Combined two sermons:

God’s Stabilizer (God’s safety device) and the Son Birthed by Prayer

The members of the Lord’s Church have the ability to gather the holy fire onto their palms and shoot out. We can utilize the holy fire to demolish the forces of the demons as much as we desire. When the Holy Spirit granted me the holy fire, the fire entered into my body through my hands, eyes, mouth, and to the other parts of my body. The baptism of the holy fire began in such a way.

Father God said, “Do not use the holy fire carelessly but until the fire reaches full maturity, you will need to handle and maintain it well. There will be a group of people who receive the holy fire and yet they will allow it to be extinguished.”

Do not carelessly use the holy fire but you will need to handle and maintain the fire well. Through the holy fire, the people who are praying, who are having a difficult time praying, who are hurt inside or outside, tested, wounded and so on, all of these types of people will be restored when they minister with the holy fire.

Father God continued saying, “There are things that you need to carry out and I have a list of requirements. There are missions that you and your church members need to carry out. I will show it to you.”

I asked Father God, “What is on the list?”

In Father God’s hand, the list consisted of three pages. I thought it was going to be some tremendous requirement that God was going to require us to do. But the list of things that Father God asked us to carry out was something that we can keep in our daily lives. These are things that if we only are little more careful and cautious, we will be able to keep it.

Father God said, “This is the list that I really ask my people to carry out. If you agree to obey Me, I really want to entrust it unto you.”

Father God asked me to read the list. So I read it:

  1. The first on the list was to deliver the gospel.
  2. The second, bring revival through prayer.
  3. Third, free the people who are suppressed.
  4. Fourth, treat and manage all the people with love.
  5. Fifth, bring a person to repentance through the Word of God.
  6. Sixth, show God’s love.
  7. Seventh, do not fight with your spouses.
  8. Eighth, perform and operate the power of God.
  9. Ninth, when you worship or are in any form of service, you need to do it with joy.
  10. Tenth, be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Pastors need to help/guide their congregation to be filled with the Holy Spirit)

There were more on the list and some of them were: ‘Do not be afraid of making a mistake’, ‘Always walk with the Lord’, ‘Holy dance as much as you can’, ‘Read the Bible as much as you can’.

Then I witnessed the way Father God treated and spoke to the Holy Spirit. Father God treated and spoke to the Holy Spirit very preciously and highly. Although they are the same God. There are three persons within One God. I heard Father God speaking to the Holy Spirit,

“Do you agree that Pastor Kim, Yong Doo will be able to carry out what is on the list?”

The Holy Spirit answered, “Yes I do. Pastor Kim will carry out the work because I will give him strength and the power to carry them out.”

When the Holy Spirit said that I will be able to carry it out through the Holy Spirit, I felt the touch of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit said, “You can do it. You can do it. You can do it”

The Holy Spirit will give us power. Then Father God continued and gave me a word for the members of the Lord’s Church.

He said, “Although you cannot see me with your physical eyes, know that I am always right in front of you. So, when you pray, raise your hands and close your eyes. I am standing right in front of you when you pray. So you need to always remind yourself that I am right in front of you whenever you pray. I am always touching and caressing you so do not forget that as well.”

Those who do not feel the touch of the Lord is because they are in the process of training. The Lord said, “Earnestly desire more of Me, then you will eventually know and feel when I touch you.” God said to always remind ourselves whenever we pray that He is always in front of us. God desires us to pray fervently, earnestly and powerfully.

We need to be patient. But if we are limited, what should you do if you cannot be patient anymore? God’s chosen people need to turn the problem into something that will motivate them. This problem must be developed into a motivation for us to pray. Bring your problem into your prayer life. It appears easy, but with what kind of heart do we pray when we pray? The process of praying is also very important.

Through our lives, as we pray, and we try this and that way and as problems are not resolved and not working out, we must put our thoughts, emotions and free will to the cross in order for our prayers to go deeper and be effective. Our physical bodies are the vessels of our physical desire. This is the reason why we must put ourselves on the cross.

Our bodies are created with spirit, soul, and body. If we continuously allow spiritual gaps, we will stumble and sin. This is why we must not have any emptiness in our spirits. Which area does the Lord dwell in us? He dwells in our spiritual area. When a person goes insane or mentally ill, it is because Satan has attacked that person’s mentality first. Once a person’s mentality is seized by Satan, he will now be able to seize his/her body. When Satan seizes a person’s mentality and body, Satan will now be able to damage the person’s spiritual area.

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, our physical desires and bad temper will die. Moreover, we will be able to be patient with endurance. We are believers in God who is Jesus Christ. So there are times when we will be exposed to the situation of limitation. This is when we really need to bring it to prayer.

In the book of 1 Samuel, Peninnah attacks God’s child. Hannah represents God’s child. An only thankful life will not resolve everything so we also need to bring all our problems to God. We need to bring the suffering, stress, situations and all circumstances. Satan instigates suffering, stress and difficult situations. He will not let us be in peace. Although Satan works, God is behind him. The key to resolving certain problems if finding the motivation of the certain situation or circumstance. When we are properly motivated, we must bring it to God and God will surely work. There is no other way but to pray urgently.

In the bible, there is the story about Samson. Samson knew who Delilah was and where she had come from. People are weak when it comes to visible images. One thing that we really need to realize is that Satan will also come to us with physical images. We must come against the temptations with the name of Jesus. When you receive your opened spiritual eyes, you will see numerous kind of deceiving spirits. Even the spirit of lust are not the same. They all have their own rank and level. They come depending on the person’s spiritual level. We are a people who believes in the Lord and therefore we need to bring our problems to Him. If you have a problem that chokes you and you feel suffocated, bring it to the Lord and He will resolve it for you.

Samson clearly knew Delilah was sent by the Philistines. Although he clearly knew it, he continuously chose to be deceived because he was driven by his physical desires. In the end, Samson fell through Delilah. As a result in following his desire, his eyes were gouged out and he was forced to be a grinder. He was dragged to the Philistine’s temple where Dagon was located. Samson was forced to entertain the Philistines. It was a tragic event. Samson did not really pray through his whole life. The life without much prayer is but very dangerous. However, there was one time he did pray to God earnestly with all his heart and with his life. It was when he was in the middle of the two pillars. Before God, Samson repented, pleaded, and prayed for strength once more. When he earnestly prayed, God’s power had manifested. As a result, the temple of Dagon crumbled down and numerous number of Philistines had died. It could have been great if Samson prayed in such a way through his daily life. It is very important for us to pray through our daily lives. But the problem is that we have a hard time to earnestly perform with urgency the powerful prayer for our common daily life. Even so, we need to motivate ourselves and use free will to continue praying. We need to stay in prayer. We need to force ourselves to pray. But since people rarely pray unless something happens, God has to bring a crisis and create problems so that we are forced to pray.

Peninnah was an enemy to Hannah. Peninnah continuously harassed Hannah. If any of you experienced somebody continuously harassing or hurting you, you need to pray. Peninnah continuously hated and distressed Hannah without any good reason. When Satan decides to utilize a particular person, even if this particular person is a weak person, Satan can turn this person into a wicked person. But one thing Satan does not understand and that is when he persecutes and harasses God’s people, God’s people will desperately pray. Only when we encounter a problem, we desperately pray. But what’s more important is that as we live a common life without any particular problems or crisis, we still need to desperately pray. This way, our other prayer requests will be answered quickly and more easily. Nothing is impossible only if we pray with our dear life. But because most of God’s people lack in faith and are lazy, they do not desperately pray. Therefore God allows Satan to attack us and this will be our good stimulative.

Satan was behind Peninnah’s attack on Hannah. Hannah was praying but she began to change the content of her prayer. Now she was confessing to giving up her son to God if God would give her a son. This is why Satan’s attack can be a good stimulative to make us pray properly. The devil attacks our weakness. When the devil comes in such a way, do not be defeated but pray and come against it. You cannot be in a depressive state or stagnant but you need to show action. You need to move. This means to knock, ask and seek then God will grant it to you.

The bottom line is that God is telling us,  “Do you want to receive? Then you need to ask. You need to seek to find.”

God observes our action. If we earnestly ask, knock and seek, God will create circumstances or events for us to receive, open and find. The more we move in such a way and although God and his people generally move in different directions, we will eventually come to the same road.

Satan will also say and whisper, “Hey, do not harass that person, otherwise he will pray. We once harassed him in the past and because of the difficulties he desperately prayed. As a result, we were greatly damaged. Let us not touch him, let us not give him a hard time. Let him be!”

As a result, when there are no difficulties, we often become stagnant.

Do not be so happy just because your husband or wife tells you that he/she loves you very much. We have matters of priority and that is to enter God’s kingdom. God had utilized Peninnah to stir up Hannah to make her come before the Lord. God had utilized Satan. God makes us pray for the people, situation, and problems that give us difficulties. Satan does not want to motivate us which will lead us to prayer. If you do not ask, God will not grant. You need to at least show some effort in order to receive. We do not go out and look for homeless just to give them some food. But it is homeless who go around begging for food. The people who are thirsty must dig a well. You need to greatly press and put the effort in to resolve problems and then God will encounter.

There is a portion that we need to receive from God. Hannah did not say, “I am satisfied with the portion that my husband gives me. I do not need a son. I do not need a child”

Hannah was not satisfied with the double portion or choice part that was given to her by her husband. There is a portion that we really need to receive from God. The prophet Samuel was born when Hannah prayed in the midst of difficult circumstances and hardship. When Hannah obtained victory through her prayer, the prophet Samuel was born. The prayer of the faith is working like a magnet. The prayer of the faith has power to draw. It opens the doors. It opens the gates of heaven drawing people and finances. The prayer of the faith will bind and loosen. The prayer of the faith will do many things. This is the power of prayer. But the problem is that we all often forget. We may pray but forget that it will be answered. If Peninnah did not harshly persecuted Hannah, Hannah may have not desperately and properly prayed. Then there could not have been a Samuel born. But Peninnah harassed Hannah to the point where Hannah carried out a prayer of life and death. Peninnah pushed Hannah to the corner. When this occurred, Hannah was determined before God.

Peninnah probably would have said,  “Hey, you cannot even bear a child, why don’t you go and die!!”

God has brought forth the prophet who had led all of Israel in the midst of a dark era through a woman like Hannah who was determined as she fasted. After Samuel was born, God granted three sons and two daughters to Hannah. Once the pathway was made, she began to birth children. Creating a pathway is very important. All people have different personality, character, nature, and sensitivity. Therefore, when the people receive the holy fire for the first time, some would feel it right away while some may take longer time. Once the pathway is created, God works more quickly.

We need to be a person filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to pray as we are motivated by faith.

Psalms 126:5 Those who cry as they plant crops [sow; plant seed] will sing [shout for joy] at harvest time.

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo