lord, I will be preaching more spiritual messages. What kind of spirits will you show me?”

The Lord said, “In this age, there are many spirits that the people love very much but yet they are ignorant about these spirits. These spirits are very close and they are very familiar with the people. But among all these spirits, the most powerful spirit is the spirit of Jezebel.

The spirit of Jezebel carries out much of the work. Among many of the spirit’s work, one particular work it most performs powerfully is the work that people love the most.”

I asked, “Lord, what would that be?”

When the Lord desires to show us something, we need to see whether we want it or not. When the Lord desires to send and lead us to a certain place, we need to go and follow.

We can not give any excuses to the Lord.

The spirit of Jezebel was calling other types of spirits.

The Spirit of Jezebel was calling out the mighty powers of the dark world mentioned in the book of Ephesians chapter 6.

When the spirit of Jezebel united with the mighty powers of this dark world, they were able to seize the people enslaving them.

They had captured the people. These wicked spirits have captured the people’s soul, mentality, and bodies.

The spirit of Jezebel called the mighty powers of this dark world and had captured the people.

Do you know how strong the mighty powers of this dark world are? Kings and presidents belong to them.

Some Christians say, “I like this and that president because I am a Christian.” 
When it comes to the spiritual matter, it is irrelevant what kind of president you like or not.

The president you like maybe a Christian from the outside, but such a president can also kill people and start a war.

When the spirit of Jezebel sent a hand signal, the mighty powers of the dark world all gathered together.

The Lord allowed me to see and know how the spirit of Jezebel worked in the spiritual realm to enslave the people with lust and lewdness.

The Lord told me, “Pastor Kim, you need to watch this very closely.”

I said, “All I have to do is watch?”
But the Lord replied with an unexpected statement, “No. You will be going through the region.”

I had to go through the region where many many lustful spirits were dwelling.

“Ah! What if those spirits attack me?” 
The Lord said, “You have faith. You need to proclaim, do warfare prayer, and only focus on Me as you walk forward.”

But to be honest that is not easy. With humanly thinking, it is absolutely not easy.

As I walked forward, I saw mountain villages endlessly unfolding. Within the mountain villages were a countless number of shantytowns. These shantytowns had the appearance of first, second, and third stories.

“Lord, I feel the very wicked energy here.” 
Then I heard an eerie laughter.

The laughter from the spirit of lewdness and lust. The laughter sounded like a woman’s intention to lure a man. The region was filled with the eerie weird laughter of lustful spirits. No people were dwelling in this region.

The shantytown homes looked very rotted and it appeared like it was about to crumble down by just touching the doorknob. The shanty houses were built three stories.

I’ve never revealed this, today’s message before, this is the first time I’ve ever revealed. I did not even reveal to my wife.

I was walking forward with the Lord. But the Lord continuously appeared and disappeared.

“Lord! I do not want to go! Why do I need to go through this region which is filthy and ugly?” 
The Lord said, “You have received the calling and mission to demolish the forces of Satan and expose his identity. Therefore, you need to see and know this.” The Lord told me that He has the plan to expose the identity of many evil spirits through the same method.

The Lord knew all the serving, endurance, and patience of the church of Thyatira. But what was the unresolved matter of the church of Thyatira? The spirit of Jezebel, the woman false prophet had entered into that church.

The spirit of Jezebel and the false prophet had led the servants of the Lord into corruption. The spirit made the servants of God lustful and commit sexual sin.

The church of Thyatira was judged due to this sin.

We need to exam ourselves. The spirit of Jezebel works independently.

This spirit controls the other person. This spirit does not want to associate with others to work in harmony. 
From the outside, the people with the spirit of Jezebel may appear like the people of God. They may appear cooperating to participate. But inside, they are indifferent and distant. They do not associate with anyone inside.

They control but are not controlled by anyone. There are many people like this in many churches.

They pretend to cooperate, but in reality, they are trying to gain an advantage. The spirit of Jezebel hides.

The goal of the spirit of Jezebel is to hunt individual souls.

The temple dwells within us.

We are God’s dwelling place, the temple. It is our spirit. The inner temple within us is the most important place.

We have a spiritual function. Spiritual power is accumulated in our spirit. Through our spiritual power, our mental/soul and body will become a powerful pathway for God to work. Where is our inner temple? It is our spirit.

Believe that our spirit is the temple.

The Lord says to the church of Thyatira, “Repent!”

Sometimes, the people with the spirit of Jezebel will appear generous and act as though they like to help. But, in the end, their intention and the whole situation will flow toward a wicked way.

Let’s continue the vision.

So many shanty-houses…“God, what are these shanty houses?”

Why are these houses located deep in the mountains? All these shanty houses are built from one to three stories, but they all look very old as though it will crumble down at any moment

There were a countless number of houses on my left and right. In the midst of the many homes had many byways. “Pastor Kim, you need to take that road.”

I started walking as I spoke in tongue. As I walked, many prostitutes were coming out of the old rotten looking houses.

Many prostitutes were coming out one at a time. They brought something with them. They had a TV in their hands.

Before I had entered the town, I saw no one. But as soon as I entered the town, the spirits appearing as an old lady began to come out.

They looked very eerie and creepy. Old ladies dressed in white wearing their hair in a bun.

The spirits wore red lipstick.

One by one, they began to all come out. They all had something in their hands. They were holding TVs, small portable TVs, cell phones, and many more in their hands. They then called me. They all knew I was a pastor. 
“Pastor~” some called me, “Young man~” They placed a cell phone right in front of my eyes and kept showing me sexually lustful videos. 
Then they said, “Come here~ Come into my dwelling place~”

I said, “Get away from me Satan!” The spirit said, “What are you talking about! No Satan is here! Only enjoyment is here! Only pleasure, entertainment, lovemaking and enjoyment are here!” The spirits placed the disgusting video clips to my face. As soon as I saw it, I threw up. “Lord!!”

The spirits looked very old. They said to me, “I have been in this region for a very long period of time! I reign in this region! I have corrupted a countless number of servants of God and countless people of God. They all had died in my hands! What can you do, you are nothing!”

The spirits spoke smoothly and they tried intimidating me with threats.

They licked their red lips with their tongues.

Today, my grandson Chan Yang licked his tongue weirdly, so I said, “Chan Yang! please don’t do that! Creepy things are reminded!!

I know he just being playful, but he does not know what I’ve been shown by the Lord.

I passed through as I called upon the name of the Lord. Then I saw a naked young woman. She called softly, 
“Pastor~” But when I ignored and passed by she said, “Hey you bastard!”

All different looking and types of grandmas were coming out. They all had white hair. Some had a shortcut style. Some had a buzz cut. Some had perm hairstyle and some had a bun hairstyle.

As I walk forward, they all came out. They grabbed the hem of my shirt and said, “Let us go into my house! I have all kinds of pleasure! Just come in!” 
They played the video clips from their cell phones, and they placed a TV in front of my face. I shouted, “Lord! Holy Fire!” I passed them.

I went over one mountain. I felt like I had passed through about 100,000 shanty homes.

It was beyond my imagination. There were countless mountains and shantytowns filled with countless shanty houses.

From the outside, it was very creepy. The wicked energy of the spirit of Jezebel was all over the atmosphere.

“I need to get out of here! Lord, I felt like vomiting!” 
You have no idea how disgusted I felt.

It smelled like disgusting rotten sewer.

As I continued to walk forward speaking in tongue, even more, older evil spirits appeared.

This very old looking spirit had two heads. One in the front and one on the side. Its hair appeared very greasy and dirty. 
“Lord, why does this one look very filthy?” 
The Lord said, “This one is ancient. It has existed for a very long time. This is the spirit of Jezebel.”

I asked, “Who has fallen by the spirit of Jezebel?” 
The Lord said, “countless number of servants of God, countless number of men have fallen through many types of drinking places, massaging palaces, skin care massage places, and much more lustfully running places. Within these types of venue, the lustful feeling was created without even realizing. Then the people were carried away and destroyed. The very spirit that caused it all is the spirit of Jezebel.”

The spirit grabbed me and tried to drag me into its house. I shouted, “Depart from me Satan!”

The Lord said, “Put your hand in your pocket! You will have some money. Throw it to the spirit and run!”
I put my hand into my pocket and grabbed some money.

The Lord said, “Put your hand in your pocket! You will have some money. Throw it to the spirit and run!”
I put my hand into my pocket and grabbed some money. Even though I tried breaking free from the spirit, I could not even move.

Once it grabbed hold of me, I could not move. I must give something. It won’t let me go. When I put my hand in my pocket, there was some money. I threw the money and said, “Here! Go get it! Depart from me!” 
It ran toward the money and I quickly ran away.

I passed through few mountains in such a way.

“Lord, they are truly wretched! What must I do?”

The Lord explained, “These rotten shanty houses represents the hearts of many modern day people.

The houses represent the people’s mental state, hearts and spiritual condition. They are all rotten! The spirits of Jezebel have made a dwelling place within their hearts and have seized them.”

“What must we do in order to defeat the spirit of Jezebel?”

The Lord said, “No other way except confront and fight! You must blow the spiritual trumpet! You must lead the prayer movement, especially shouting out prayer. You must carry out the proclaiming prayer that carries out spiritual warfare!” Hallelujah!

 You must give your life to prayer! You must give your life to proclaim! You must give your life to cast the holy fire!” Hallelujah!

 “Lord, is what we do that important?” 

The Lord said that it is not only important but it is very precious and He cherishes it greatly.

 People disguise their condition with a certain outer appearance. The dwelling place within the people where the spirits dwell are rotten and the place looks like it is about to crumble down pretty soon. The places that looked very as old shanty houses are the places the spirits have taken over.

 The spirits were roaming and seeking around for people to make doors. Doors are created within their thoughts and minds. When people pass by the spirits, the spirits stretch out their arms to create doors within the people’s minds.

 The doors are created within the mental area of people’s minds. Once the doors were created in those areas, whenever these spirits pass by the people who have doors will automatically open up.

 In the book of Acts, when the Holy Spirit came upon people, it was the event of fire came in the form of tongues that separated. 

The point is, even though it’s not like tongues of fire that separated, the evil spirits were filling in the mental area, the heart area, and their bodies as though tongues of fire going into people’s bodies.

 When they enter into people, they enter through what appears as fog A black colored fog. They enter in a slithering motion like snakes. 

 They create doors in the hearts of people, on the top of their heads,

 and through their bodies. Wherever the doors are created, the spirits will enter in at once. 

 Then the spirits whispers in the ears, “Haaa~~How about such such thing~~?” 

 Whispering in the ears, these spirits make people love money. 

  They enter into people’s body through the appearance of black fog but sometimes they have the appearance of fruit flies goes into people’s bodies. I saw a scene. An endless number of fruit flies of evil spirits had entered into a person.

  One evil spirit represented one tiny fruit fly. A countless number of these tiny fruit flies gathered together and enter into one man.

  When the door or pathway is created, a little bit stronger evil spirits are gathered.  The evil spirits looked like regular size flies.

 In the summertime, if you have freshly made dish and open the door, many flies will gather. 

 I visited the Masai tribe last year. The host missionary person brought fresh lamb meat from Kenya Nairobi all the way back to Masai to treat my team members. The lamb meat had a stinky smell to it. He had the lamb meat cut into like Korean BBQ ribs. He roasted the meat over charcoal fire. 

 The smell was delicious and it melted in my mouth. But because of sweet roasting smell, a swarm of flow flies, warble flies, fruit flies, and all kinds of colorful flies landed on our meat. 

 What if a fly landed on your food, will you eat? You will rip that part where the fly had landed. If it landed on your rice, you will scoop out the part where the fly had landed. 

At first, when we got there, we used to throw away the parts where the flies had landed. Thousands of flies had landed on bones we had thrown away.

 We had a hard time eating the lamb meat because we were busy driving away a swarm of flies. But in the end, host missionary couple gave up on driving away flies but they “shared the meat and eat the meat together” with flies. 

We looked at missionary couple shockingly, they said, “So what! Just eat the meat with your faith!” But my team members were busy chasing these flies away.

 But in the end, as we stayed longer, we had assimilated into their eating pattern. “Sure! You and I will eat together. You flew all the way to my table to survive. Let’s just eat the meat together.” But whenever I eat food with flies on my dish, I was reminded of Beelzebul.

 What is the meaning of Beelzebub? The Lord of flies, the Lord of dung. Flies come where there is food smell. I think I ate few flies with my meal. 

 Even if you try to chase flies away, they won’t fly away. Because they enjoy eating our food so much.  

The spirit of flies, larger size flies flew and gathered together entering into the people.  “Wow! How can this be Lord?” 

 The people’s inner being will be destroyed with such an event.

 Even if you have lived spiritually, if you open doors or give gaps to such evil spirits, your faith can possibly be shipwrecked within a moment. 

 These evil spirits will infiltrate spiritually and mentally. 

 The Lord said, “Look very closely to every one of them. This is the current condition. 

 The people’s outer appearance may be Christian. But they are spiritual prostitutes and they are selling their souls. People only worry about their outer appearance. There are countless people who do not live spiritually that are overflowing within the churches.

 you know who possess the spirit of Jezebel? They are the people who have a strong self-consciousness (concerned so much of themselves), excessiveness, and have their hearts stolen to the wealth of the world. These kind of people are overflowing within the churches.” We need money but money is not everything.

 We need money granted by the Lord to carry out the work of the Lord. But just because we need money, if we only center around money, we can become a materialistic people.

 When it comes to spiritual, there is an attribute. 

 Only through your physical bodies are we able to contact our spiritual senses. When our physical bodies die, we will go to the Lord or end up in hell. There are only two paths.

Please remember, only when you are still in your physical bodies, you will be able to contact the spiritual realm and the spiritual realm of someone. 

 Please repeat after me, “I have a spiritual sense.”

 The spirit of Jezebel infiltrates a person’s soul and will try to attack the inner temple of God. The spirit acts generous but it works only for its gain. In our modern day, how does the spirit of Jezebel work? It works through entertainment, 

 TV, drama, all kinds of TV programs, dating, nightlife, enjoyment, the world’s trend, the trend of clothes, certain clubs in colleges, culture, a person’s certain way of thinking and so on. 

  The spirit of Jezebel has a grip on pop culture. 

 Especially, the spirit of Jezebel works and attacks politicians and preachers. 

Preachers who possess a strong religious spirit with a Confucian style have a lot the spirit of Jezebel.

 People with authority within the church system who always command and demand on the people possess a lot of Jezebel.

 The spirit of Jezebel causes conflict between couples and  

 church members, the Jezebel spirit constantly causes complaints and grumbling causing people to sin.

 The spirit of Jezebel especially attacks men within the church and it attacks pastors. 

 It especially attacks pastors who are extremely stubborn. The spirit of Jezebel attacks extremely stubborn men and women. 

 The spirit of Jezebel especially likes to attack pastors who are excessively authoritative.

 The spirit of Jezebel also attacks women. The women are more suitable or the Jezebel spirits to take over.

 Once the spirit of Jezebel takes over certain people, the spirit will utilize such people to attack people who pray.

 Such people will attack prayer and other purposeful meetings. 

Many good purposeful meetings out there. Such as KaKao group, fellowship group, prayer group, and so on. But the more these groups fellowship, the more such people make the meetings shaky. Such people will twist and misinform the word. They will make others complain and grumble. They will gather people to attack others and they will continue to twist and manipulate meetings and gatherings. Such actions are created by the people who possess the spirit of Jezebel. 

 The church staff and worship leaders can be used in such a way. 

 The spirit of Jezebel will attack and utilize the praise and worship leaders to ruin the whole atmosphere. 

 The spirit of Jezebel will continue to work to destroy worship leaders, preachers, leader of prayer groups, leader of cell groups, and men and women missionary group leaders. The spirit will work to destroy all. 

 Prophet Elijah also feared Jezebel. 

 In 1 Kings chapter 18-19, Elijah killed all the false prophets of Baal on the Mount Carmel. When Jezebel heard it, she determined not to eat or drink until she kills Prophet Elijah. But Prophet Elijah ran. Even Prophet Elijah was fearful of Jezebel.

 The real character of Jezebel in the bible did many wicked things.

The work of the spirit of Jezebel is far more explicit than the real character of Jezebel in the bible.

 When Jezebel married King Ahab, she brought conditions.

 She was to bring her religion taking all her leading idol worshippers who worshipped her religion.

 The false prophets sat daily at the Jezebel’s table and They spoke about the one God of Israel but to discuss ways to corrupt the people of God. 

 “Israelis believe in only One God but we believe in multiple gods!  A god of heaven, Baal, and Baal represented the men’s sexual organ. A god of the earth Ashera, which represented the women. We believe in countless other gods.

Jezebel built shrines to make the whole nation of Israel commit sexual sin. They threw little children alive into the fire killing them. The children were given as a sacrificial burnt offering. 

  The people did lustful acts in the shrines. When women got pregnant, they abort the babies and threw the babies into the fire.

 They believed Baal and Asherah sent the rain and give abundance on the earth. Therefore, their belief was that they needed to give alive sacrifices. These are Baal and Asherah. 

 Jezebel always loved lust and lewdness. Some of the people ate food that was given to idol worship. Some of them feasted and some of them performed the lustful acts within the shrine such as having sex. 

When women were pregnant with illegitimate babies, they abort the babies by taking them out, then they threw the babies into fire killing them by burning them. It was the act of worshipping gods. 

 The wicked Jezebel did all these acts.

 When the spirit of Jezebel works, it will make people love pleasure on physical things.

The spirit of Jezebel despises the people of prayer the most.

 Secondly, it despises humble people and the prophets of God.

  The spirit of Jezebel hates intercessors. The spirit of Jezebel destroys churches. Ultimately, the spirits do work to come against God. 

 The spirit of Jezebel makes countless people corrupt. The Jezebel spirit makes the spiritual people into fleshy people. The spirit makes prayer people into the people who no longer pray and the spirit of Jezebel makes people lose power.

 How should we come against the spirits that made up the whole nation of Israel corrupted? The book of Revelation chapter 2:20, That made the Thyatira church corrupted. The religious spirits make God’s prophets and servants to act lustfully. 

Matthew chapter 28, and in the book of Mark, We need to proclaim the Word of God. Repeat after me, “We must proclaim the Word of God!” Hallelujah!

 Now, let us speak about spiritual. I’ve spoken about words of knowledge.

  In 1 Kings, chapter 21, Naboth owned a grape vineyard. The grapes were very sweet and delicious. The vineyard’s soil was rich and farming was great.

 But Jezebel was greedy and to satisfy her greed, she had stolen the vineyard of Naboth. The Prophet Elijah cursed them in the end and said that dogs will eat her corpse.

 The people who wickedly used the Law of God are all included in the work of the spirit of Jezebel. 

 Jezebel led the servants of God to lustfully act, corruption, made them worship idols and made them attack. 

 The evil spirits eat some kind of energy.

 In the book of Galatians chapter 5, 16-21, the energy comes from desires within our sinful nature. Let us read, Galatians chapter 5, 16-21

 16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other so that you are not to do whatever you want. 18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

 19 The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. Hallelujah!

 The Law of the spiritual realm is very fair. God has given all of us the freedom to choose.

 Whether we have experienced bad or good events, whether we have sinned or not, God has granted us many chances.

 God has granted us freedom of conscience, freedom of belief and spiritual life, freedom of making choices and freedom of discerning good and evil. Hallelujah! say Amen!

  If you are a person who always stays within the grace of God, the touch of God and always pray without ceasing, your freedom in choosing the right choice will be empowered to choose right. Do you believe this?

You must choose right and properly!

  No matter how disappointed and upset you may be, no matter how distressed you may be, and even if someone oppresses you, you must not hate, complain, grumble, blame, hold resentment, become discouraged, blow up in anger, become prideful and/or become lustful.

 The lustful spirit of Jezebel always has something in its hand.  The spirit of Jezebel, who is like fly alway watches us 24 hours a day to find any gap. When the spirit of Jezebel finds a gap and the opportunity,

 “You are a servant of God, but I got you! You are slandering! You are speaking in a such and such way. Your statement has created a chance for me to create a door! You just spoke lustful words!” ” It will create a door on the person’s head, thoughts, and their heart. 

 Now the door will become automatic. 

 Satan can only work ONLY if there is a door for him to enter. If we do not allow a gap for the evil spirits to make a door, Satan will never be able to enter into us. 

 Hallelujah! Louder! Say Amen! Do you want Satan to enter into you? Of course not!

 If you do not want Satan to enter into you, please say Amen lauder! Hallelujah!

I also had full of anger. My voice tone is naturally high and loud, therefore, people often misunderstand. And because I have small eyes, I may look angry. Therefore, I always try to look nice. Do I look nice or not?

 People with small eyes should look nice.

 Let us greet each other with the heart that loves the Lord, with a good heart.

 When Christians gather together, they should testify, hold hands, they should praise, worship, and gracefully fellowship. Only through your proper choices of faith, the graceful spiritual realm will be created within you. Hallelujah!

 One person who possesses the graceful spiritual realm of God can transmit what they possess within them and change the atmosphere of the people who are in the realm of lust and anger.  It is the power of the grace from God that one person has the opportunity and ability to change and deliver people from the wicked realm.

The whole atmosphere can be anointed with God’s anointing through one person who is in the realm of the powerful grace.

  But if you choose to allow Satan to work through you, depending on how much you have allowed, you will receive disaster and judgment accordingly.

 Because most of the people are being led, act, and receive according to their own thoughts, heart, feeling, and experience, the evil spirit easily works through them. 

 Therefore, we must learn and know the spiritual realm before we work for the Lord. 
Do not try to look for the places or people where many evil spirits dwell and say, “I will cast out the demons!” It is not necessary, in order to preach the gospel and live spiritually, you must boldly go wherever the Lord sends you.

 We belong to the many different spiritual realms and there are times we may lose and there are times we will win. 

 But if you are carried away and lose the battle, such as blowing up in anger, slandering, or cursing, you must instantly and quickly come out of it! 

“Lord! I am sorry, It is my fault! Please forgive me! Please forgive my lips! Please forgive me!” 


If you truly repent, the grace of the Lord will be poured down. Hallelujah!

 Then, the grace of God will pour down with His anointing and presence to cleanse and make pure our inside.

 If you do not truly repent but continue in such a way, you will experience hell. 

 Brethren, the spiritual realm cannot lie. In other words, 

 what you think and feel is a spiritual reality. Do you believe it? Do you understand?

 In other words, when you watch TV, movie, drama, certain images from your cell phones, listen to the radio without thinking and caring, what you watch and listen can take your good spiritual energy

 and the grace of God within you will be taken away. You will dissipate the grace of God. Whatever you have accumulated can be taken all away at once. 

 Crumbling down can occur all at once. But after you realize your mistake, repent and try to go accumulate the power and grace of God back once again, it will be very difficult. 

 When it comes to movies, some kind of story, novel, and fiction, we think it is just fake and not real. 

 But when it comes to the spiritual realm, everything is real. Whatever you think and feel is a reality. 

 When a film producer creates video clips, they think about it and it becomes reality. 

 When a film producer thinks about making a movie about some kind of monster, 

  that evil spirit from the wicked realm of hell will give ideas and inspiration to the film producer to create certain characters. The monsters within a movie were not created by the film producer. Whether the film producer is aware of it or not, they were inspired by the evil spirits. 

 When the idea and inspiration are given to a film producer, and if a film producer receives it,  the film producer will have the ability to create the monstrous characters. 

 In these days, all kinds of film have sexual lustful scenes. It disguised itself with love and humanism. They converse about love, but the reality is that the evil spirits are working through the films.

  The evil spirits belonging to the wicked realm inspires the film producer, movie stars and the people in the entertainment industry.

 Therefore, genuine spiritual Christian movie stars will have to reject such roles within the wicked movies inspired by the evil spirits. 

 They must reject, say Amen!

If this movie star prays at church with passion and live spiritually but Let’s say one particular beer company offered him 300-500 million dollars if this Christian movie star receives an offer of taking a clip of advertising beer. I heard, most Christian movie stars receive this kind of offer.

 They will be required to drink beer in order to feel the drunkness. 

 They drink countlessly. There is a countless number of snakes within the alcoholic drinks. 

Entertainers, celebrities, and Christians.. they all drink! Is there anyone who does not smoke? Women, men, children and even pastors, many all drink alcoholic drink these days.

 Where will they end up when they die? 
The Lord said in the Bible, “‘I never knew you. Get away from Me, you who break God’s laws!” They will all go to hell.

 When we come before God, they will not have anything to say. If God says, “I said do not be drunk because it is debauchery. I said you must be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts. But, what did you do?” 

Then they will not have anything to say. God will judge and say, “Hell!” 

 God will say, “I said do not follow the world’s teaching and temptation. Why did you follow it? Hell!” 

 If you are irritated, blame others, boast, and criticize, you will make the evil spirits happy. The evil spirits will stir up within you. 

 Through your physical body, the evil spirits will create and provide energy for them. The desire and appetite for the sinful nature will be created. 

 It is very important for us to have good spiritual habits. 

  Even if you are determined, the evil spirits within us stir us to be fed. They want energy from us. Even people who live spiritually fail at times.

 The evil spirits within us stir us to be fed, “Hey, feed us! Give us something to eat! We need strength! Stop praying and go turn on the TV! Watch drama! Watch the movie!” 

People like to watch violent and lustful movies. “Go watch a movie!

 “We are starving! It is not satisfying!  Now, have thoughts about lust and act upon it! You must act on it! I want to feed on your anger!  You must worry! 

 The evil spirits fill themselves with worry and anxiousness. 

 Go argue and collide with someone! Good blow up! 

 Be irritated! Let us feed on your energy! Complain and say how tired you are! Go fight!” 

 The evil spirits feed on energy from our flesh. In our daily life, whether we are aware of it or not, the evil spirits within us provoke our thoughts and emotion.

  Even if one realizes, repents, and tries to do right, the evil spirits will stir you to be fed again.

 When such people are ministered with the holy fire by holy fire ministers, the evil spirits will go deeper to hide. The evil spirits are hiding in every corner of our bodies. Our bodies are like the universe.   It has much space to hide when you look it at from the spiritual perspective. 

When they are disadvantaged, they will hide deeper. 

People will feel like the evil spirits are no longer in them. Some people come and ask me, “Pastor please cast out the demons for me. Why are the evil spirits not manifesting?” 

There are many spaces to hide in our bodies. 

 They can hide in our thoughts, inner areas, and they will try to crumble down the temple in us. There are many spaces to hide within our bodies.

 We still have much-unchanged style, habits, and stubbornness. Still full of ourselves.

“I am no longer passionate about revival meetings, visiting heaven experience do not make me excited anymore, I do not have fear of going hell..if I end up in hell, so what. I am saved by grace.”

 But, how much faith do you have? What is your faith level? Do you really have the faith that will save your soul? In most case, no.

 You have no mentor to guide and help you. 

The revival will not excite them anymore and they will no longer participate. These type of people will not last long. 

They like to talk about lustful and filthy things. This type of conversation will excite them. 

by doing this, they will satisfy the evil spirits that are dwelling within them. 

Its like, they are feeding the evil spirits within them. The people are being used by the evil spirits. 

 When the evil spirits work, they also have a cycle. For example, a single man and woman will suddenly feel lonely. “I need a boyfriend(girlfriend), oh I am so lonely!! It is very hard!! Why do I need to be alone and do everything all by myself?” 

 The evil spirits are always at work, but there are times that they work even harder.

 There are cycles. When it comes to our spirituality, we have cycles too.

  “Ah! I really want to pray these days!” Then pray hard. Suddenly you may feel like pausing. 

“I really want to rest and do nothing.” 

Then people stop all the spiritual activities such as praying and reading the Bible. Whether their good spiritual energy fades away or not, they will not care but to rest and doing nothing. 

 But if you are a real spiritual person, you need to transcend the cycles. Hallelujah.

 If we do not hate sin and if we are not fully determined,

 the evil spirits within you and around you will never leave you. 

 Repeat after me, “We must be fully determined!” 

 There is energy in your thoughts, mind, will, and the word you speak. 

When you are determined, pray and do more interceding prayer. The good energy will explode within us. 

When you pray, please pray as you proclaim. You must pray to live spiritually. Amen.

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo