March 2016 Thursday Revival Meeting Message
By Pastor Yong Doo Kim

There is the being that hinders our repentance. The bible states the devil tries very hard and does his best to prevent us from being saved. We all know well that Jesus came and died to save us. When we believe in Jesus and in the process of believing in Him, our pains hurt, and sins will all blot out. Despite this truth, many Christians are troubled by their past pains, stresses, hurts, and wounds. The Lord already died and fulfilled our salvation, then why many Christians are still being hurt?

In the Old Testament, there were kings. Kings had advisors. These advisors are Prophets. In the New Testament, we need someone who will fulfill the role of Prophets. The New Testament needs to have someone like king, priest, and prophet. Christians are kings, priests, and prophets. We are the kings and priests, we are the chosen people and we are the kingdom of God.

There are forces that hinder our salvation. The devil is the accuser, slanderer, hinderer and has foul mouth. The devil is interruptor and also called as ancient serpent. The devil opposes and attacks christians. The devil has recorded about you. People have secret sins, current sins and sins of our parents. The devil has custody of lists of these sins. The devil continues to whisper to the people that they will not be saved because of their own sins and their parents’ sins.

If we confess that we properly believe in Jesus, and if we confess that we are born again christians, even if we have filthy past sins and even if the devil may have lists of it, without our agreement, the lists of our sins can not display any effect. Despite of this fact, many christians have become victims. Although the devil does not possess right to work in our lives by utilizing our past, many christians are still being troubled by their past. Many christians are still being troubled by their past hurt, and there is clear reason for it. When your faith become weak, you will agree to the devil’s proposal and suggest without even realizing it. Although the Lord has forgiven you, you will continuously ponder about the past. If we keep on going back to our past, this defines that you are not relying on the blood of Jesus. No matter what may happen to you, please remind yourselves of the blood of Jesus. The Word of God clearly stated that the blood of Jesus has freed us from all our sins. But if we continuously going back to our past, this defines that we are contract with the devil all over again. The devil will continuously remind you of your past and your sins. The devil will make you recall your past and sins. This result is due to our own agreement with the devil therefore, the devil will continuously enter into us and our lives. This is all because our lack of reliance of the blood of Jesus.

When you constantly think or ponder about your past hurt, wounds, pain, and sins, you are giving power to the devil. If we constantly enter into our past hurt, wound, pain, and sins, the devil will receive more power. In the end, the devil will destroy our spirit and soul. Therefore do not be fooled by the devil’s lie. When someone knows about your painful past, such as your parents and your family members. If they intensively attack your painful past, you need to know that it is the devil attacking you through them. When this happens, you need to fight back spiritually. You need to fight in order to be freed.

As you stop granting power to the devil, you need to receive the power of God. When you pray, God will grant you power. When we receive much power, we will be able to discern the lies and strategies of the devil. No matter what kind of power and authority the devil may possess to come against us, only if we pray a lot and powerfully, we will shatter their power. Because the Lord has died for us, now we have power, will, and strength to live according to His will.

When Jesus came to earth, He endured and encountered many sufferings, much more sufferings than you and I. Therefore, Jesus understands what we go through. Jesus died cruelly. It is very important for us to agree to the Word of God. We have to live our lives of believing in the Word of God. Believing in Jesus needs to be the core of our lives. This is spiritual fruit and freedom.

We need to repent more but the devil hinders our repentance. Therefore there are times we have difficult time repenting. The devil knows it is illegal, but still tries to remind our past. What hinders your prayer? If you are a person who continuously reminds of your past, or bad experiences, please listen very carefully of my words. If you continuously thinking about past bad experiences, bad memories, and past of some kind sins, these will block you from moving forward. These people are in the midst of great spiritual battle. The moment we believe in Jesus, we will encounter many different types of spiritual warfare. For example, spiritual battle of poverty which you may have continuously experience since your childhood. The spiritual warfare of thinking, spiritual warfare of controlling emotions, spiritual warfare of sexual abuse, spiritual warfare of constant discouragement and because of your constant fleshly desire you are in the midst of spiritual warfare. Your bad past memories will not automatically disappear. You need to perform the spiritual warfare to make it go away. You need to pray and read the Word of God and determine.

We are molded into who we are today based on our past experiences. Our crooked characters have been made based on our upbringings. Although many christians believe in Jesus, they still have the roots of the world. They repent a lot but still not freed. Due to their sin nature and the attacks of the devil from the outside incorporate and attack them. The Lord had come to earth and resurrected. He had given us authority and power. But many christians are not utilizing authority and power. You need to proclaim, “I have the power and authority of Jesus!” You need to proclaim the authoritative Word of God until you die. Even though, we utilize the power and authority and proclaim the Word of God, the devil will still come and continuously attack us. There are times when we cast the one evil spirit out, ten comes back. At the end, they come and attack as an army. But our faith will be more than enough to defeat them.

There are certain reasons why the evil spirits come and attack us. There are certain times when we are attacked. It is when we have wrong thinking, when we have lustful thinking when we are mentally weakened, these are times when we are attacked by the evil spirits. The evil spirits will come and try to sow some kind of unclean thoughts and idea through our friends, your parents, your boss at your workplace, material things, and all types of means.

We need to be transformed. What is the true repentance? To be changed and transform. We try to change but there is angry accuser that attacks us. It shouts, “Do not change! Do not transform! Just stay remained as you are now!” For our transformation, God has taught us something. He said, “You need to break down the spirit of religion!” I did not know what the spirit of religion was.

Jesus said to me, “Even you have a spirit of religion.” So I asked, “But Lord, I have your spirit dwelling in me, how can it be possible that I also have a spirit of religion? But if you are willing, all the spirit of religion will be cast out!”

In my life, no pastors taught me what parts of my body the Lord was dwelling. But the Lord answered me, “I am dwelling in the spiritual area.” Human is divided into mental, spirit and body. Largely divided into a spirit and body. People’s body recognize the world. We have a sensory and through a sensory, we contact the material things. Our physical body feels a feeling of pleasure, hunger and pain. Then our mental area contains thought, emotion and will. Our mentality recognize ourselves and with the choice of the flash, our mental and body can become good. But if our mental and body make a wrong choice, we will go to wicked ways. Therefore, it is very important that what we are focusing. We need to focus the good things of God. This way, we will be utilized by God. In order to avoid problems in our lives, we need to properly cooperate our mind, thought and body. When we have problems in our mentality and body, we can become insane.

Besides our soul and a body, we have spirit. The Lord dwells in your spirit. Our spirit recognizes God. Our spirit desire to live according to the will of God. Our spirit desire to speak how the Lord desires. Our spirit desire to be like the image of God. When you observe and talk to others, you will know if the person is strong in flash, or strong in mind, or strong spiritually. Some people have the very weak mentality, some are very weak flashy, and some have strong spirituality.

When the spirit of religion works in us, this spirit works as it attacks our mentality and flash. There is an area which the devil loves. It is our mental area. The devil will put bad thoughts. The devil will make us very sad and make us cry all of sudden. The devil will disturb us so that we will not be able to control our emotion. The devil will shock us and traumatize us. When we are mentally damaged, it will manifest through our bodies. This is why we need to make our mental area strong. The soulish area is the area where the devil attacks most severely. Therefore, a person with weak soulish area commits suicide. A person with a weak mentality drags his body around. But contrarily, a person who is spiritually strong, this person will take charge of his mentality, and his body. A person who is spiritually strong, he will not just laying on the bed and doing nothing just because he is sick. This person will force himself to praise God. Even if this person may be confused, he will still come before the Lord. Please you must use your will properly. You need to train yourselves to use your will properly.

The said to me, “When you change your thinking and the old ways which you have lived, that proves that you have truly repented.” The Lord said, ‘By the power of the Holy Spirit and My blood, you need to find the new identity.” Some people battles against their thinking, emotions, and fear. Some people have fallen into self-pity, and some people are dwelling in the thought of immoral thinking. We must not remain within the one particular problem. You need to find your new identity and fight against sins and the devil.

Theoretically, the Lord came and conquered the devil and overcame. But when we observe Christians, so many of them are victimized. Therefore, I have jumped into this kind of ministry. One thing that has shocked me the most is that even very good people were controlled by the evil spirits. I even witnessed the spiritually gifted ministers were utilized by the evil spirits. It is because when they have put their guard down, the devil came and scattered bad seed.

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo