Let us be blessed by today’s sermon, “Learning the Power”

As we walk our faith/Christian life and when we focus on the power of God, we become very excited. Even when we only imagine it, we become very excited.

If the power of God not granted to the other people but if it has only been intensively granted to you,

Nothing will make you feel greater and more be excited than having the power that no one possesses. Hallelujah.

But, what is the content of the power in today’s scripture?

More or less, there is a difference between the Idea of common people and the idea of Christians when it comes to the content of power.

Apostle Paul is frankly unveiling the content regarding the Philippi.

Apostle Paul was beaten many times in jail at Philippi.

As Apostle Paul was in jail beaten and placed in the midst of suffering, once again, he felt the depth, love, and grace of the Lord on a much deeper level.

There is a power that we receive through suffering. When we are in happiness, we feel the grace of God upon us (receiving His grace.) Through a various type of circumstance and situation, we ponder.

What the Apostle Paul speaks to us today, he is basically saying, “Always rejoice!” The precondition is always to rejoice!

He said it again. “Again I will say, rejoice!”

But the Apostle Paul has nothing to be rejoicing about in his physical condition. 

He was in the midst of suffering, jail, and was beaten many times. He was confined to a jail that was located under a pitch dark basement. But he had to rejoice.

One of the Holy Fire Ministry branch church is run by Pastor Sakis and his hometown in Greece. 

Therefore, we went to Greece. Without our intention, we ended up having a Pilgrimage trip to some renown sites. 

We’ve visited Pastor Sakis’s hometown, Thessalonica. But the Greek people pronounce it, “Thessaloniki,”

We visited Philippi. We visited the basement jail where Apostle Paul was confined. But it was all destroyed. 

I took pictures. It was a pilgrimage course. But since we were carrying out the Holy Fire Ministry work, we visited without taking the pilgrimage course. 

We met pastor Sakis’s friend near the Philippi jail and he was also a pastor. 

I hope that a church is built in Thessalonica and in Philippi. Hallelujah.

Rejoycing when you are not in a pleasing situation. Being thankful to God when you are in the midst of suffering. 

Even when it looks like it is impossible for you to pray a thanksgiving prayer and your prayer should rather be a deep sadness, you must not worry but pray the thanksgiving prayer. Christians must pray this way. Apostle Paul was a lead example of this.

When you need something, be thankful and the precondition is “Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude”

then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ.

It is very important to keep your thoughts and heart. It is even more important to be careful of how you speak and act. 

Christians must be sincere and honest. They need to be praying and thankful. They need to live their lives according to the Word of God.

But in many cases, we are do not act accordingly. 

Apostle Paul talks about the end time. 

When you look at the characteristic of the Letter from Apostle Paul, he speaks relating to the end time. When he talks about end time, a sense of crisis is created. 

By saying, “In the end time, the Lord is coming soon”, saints will have a sense of crisis. 

If the Lord does come soon, people will live accordingly to the end times. 

Be not just holy but in the end, you must be even more holy. You must be holy in all things.

No matter the reason and condition, you must be holy in all events. Hallelujah.

Whether you speak or do and in all thing, you must be chaste and pure.  

You must love anybody/anything, and this is the condition. You must be a person who compliments and a person who is admirable. 

Ponder continually on these things

God grants His various power to Apostle Paul. It is very difficult to learn the power that is considered difficult for us.

It is difficult for us to learn the many various types of power. It is difficult to learn and experience every kind of pressure. Going through the persecution is power as well but this is also very difficult. 

When someone condemns and criticizes you, as you are able to endure, being patient and to overcome is also power. Hallelujah.

People who are below your level, who has less knowledge, who possess immature thoughts, are weak, and possesses more problems and if they attack you by bringing up all kind of subjects. 

Whenever this kind of incident occurs, it will be very difficult to endure. But our Jesus endured. 

The Lord allowed humans to condemn, judge, slap and spit on Him. It would only take one breathe of the Lord to destroy humans.

Jews, such as the Pharisees and Sadducees attacked the Lord with their worthless bible knowledge.


There is only one reason to endure which is to take responsibility for saving souls, Jesus endured it all. Hallelujah.

It was very a difficult thing to endure for the Lord but He endured with Prayer. The Lord went up to the mountain and expressed Himself to God all throughout the night. 

“God, I must be patient. I need to endure. If Your Son, I do not endure this, who will endure it? I am the Messiah and I’ve come for this reason.”

As we become mature in the Lord, the more we will be able to feel the love of the Lord. Right?

Deeper your faith/spirituality becomes, you will not boast how deep you are but rather, you will be more cautious on speaking, (speak less) and you will not try to vindicate yourself on every other thing. 

There are times when it is better for you to be quiet without many words. 

Same thing with Apostle Paul. “I know what it means to lack, and I know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance. For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.

The more you get old, the quantity of consuming food will decrease. When you are young, you have a good appetite. No matter what you eat, you will digest easily even if you eat 5-6 meals a day.

The more you age, your digestive system will become weaker unnoticeably. The amount of consumption of food will gradually decrease. 

Repeat after me, “Learning the secret of overcoming all things. Learning the secret of overcoming all things.”

Today sermon’s title is “Learning the power”

At first, people asked me, “Why do you pray so much?”

I said, “First, it is biblical. The Lord has commanded us. The bible said, ‘Always be joyful and always pray without ceasing.” Therefore, I am unceasingly praying.” 

“Second, as I always been praying, I actually enjoy praying very much. Also, God desires us to pray. I love praying so I pray.”

I pray like I’ve prayed never before. I’ve experienced receiving a prayer answered in my youth for the first time, “Oh, if I pray in such a way, the prayer answer will come in such a way!” Because I’ve experienced receiving an answer by praying, I got very excited. Hallelujah.

Ever since my first prayer answer, every single prayer has been answered. 

My daughter said, “Dad, I am a youth pastor and I need to meet someone. Whenever I see couples, I am envious of them. What kind of a man should I meet? I do not want to meet a man introduced by you anymore.”

She does not like men who pass by and tries to flirt with her on the street, she does not like this and that… What must she do then?

I said, “First, you need to pray a lot. Pray for a man much older. Pray for a young man. Pray for a tall man and a handsome man. Pray for who will be perfectly nice to you. And so on. But such way of praying will not get answered.”

“Instead, pray the prayer that is according to the will of God.” There are still many single women in our church. Even though they are in 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s, they are praying the delusional prayer. 

Such as, “He needs to have a lot of money, he needs to be such a height, he needs to have big eyes, he needs to make good money, he needs to cherish me, he needs to look handsome, he needs to have a special love for God, and he needs to be able to handle all I do.”

(He reenacts a man with wide chest let his woman repeatedly knocking his chest as a loving gesture.)

This sounds like me. I handle all my wife’s grumbles. 

My wife beats me when she gets bored. Even though my chest is wide, when she beats my chest, I cough and fall. Then I get deliverance.

Anyways, I advised my daughter, “Be on your knees and pray. Don’t try to do a futile thing as constantly find someone who might be chasing after you, even in our church. Rather, be on your knees before God and pray specifically regarding your life.

You must pray for a man whose ministry vision meets the will of God, a man who agrees spiritually, and a man who will participate in the work of the Lord. A man who eases your heart, and who you can have a good conversation. 

It will be great if a man is a born-again Christian. It will be even better if a man is a man of faith. It will be great if his ministry fits yours.” I advised on these various things.

“You must properly and rightly on your knees and pray before God regarding your prayer request.” When her prayer accumulates, one day, a man will suddenly appear. 

When it comes to learning the power of God, it seems like we go through a lot more with something that is difficult and to learn from than things that are easier for us to learn. We need to learn about the things that we fail to learn. 

But if you continuously fail and do not learn, eventually, your faith will die as well. 

Before, so many people asked me, “When you prayed that much, did God’s power come?” I said, “No power has not come yet.” They asked, “Then, why are you praying so much?” I said, “Because I like praying very much. 

And because I am very grateful for being saved and being so grateful for the grace of the Lord, I wanted to pray. Whether my ministry prospers or not, I’ve always wanted to carry out a through prayer to my heart’s content once I had become a pastor. This is the reason I started the ministry.

It is even better than I can always evangelize when I carry out the ministry. It is great that I can always carry out an all-night prayer and I can always have church service as well. This is why I am doing ministry” I’ve once said this statement. 

Even though I started the ministry in such a way, and even though I did not properly understand the purpose, goal, motive, and procedure, through the trials and errors, God has taught me one by one. God began to let me experience. Hallelujah.

At first, I carried out ministry because I loved having church service, doing all night prayer service, and because I loved praying. As time passed, God began to teach me the secrets of God one by one. 

When one bible verse came to me as a revelation, within this particular verse connected to the other verses. It was like a coiled bundle of a yarn uncoiling. God had continuously led me in such a way. Hallelujah.

I was beginning to see the spiritual efficiency/result. For example, when you take medication and see the result, you will praise the medication. “I took this medication, I’ve seen the result!” Then the other people will begin to buy what I’ve taken. 

It is the same the Holy Spirit Ministry. God had placed shackles on me to prevent me from straying away to the other way later. God had shackled my thoughts, mind, will, feet, and all. God had shackled me on top of the power of God.

God had led me to the way in which I must need His power and I must be on my knees and pray to have no other option. Hallelujah. 

People around me say, “It is unnecessary. Receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and live the life of power is unnecessary. It is very dangerous.

I’ve seen Holy Spirit ministers become corrupted later.”

Such a statement is beneficial for the devil. 

Sometimes God utilizes us powerfully, but sometimes God weakens us. 

Whenever this happened, God had granted us motivation to pray. Our prayer had become bait, and God had led us to the realm of power. Hallelujah. 

Through this prayer, later on, the Lord began to visit me. Whenever I prayed, another spiritual force watched me, it was the force of darkness.  

You might have this kind of experience. When I was at my startup church, I used to pray at a time when everyone was asleep. There was no one and I prayed on the platform at the church. 

From the back of the church, the evil spirit jumped over one chair at a time towards the front. It was like some kind of animal jumping over. I even heard the thumping sound of chairs here and there. There were two rows of chairs. 

In the end, it came right behind my back and screamed, and growled. As though it was one of the anomaly humans in a movie. 

The evil spirit came closer and growled right at my ear. 

There are times when I prayed, the evil spirit in the form of a maiden appeared. It was dressed in a white garment and with a very soft voice sat on my right side. 

“Pastor~~~” The evil spirit looked and acted like one particular evil spirit from one of the horror movies in Korea. “Pastor~~~” Are you not startled? Maybe I did this too many times. 

This evil spirit said, “Why are you praying? Why do you pray? Isn’t it too hard?” 

Then it came closer to my side and it stuck out its tongue. The tongue was a vivid red. It began to lick my face. 

It will be great if you experience this. You will faint. If this ever happens to you; you will really faint.

I really hope you have your spiritual eyes opened. Because you have not had your spiritual eyes opened, you say, “Well, it is not likely to happen and experience such an event. It is fine with me even if I am not able to see spiritually.”

If the evil spirit comes to my wife and licks like this… oh you like it too much. 

Anyways, this sticking out vividly red tongue transformed into a snake later on. 

Then it had bit my neck. I screamed, “AHHH!!” But when I looked,  it was not there anymore. The evil spirit broke the flow of my prayer. 

Please understand as you listen because what I’m about to say is what I said to the evil spirit. “You son of a b*tch you evil spirit!” 

As I went back to prayer, this time, I heard the marching sound from the other side. The group of the evil spirits formed and aligned perfectly as they marched. The army of the evil spirits looked like a real army marching. They walked with perfectly measured steps. 

Then I also heard some kind of weapon sound as they marched. 

An endless procession came towards me. 

Our prayer must be really mighty and an important thing. Otherwise, why would the devil intently watch when we pray?

This marching army of evil spirits are snipers. These snipers destroy Christians and ruin the work of Christians. 

Therefore, even though I was praying, I worried. “What should I do?! There are not many churches that pray, what must I do?

So, I went out at daybreak being frustrated, walked around to see the churches nearby. I only saw lively lighted church crosses, their doors were all locked. 

Last week, one of my deacons went to this place to give his testimony and preach about Logos and Rhema. Then he ministered with holy fire to this particular pastor. This pastor came to realize. 

“I will open my church door so that anyone can come and pray!!” He should have done this earlier. 

Repeat after me, “The Lord is never late.” Once a pastor realizes, this church will become alive. The church will begin to pray in tongue. 

How many churches do you think they pray in tongue? And all night long? Most churches do not know the importance of tongue. 

They know the importance of speaking words though. Then, what if they become mute? What should they do?

Do you know there are so many prayer mutes within churches? There are so many mutes that do not know how to pray in tongue. 

These mutes are sitting in churches and say, “Pray in your own language, God will understand it all!” 

Because they do not know the spiritual things, they become very ignorant. Becuase they are very ignorant, they prevent people from praying in tongue. 

They do not know what kind of spiritual condition they are in. They do not know if their spirits are in the condition of starving or fattened. 

Christians who look down and ignore speaking in tongue, I don’t really view them as Christians. They are not in the right mind. 

No matter how renowned a pastor one may be, if the pastor does not want to speak in tongue, he is not in the right mind. He has no fear of God. 

This army evil spirits have aligned themselves with a perfect rank of front, sides, and back. Then they began to snipe shoot. 

The Lord begins to come to us through prayer. No matter how many times the evil spirit works, if the Lord dwells within us, and if the power of the Holy Spirit is restored and full, God will teach us to learn the secret of overcoming all things. Hallelujah!

Look at Apostle Paul. Even though he was whipped, encountered trials, experienced hunger, had sleepless nights, he was tired, and five times he had received thirty-nine lashes from the Jewish leaders, he prayed the thanksgiving prayer to God.

He had a mark of Christ. It was considered a reward as he was persecuted, mocked, having scars and marks on his body for Christ. His body was getting scars of Christ. Hallelujah!

Let’s say, you were on your way to the early morning prayer, and had an accident. You’ve become handicapped which you’ve never wanted. You will be limping. But it had happened on the way to pray. That’s going to be a big reward in the kingdom of the Lord. Hallelujah.

What if you’ve given the sacrificial work to save this particular soul, but through your sacrificial service, what if you encountered an unwanted accident and you will have to live in a handicapped condition for the rest of your life? This will be your scars for the Lord. 

You may be ridiculed on this earth, but when you go to the kingdom of the Lord, you will brightly shine. 

I think my eye condition as scars for the Lord. (His left eye’s retina has been come off.) The Lord might comfort me a little.

Even in these days, whenever I carry out the shouting out prayer, my left eye feels like as though a balloon continuously comes out and goes in. It feels as if the pressure is excessively added, it will explode. 

My left eye’s retina is detached. So when I feel pressure, I adjust a little.

The Lord came and said, “You must properly use the bait of prayer.” Hallelujah.

“The deeper you pray, I will give you various kinds of bonus one at a time. You will love more, you will endure more” The Lord had granted me various kinds of faith one at a time. 

I used the bait of prayer, and I used the bait of love. After these were accumulated, the Lord finally led me to the destination of holy fire. Then the Lord spoke to me.

I visited heaven and there was a holy fire tunnel. As I looked at powerfully blazing fire tunnel, I really got frightened. 

I said, “Lord, this fire looks frightening. It is difficult for me to enter into the tunnel” The Lord said, “You must enter into the fire tunnel and taste it.” When I entered the fire tunnel, fire overwhelmingly came over me. 

But it was not hot at all. God had granted me the power to control it within me. Hallelujah!

Even from my mouth, the continuous fire steam of breath came out. 

The Lord said, “This holy fire is very fierce. And it will become even more fierce, therefore people will feel uncomfortable. Once a person receives this fire, he/she will determine and learn the secret of overcoming all things.

But they refuse to learn the secret of overcoming all things and will feel uncomfortable. After people receive such fire and power, they will begin to feel bothersome, difficult, and uncomfortable. Therefore, even after receiving holy fire, many people will fall away.”

But I could not understand it. “Lord, how come they fall away from You when they’ve received the tremendous power, love, and fire. Why would they fall away from you? Why would they leave?”

The Lord said, “You will know as time passes. Those who have left will shiver in the midst of cold winter. They will only watch you cast holy fire from a distance. But they will not participate.”

The Lord spoke in more detail. “Some people will leave holy fire because they are too scared. some will leave because they are too prideful. Some people will say they do not need holy fire. They won’t come back. They will say holy fire is not everything. 

Some people will long to receive holy fire and they will feel they need holy fire. But they won’t quickly come back. They will only watch from a distance. 

The more you receive God’s powerful love, the ability to pray, and the more holy fire you receive, the deeper you will go into the bosom of Father God. 

Repeat after me, “The deeper I will go into the bosom of Father God.” Hallelujah.

Just because you’ve entered deeper into the bosom of Father God, does not mean all things will go well. It may become more uncomfortable, many bigger tests will come, and it will become more difficult. But you will learn to enjoy all these obstacles and difficulties. You will be at the level of learning the secrets of overcoming all things.

I asked the Lord, “Lord! Please let me enter!” The Lord said, “You who are already in the Lord’s Church and received holy fire are already had entered into My bosom.” Hallelujah. 

As we continuously receive the powerful fire, we also experienced a violent blast fire, a soft gentle fire, and we’ve experienced slowly moving blazing fire which moved with the power and grace of God. 

The twelve disciples had short temper. They denied Jesus and had run away. But Jesus appeared and spoke to them

They had powerfully prayed at the upstairs room on the day of Pentecost. The Lord had worked as the roaring mighty windstorm. They had learned this first.

After this experience, they learned the delicate and details of the Holy Fire

When God gives us Holy Fire, God said, “As people feel the touch of the Holy Fire, they will also feel the touch of Love.” Hallelujah!

You will also discern if the other person desires or refuses the touch of God. You will know the subtle feeling and emotion of the other party. You will minister the Holy Fire to people wisely.”

The Lord said that we will learn the power. But there are things the flesh desires and the spirit desires. 

What the Spirit desires, the flesh will refuse. This is why the Holy Spirit places His shackles on us. The Holy Spirit then softly and slowly leads us as HE teaches us one by one. When I see such guidance, I am very thankful. 

It is important to know the Will of God. But experiencing the Will of God is more important. There are various ways to know and find the Will of God. 

But if you excessively and frequently try to know the Will of God, this may create difficult matter

Today, let us feel the confession of Apostle Paul. Learning the secret of overcoming all things is tremendous power!

We are living in a very important hour. What we can we do in such an hour is to walk in accordance with the Holy Spirit.

It is important for us to do the work of God as we keep pace with the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!

In the book of Revelation, God gave grace to the people who had participated in the suffering of Jesus

Today, I pray that the deep touch of God may be with you 


Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo