We will be blessed with this message titled, “Maturity of the spirit”

A person has a body which is visible with your eyes. We call it flesh.

Within a person’s flesh is a soul. We express the soulish part as the “mental” area


The person’s flesh contains a spirit which comes from God. Hallelujah

Therefore, even though people have a flesh, we are basically a spiritual being.

God had created Adam and Eve. Before they sinned in the Garden of Eden, they were supposed to live according to God’s appointed time and without tasting death, they were supposed to enter into the eternal realm where there is eternal life. God had led them so that they could directly enter into the eternal heaven.


this was before they had sinned before death came to people,

But because Adam and Eve sinned, now, people are tasting death.

When people die, they will be judged, and this judgment will decide either they will go to heaven or hell. Hallelujah!

If our ancestor Adam and Eve did not sin, countless people who lived before us did not have to taste death. We do not have to taste death as well. All people could have entered into the kingdom of the Lord. Hallelujah!

It is such a sad thing.

There deep and huge suffering awaiting for us which is death. It is because we are descendants of sinners.

In today’s scripture, Romans 8:7-6 states, “a mind focused on the flesh is declaring war against God”(VOICE version)but a mind focused on the Spirit will find full life and complete peace.

How do we live spiritually? This subject will be our eternal assignment, and this is a matter that we must fight throughout our whole life.

Then, what do we have to do in order for us to live spiritually? The subject is spiritual deep matter. I will explain as much as I can.

The flesh of a person is a vessel that contains a soul and a spirit. Basically, on this earth, in this materialistic world, there is the Law.

There is a Law that constantly changes having a cycle. There is a Law that is fixed.

The Law that has a cycle is such as constantly repeated changing seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You call it “Circuital Law.”

People are born and they die when they get old. But new people are born and grow up get old and die. This is a Circuital Law.”

Once God set certain things, it cannot be changed.

Later, before the last judgment approaches, this earth and the universe will not become extinct. But in the end, there will be a time that this earth will become extinct without fail. Hallelujah.

Usually, when you do not experience difficulties, we would not seek advice. But when you are facing a difficult matter and if you know anyone that prays a lot and have a close relationship with God, you have to go and seek advice, “Why am I going through such ordeal?”

“What is the will of God for me?” The person who we seek advice, we would call them, ‘a holy man’. Sometimes, you and I are called ‘a holy man/woman’. Therefore, we have all gathered here in this place through the Blazing Holy Fire Books.

When we think about ‘a holy person’, who is this holy person? It is the person who is more close to God. It is the person who executes the work of God better and well. A person who is particularly distinctive. Hallelujah!

We express in such a way who is a ‘holy man/woman’

So then, who is the person who belongs to the Spirit?

Who is more holy?

I will explain in a conceptual way. The one who belongs to the Spirit is; when you look in the Old Testament, there were people whom God had granted unlimited power.

For example, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, but these people had borrowed power from Jesus and utilized to their heart’s content.

Even though the working of the Holy Spirit did not manifest precisely like a nowadays, God still had granted great power to them. Hallelujah!

It’s not to say that those people did not do anything else but only prayed. Absolutely not.

When we think of a person who is filled with the Spirit, we would think someone whose spirit is able to get out of a flesh.

But that is not important. A person who is filled with the Spirit is the one who has the Spirit of Christ. Hallelujah.

Let us read the book of Romans, verse 9,

But you do not live in the flesh. You live in the Spirit, assuming, of course, that the Spirit of God lives inside of you. The truth is that anyone who does not have the Spirit of the Anointed living within does not belong to God.

The Spirit of God is within us. We are people of Christ. Hallelujah!

Even though the Spirit of Christ is within you, what’s going to happen if you are still repeatedly sinning walking in darkness?

Generally, when the Spirit of Christ dwells within us, we will become a Christian. Hallelujah.

What does the verse 9 say? Let’s read one more time. “But you do not live in the flesh. You live in the Spirit, assuming, of course, that the Spirit of God lives inside of you. The truth is that anyone who does not have the Spirit of the Anointed living within does not belong to God.

What does it mean?

This verse is connected to the verse 6. Let us read verse 6-7. “A mind focused on the flesh is doomed to death, but a mind focused on the Spirit will find full life and complete peace.” “In fact, the mindset focused on the flesh fights God’s plan and refuses to submit to his direction, because it cannot!”(TPT)

The person who is in the flesh refuses to submit to God’s plan and His direction.

A person who thinks they have the Spirit of Christ but live according to their fleshly thinking. It talks about the fleshly mindset.

Then, what does it mean when we say, ‘a person of a flesh?’

The work of a flesh and the work of a mindset is, “the flesh is in a condition of not knowing God” “The life that lived centers around one’s flesh” “Centers around one’s thinking and acts according to one’s idea.” “Following one’s physical feeling.” Living according to one’s desire without being ashamed.

You call this kind of a person, “A person of a flesh.”

People are supposed to be different before and after believing Jesus. But even though they have confessed that Jesus is their Lord and Savior with their lips, they do not change.

This is why people’s thinking is very important.

When we meet someone and when we converse with someone, it is very important for us to figure out what ‘s in the other person’s mind and what they may be thinking.

Repeat after me, “The thoughts of a person is important.”

“Whenever I meet this person I feel like dying. This person claims that he/she believes in Jesus, but I see no difference now from before he/she believed.”

He/she still cheats, lies, is lustful, and do not think about spiritual things at all.

There are no changes in his/her thinking. He/she is only imitating the acts of Christians. He/she is a fake.

These types of people must fiercely repent.

performing the same old behavior acts and habits of before they knew God.

They work and do things center around their flesh, thinking, emotion, decision, and so on. These type of people are a person of the flesh.

Then after believing Jesus and become saved, how should you become? What does it mean by “Spiritual person and the work of the Spirit”?

You will think of the will of God first above all things.

“In this moment, what does the Lord wants from me? What will He want when I speak, behave, try to plan out something? When I need to meet someone what should I say? Is this place alright for me to go? Is it my will or God’s will? Do I do this because I like it or because God likes it? The spiritual person thinks about these things first. These are basics of a spiritual person. Hallelujah.

A spiritual person has their perspective created differently.

When we view certain things, events and people, and if we need to minister/speak in a certain way, we need to go to the Word of God. You have truly become a spiritual person when you finally possess a different thinking.

If you say that you believe in Jesus but have the same thinking as the worldly people, you are not really a person who believes in Jesus. You must beat your flesh and subdue it to the Christ. “I must not do this but I must live spiritually.

Why are the past memories keep on coming to my mind? I am about to meet someone but why do I keep thinking about the past?

Why must we not think of fleshly things? It is because the curse will be your outcome. You will face the Death in the end.

Anything that is related to sin is death. The payoff for a life of sin is death. The thought of spirit is life and peace. Therefore, you should live spiritually.

Even if you are facing difficulty, you must live spiritually and with faith, because eternal life is waiting for you. Hallelujah.

It is connected to the eternal life.

If whatever you speak, act and think are all connected to sin, it is also connected to hell. These types of people live according to their wants.

What is the most difficult thing for people who believe? It is the will of God.

God’s will in your family, church, yourself, your children and how to raise and teach them. As a parent, how should you live? God’s thought is very difficult for believers.

Considering the will of God and having spiritual thinking are too difficult for believers.

Paul said in the book of Galatians 5:17, “For everything the flesh desires go against the Spirit, and everything the Spirit desires goes against the flesh. There is a constant battle raging between them that prevents you from doing the good you want to do.” There are things that flesh desires and there are things that Spirit desires.

Flesh desires to live according to one’s way without being ashamed. Do all kinds of wicked things.

Then they justify themselves.

But their spirit will be accursed.

There are things that flesh desires and the Spirit desire.

The bible said, There is a constant battle raging between them that prevents you from doing the good you want to do. What you desire is eternal life and going to heaven.

But your flesh and the Spirit conflicts.

People get preventive shot.

What is the reason for getting a preventive vaccine? A preventative vaccine is administered to a person who is free of the targeted infection. By introducing a part of the virus or an inactive virus (which acts like a decoy) into the body, the immune system reacts by producing antibodies. Later on, the body will overcome the sickness due to antibodies.

When we do not know the will of God,

When it comes to living according to the Spirit, it is like we are getting preventive vaccine. Hallelujah.

What is living by the Spirit? Who are the born-again people? Is there a visible mark? There is no visible mark.

But Jesus talked about it. When Nicodemus asked, “you said we need to be rebirth, but what is rebirth?” Jesus said, “A person who is born again, the one who is rebirthed by the Holy Spirit is like a wind.

The wind blows all around us as if it has a will of its own; we feel and hear it, but we are not able to visibly see it.”

People who belong to the flesh will not accept the things that come through the Spirit of God. People view spiritual people as foolish.

1 Corinthians 2:14 said, Flesh people will not be able to understand.

People who are rebirth by the Spirit is like a wind, we can hear its sound. But it is not visible. Then how should we know? We will know it by the fruit of a person.

Please manifest much fruit within the church. Hallelujah.

Who is a person of the Spirit? Jesus commanded us to use His name.

We need to use the power of God’s name,, the name of Jesus.

When you encounter the difficult matter, the first thing for you to do will be on your knees(means praying) before God.

If you are a person of the Holy Spirit, you need to learn to quickly acknowledge your mistake and truly confess your mistake. If your mistake hurt someone, you need to apology.

And you need not repeat the same mistake or sin.

When you have the power of God, this is what I am talking about. Not only you manifest outwardly power of God,

More importantly, you need to have your inner strength stronger and more powerful. Hallelujah.

When you come before God and pray, your prayer will be accumulated.

In the past, I’ve done many ugly acts to my wife. And I’ve sinned a lot to my children.

When I was touched by God, dwelling in the grace of God, and had encountered God, The first thing I’ve experienced was a conviction. My spiritual conscience bothered me.

My wife had no idea at all. But I’ve to kneel down before her and repented fiercely in tears. Of course, I’ve repented to God.

I asked my wife for forgiveness, “Please forgive me for saying bad words many times and cursing you inside my mind.

I kneel down before God and repented. There were only two people left in my church. I went to them and cried my eyes out as I asked them for forgiveness. But I still cursed, I still was angry and blew up with a temper.

My wife was fed up, “You’ve repented but you are still cussing at me? And act wickedly. The most simple thing for you to do about it is to start praying to God.

Because I had a lot of anger and foul mouth, my wife began praying before God, “God, please correct him.” That kind of prayer got me angrier.

I told you about one incident when I lived in an apartment.

If you live in an apartment complex, you can’t make loud sounds.

But, the window glasses were very thick. I closed it tightly.

I was speaking to myself, ‘Today you (wife) is dead!’

I was going to make sure all windows and glasses doors were tightly closed. Because some were opened.

My wife provoked me therefore, I decided to teach her a lesson. The time of the day was when the sun was about to go down. Therefore, I could not clearly see whether the door glass was opened or closed.

There was a huge glass door between the kitchen and the porch.

I thought it was opened so I approached the glass door to close it. But it was already closed and I hit the glass door very hard. I’ve rebounded three to four steps backward from the door. I blacked out.

But glasses did not break. My apartment was about 2028 sq ft. When I hit the glass door, my whole house resounded as I hit the glass door. I blacked out. I’ve fallen backward.

At that moment, my daughter Ju Eun came home. Because I’ve experienced hell many times, although I begged her, “Je Eun, Ju Eun…please please…do something…please help me…” She said to herself as she looked at me, “Oh, you even experience hell at home?” She looked at me as though it was not serious at all.

My wife inside the master bedroom, locked up the door. She did not open the door for me but when Ju Eun said, “Mom! I came home!” my wife opened the door.

Without a second thought, I called the wife, “Samonim..” I was listening to my daughter and my wife’s conversation. “What’s dad really doing?” “Your dad is laying on the kitchen floor. I think he is experiencing hell.”

My daughter said, “Yes! Good, I feel better!” I was able to hear all their conversation in the room, like how Prophet Elisha heard the conversation from the distance.

God corrected my anger/temper/foul mouth problems.

Please do not get angry and commit sin. Hallelujah.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

In today’s scripture, it states that when our flesh dies, our spirit will come alive.

Only when the power of the Holy Spirit is provided, spiritual maturity will happen.

What must we do? We must put all our efforts and try as hard as we can to reach the spiritual maturity.

We must become mature.

Let us go deeper and talk about it.

There is a flow of the spirit and the intersection of the spirit.

There is mental and spirit within a person. Which means a person has a soul and spirit. I am talking about the spiritual awareness and spiritual interaction.

People meet other people in their daily lives. People belong to a certain type of a spiritual realm.

In your daily life,  depending on what you speak, what you think, how you act or behave, and what kind of emotions or feelings you carry, you will belong to a certain type of a spiritual realm. You will be carrying around the evil spirits that belong to that particular spiritual realm you belong to. Those spirits will follow you around.

People who get angry a lot belong to the spiritual realm of anger. People who cuss or speak filthy talk a lot belong to the spiritual realm of cussing. The person who belongs to the spiritual realm of a lust will always think a lot about lustful thinking.

You will always have some kind of spiritual interaction. Such as spiritual mixing, spiritual communication, spiritual flow, spiritual colliding, and spiritual warfare.

For example, when you go to a hair salon, the hairstylist will begin a conversation with you. “How do you want your hair?” The conversation will become gossip and joke.

First, the conversation will begin nicely. The stylist will compliment regarding your hair. They will begin to advise a certain style that may suit you. Sometimes, the stylist will tell you the certain style of famous entertainers. This will lead the whole conversation towards the entertainment industry.

Even they will have a conversation regarding some novel ladies and conglomerates.  They will talk about today’s trend.

Repeat after me. “The flow of a spirit.”

You need to observe how a person speaks, what kind of emotions they carry, and how they act/behave. When you converse with a person, you need to see what kind of spirit is flowing.

It is operating within us whether we are aware of it or not.

Depending on a person who you have met today belong to what type of spiritual realm, through that person, the energy of darkness may have entered into you and/or you may have the energy of darkness on you.

You meet people of the world. You may have your immediate unbelieving worldly family members as well.

Some of your immediate family members may have been born again, and you have been born again. But the other family members may not be born again such as your parents, brothers, and sisters.

People who have not born again speaks very similarly. How to live, what to eat, what they do in their daily lives, and topics that are irrelevant to spiritual things.

Spiritual people may talk about it as well and they need to able to witness the gospel of God to those type of people.

Are you in an abundant spiritually? Do you always possess the spiritual power?

If then, whenever we encounter someone, we will feel some kind of spiritual flow. And it is very important to feel the certain spiritual flow. Hallelujah.

There are many people and any type of teaching in many churches on this earth. You’ve gone through many people and pastors and finally came here.

You may have gone to a countless type of conferences and meetings.

As a matter of fact, there is a real graceful vessel of God out there. But many ministries are only leaning toward theory.  In fact, a great number of ministries are soulish and fleshly.

There is a countless number of ministries that have disguised themselves with an appearance of spiritual.

There are not many ministries that will shine Light of God into their spirit and soul with the filling of the Spirit.

We need to spiritually interact but at the same time, there are many things we must not carelessly interact with.

Repeat after me, “We must be careful when it comes to spiritual interaction.”

It will be easier for us to deliver the Word of God to those who are ready to receive it. “To preach the Word of God, whenever you get the chance, in season and out,” Does not mean you need to preach whenever wherever you are

When we preach the message, if we preach with wisdom and knowledge of God flowing/following with the grace of God, it will be very effective.

There are people who are not ready to receive the Word of God at all. And if you have preached the Word of God to that person.

If you carelessly preach to a person like that, it will be very dangerous and you will have to be careful about many things.

For example, I’ve gone to a bar and evangelized. And I’ve shouted, “You children of the darkness! Repent!” At first, I said, “Please believe in Jesus and receive the eternal life.” One of the drinkers replied, “Hey! Do you not see where you at?”

“Oh, yes I do see. It’s a bar.” “Then why are you here?! Do you want to die?” “But you need to believe in Jesus and receive the eternal life” I did that because the bible said, ” to preach the Word of God urgently at all times, whenever you get the chance, in season and out when it is convenient and when it is not.”

This guy grabbed my collar and slapped my face. “Hey! My wife attend church! I know one verse, it said, ‘if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also!'” Then he continuously slapped my cheek. “Do you want to be also slapped on your left cheek?” I said, “Wait wait….”

“How dare you slapping my cheeks?! Fine! I will leave!” Then I left the bar.

As I left, I quickly shouted, “Go to hell!!”

Then the guy got mad, “What!! What did you say you bastard! Come here right now!!” and chased after me and grabbed my collar and shook me.

You probably have not experienced such an event. Not everyone will experience such an event

So the guy said, “Who are you?!!” When he grabbed my collar and shook me, I automatically became very respectful to the guy with respectful words. “Who are you!!?” “Yes sir, I am a pastor.” “Did you just told me ‘Go to hell’?” “Yes, sir.” “Why did you tell me to go to hell?” “Because you won’t believe and as a result, you will go anyways?”

He swung his fist.

I said, “Please believe in Jesus, receive eternal life and let’s go to heaven.” He said, “What!” I said, “Otherwise, you will go to hell. I said…”

“Fine, since I’ve slapped your right cheek, I will now slap your left cheek.” I said, “wait…I am not ready to be slapped on my left..”

He shook me few more times and threw me away.

“Oh, (cussed) I was beaten bad that day(cussed)”

I had a long side effect afterward.

I said, “Oh Lord. What I did was qualified to receive a reward?”

I consoled myself and on my knees to pray. No matter how much I’ve prayed, because I’ve damaged my spirit already, my spirit was not easily restored.

Then again, without realizing, I cussed in the middle of my prayer. Please, we are not supposed to do this.

I’ve evangelized at the bar, but I was not led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Things like this happen many times.

If someone did wrong, and when you view it, “it’s wrong and has many problems.” do not condemn and rebuke, “Hey! That’s wrong why are you doing that!”

If you try to correct in such a way, you are not a wise person, the respect you had will decrease. You will gain a bad impression of yourself.

Instead of rebuking directly, you must discern in your mind first. Hallelujah. Don’t condemn, “What can you do, you are like that already!”

Because the spirit is very real, there is an obvious flow of the spirit.

There are reality and entity.

We need to grow our spirit and we need the wisdom to mature our spirit.

Repeat after me, “I need to awaken my sleeping spirit.”

Everyone has their own spiritual level.

It is best for you to begin to discern/exam your own spiritual condition. Hallelujah.

When people meet people, they can influence them spiritually.

Who can influence? You can influence the other person. Who can influence? The other person can influence you.

You can be influential to others but you can also be influenced by the other person.

There are big difference and depth between the conversation between young children and adults.

People who are spiritually abundant and deep will speak every word in depth, freedom, and abundance. Hallelujah.

Jesus had 12 disciples. But besides 12 disciples, Jesus had made one more disciple. He was Apostle Paul.

Only with 12 disciples, it will take too long for Jesus to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Therefore, Jesus had broken a man who was super fast, had more passion, more powerful, who was Law oriented and a person who was a Pharisee of the Pharisees.

But in order to make Saul to Paul, someone had to die. Deacon Stephen was stoned and died.

Paul saw Deacon Stephen being stoned and died.

But Paul gnashed his teeth and shouted, “Kill him!”

Paul made a remark with words that provoked the audience.

After Deacon Stephen died, they piled up stones on top of him. Then people took all of Deacon Stephen’s clothes and placed it before Saul’s feet.

“Great! But I’m still not satisfied! Why was when Stephen died his face was brightly shining? He prayed like Nazareth Jesus!”

“What’s wrong with him? Alright, let’s kill them all!” In the early morning, he went to the high priest in Jerusalem for authorization to purge all the synagogues in Damascus of followers of the way of Jesus. But on the way of Damascus, he encountered Jesus. He became blind for three days and night.

“Saul, Saul, why are you attacking Me?” “Lord, who are you?” ” I am Jesus. I am the One you are attacking.”

When the gospel was evangelized to JeJu Island in Korea for the first time, pastor Lee, Gi Poong was a previous notorious gangster. When a woman had carried a water jar, he would throw a stone and brake the jar. He would headbutt evangelists.

But he encountered the Lord and experienced the experience of turning like a Saul to a Paul.

He was one of the first seven Presbyterians in Korea.

After encountering the Lord, he graduated from seminary school and went to JeJu Island. That time, JeJu Islanders was sacrificing little babies to cannibal snakes.

Through pastor Lee, Gi Poong, the gospel spread to JeJu Island. Hallelujah.

Besides us, the Lord is able to train and raise up more ministers from the other side of the earth. Hallelujah.

It was not only Prophet Elijah who had survived. There were 7000 hidden prophets besides Prophet Elijah.

But Prophet Elijah was the only one in the battle. We would think the Lord will choose Elijah’s disciple from that 7000, but it wasn’t from 7000.

The Lord chose a farmer who had 24 oxen. He was a rich farmer. When Prophet Elijah threw his outer garment to Elisha, Elisha held onto it and began following Prophet Elijah right away.

There was a group of prophets and they may have thought “I am the descendant of the prophet, I will be nominated. God will choose me.” But God will choose a person who has more passion, who is more obedient, loyal, faithful, and quickly obeys. This was Elisha. God chose Elisha.

This is a frightening thing.

Even if you are called by God, it is also possible that you could fall away. You can drift away.

It is a frightening thing.

You need to exam your spiritual level. You need to discern your spiritual condition. If your spiritual level and the condition are very poor, Then repent a lot and improve it.

Even when it comes to carrying out the work of the Lord, some people perform it within their box. These type of people are not in freedom, They are very restricted and only talk about word of God, praying and evangelizing. They are not able to adjust and freely move according to different situations. They have not yet possessed the freedom of the Holy Spirit.

They are a stereotyped people.

We need to be a person who possesses a gentle personality, one who possess freedom, and able to evangelize the gospel according to each situation and circumstance without limit.

You need to ask, “What does the Lord want from me?”

In order to know the spiritual level of a person, observe how free is the person’s spirit is, how abundant his/her spirit is, how understanding he/she is, and so on. God will utilize you depending on how much you can handle and contain. It is very important!

It is very important for you to know the presence of the Lord, you need to know His joy, and know what the Lord wants.

If you encounter such a person, you are truly blessed.

Although you live your life as you experiencing all these qualities, you might encounter people who are very restricted without freedom and very narrow-minded.

Repeat after me, “We need to expand our spirit.”

Your spirit’s awareness must increase and your spirit must expand.

the spirit is supposed to grow. When do your spirit expand and when does your spiritual awareness increase and able to perceive?

When some kind of event or accident occurs and this has to do with something. For example, someone obtained cancer. Someone is hurt. Something happened to someone.

A car accident has happened. The first thing you must feel is responsible.

Four years ago, The South Korean ferry sank while carrying 476 people, mostly secondary school students. When something like this event, major disaster, curse, flood and more calamities happens, someone has to feel responsibility. Spiritual people need to feel the responsibility.

A long time ago, someone came to me for advice. “Pastor, because I did not pray, my friend died. I am responsible for his death. Because of this, I am still wandering around.”

At first, I did not know what to think of that. I was thinking, ‘Is he in suffering from megalomania? What is he doing?’ I said, “Your friend had done things wrong because he was drunk and driving. As a result, he died. Why is it your responsibility?’

But because of a guilt, this man wandered very long time. His beloved friend had died.

This man was a spiritual person and a person of a prayer. But because of his guilt got so strong, he could not continue to live spiritually anymore.

But after God had granted me with Holy Fire, I’ve thought about it. I thought, “Actually, it is very important.”

Why do we need to possess spiritual expansion, maturity, and a spiritual awareness/perception? Relating to some kind of events and experience some kind of problems, it is very important for someone to feel responsible for it. Hallelujah.

A middle school student and a high school student committed suicide. These kids did not believe in Jesus, and that was one of the reasons why they committed suicide. They attended church but because of having no faith, they committed suicide.

But if anyone in their class had lived spiritually and walked a life of a faith, this person needs to feel responsible.

Why? If these students were evangelized already, and if these students felt loved if they were brought to church and be fed, if they were closely taken care by a person of a faith, they could have changed into a person of the spirit. Hallelujah.

But we keep excluding ourselves from being responsible.

We need to think in such a way, “Because I did not pray and because I did not live spiritually, these events had happened.”

A person whose spiritually expanded and possess awareness/perception will feel such a way.

When our prayer becomes deeper, our spirituality will advance. We must have our spiritual awareness/perception created within us. Hallelujah.

Then, what is spiritual awareness/perception? It’s when you can wholly realize/feel/understand.

When you pray for someone, you will feel that person’s pain, problem, sickness, event, and so on.

it does not matter if they are little children, adults. The person you are praying for may curse you and despise you, but you still feel spiritual. You feel sorry for that person. Even when it comes to your unbelieving parents, “What must I do for my parents?”

One of the deacons had texted me early in the morning. Because we had events of people getting tested with each other. But in the end, we all prayed for the other party and for themselves. They continued praying at church.

So what happened early morning today? The one particular person’s mother could not walk but lay all day every day. This person had a dream of performing deliverance and seeing the evil spirits departing. In reality, his mother got up and obtained strength to walk around. The Lord has healed her. Hallelujah.

It is very important for us to possess spiritual awareness/perception, maturity, and thinking. The Lord will work with power because of it. Hallelujah.

What is spiritual awareness/perception? You possess some kind of spiritual thing, you have some kind of spiritual awareness. It starts with your thinking.

In today’s scripture, it stated, “Thought of the spirit.”

When you think spiritually, spiritual awareness/perception will be created. It will be enlarged and wide, the content will become enlarged, the spiritual maturity will be accomplished.

Your spiritual growth will be accomplished. Hallelujah.

Begin from the spiritual awareness/perception, if you pray, your spirit will grow. When you read the bible, you will grow more. If you fill yourselves with the Holy Spirit, you will even grow more. Your spirit will become enlarged.

Ultimately, the more you grow, you will realize God has chosen you. God has called you. From knowing that you are being chosen and called, you need to move toward carrying out the mission.

In order to receive calling and mission, you need to possess spiritual awareness/perception. Hallelujah.

If your spirit does not grow, you will never receive calling and mission.

What happens next when spiritual calling and mission are created?

You will begin to concern for the people who are around you.

You will begin to concern for the people who are in need, and who are weak.

It will not be important that you are in charge of Sunday school, youth group, or any other groups.

When your spirit grows and mature, people who are in a difficult situation, suffer, and are in need will come into your sight.

Your spirit will become enlarged, deeper, and wide. Spiritual awareness/perception will grow and mature. Hallelujah!

When people around you go through a hard time, you will feel like, “I should have prayed more. I should have helped more.” It will come to you as though it is your responsibility.

When our country goes wrong, the people who pray will be responsible for it.

Politicians fight. The Government party and the opposition party always fight and curse. These problems are all Christians’ fault!

These problems are responsible for Christians who do not pray at church. Spiritual people are responsible for it.

People like us need to intercede prayer. Who are the people that intercede? It is the people who have accomplished spiritual awareness/perception and maturity. These type of people need to do interceding prayer.

When people around you physically suffer, have some kind of difficult time, suffer from sickness, and if you feel like you are responsible for it, you are truly a spiritual person.

Who’s fault is it if your country goes wrong? It is the responsibility of the nation’s people within.

Who have chosen their leaders? It is people of that country and they are responsible for it.

Who is responsible for plague, disaster, someone’s death, and sinking of the South Korean Ferry? It is the believer’s responsibility!

In the book of Luke, When the Tower of Siloam fell on eighteen men and died, people thought they were the worst sinners in Jerusalem. But it was not the opinion of the Lord. He said, “But unless you repent, you will all eternally perish, just as they did.”

It is wholly our responsibility when the church go through problems when the church experience difficulty when the church members suffer from sickness and difficult problems.

Spiritually mature people will feel spiritual awareness and responsiveness. Hallelujah.

The mature people will need to gather as a group and carry out interceding prayer.

But there are areas that you need to be careful. If spiritual awareness or consciousness enlarges exceedingly, you may go through serious suffering.

For example, you will feel guilty even in little matters. Therefore, you won’t be able to function.

If you are exceedingly spiritually sensitive, the evil spirit works as well.

You will begin to desire to only perceive spiritually. This is really a big problem.

Sometimes, when you are spiritually very sensitive, you may be viewed as though you are suffering from megalomania. This is why we need wisdom.

Repeat after me, “We must become an intercessory prayer person. Hallelujah.

When our spirit is enlarged, matured, and develop our spiritual awareness/perception, we will feel more conviction in our hearts.

Our spirit will become more sensitive.

As we have awareness/perception with enlarged spirit, deep spiritual insight and power of discernment will be created. Hallelujah!

When you possess the spiritual insight and the power of discernment, you will also possess the spiritual sight of how you view the current era, wisdom, power, and will not be deceived by another person.

We need to become such a mature people. The Lord will work through such a people.

There are people who are spiritually young.

No matter how much they listen to the spiritual message, their spirit does not grow.

Rather, their fleshly instinct is more developed.

Cussing is more developed, their bad fleshly thinking is more developed and matured.

People who are spiritually young and have not grown much, they do not have much consideration about the other people’s spiritual condition and the other people’s problem.

They are self-centered.

Do not think about the outcome, they speak whatever they desire to speak, they act however they desire to act. They act according to their temper and personality. These type of people are people of flesh. They are not people of Christ.

There are many people within churches such as this.

There are people who always complain about work.

This is like how little children fighting over one toy.

Because these type of people are spiritually very young, you can’t even intervene to stop them. They will not yield.

They will resist yielding, they will not change their thinking, action, and behavior. They constantly conflict with someone. Some of them live in such a way until they die.

The people who are spiritually young, although some things happen around them to yield, they have a difficult time finding the reason why they need to yield,

They have a hard time finding the reason why they need to be patient and endure. Because they are like little children.

They have no concerns for other people’s pain and problem.

They are always only worried about their own problems.

They have no room to feel other people’s hearts and situations. Because they are spiritually very young.

Whether they speak or act, they conflict and crash a lot.

There is not a more important thing than growing your spirit. “Repeat after me, “I need to grow my spirit.” Hallelujah.

To whom God works and manifest? Just because you are praying, He won’t show up. God will open up to people whose spirits are matured, grown, and people who try and put their effort to grow and mature.

God will approve and say, “I see. Your spirit is abundant. You have freedom.” The more your spirit grow, the spiritual awareness/perception will enlarge.

To those type of people, God will entrust His kingdom.

Within the bigger and the wider range, God will powerfully use you. Hallelujah!

When it comes to serving, it applies the same thing.

The more your spirit grows, your responsibility will become bigger.

You will go through many Pain, suffering, and trials.

The reason why the Lord has granted us the power of the Holy Spirit is, He said, “I will give you the power of the Holy Spirit, therefore I expect you to become a person of the Spirit.

We must always think about God first and above all things.  Please remember this.

If, you have two pots. One pot has full of boiling water. But the other pot has very cold water.

If you pour two types of water into one bowl, what will happen? The water temperature will become lukewarm.

This is what will happen when it comes to meeting people. People spiritually interact. For some people, the demons of the other person may stick to their body.

If you are spiritually “boiling hot” person, what you should do when you meet the person who has the energy of the darkness? As long as you are more boiling hot, and full of the Spirit, it will be fine. Hallelujah.

You must always ready to receive any type of people, and always be filled with the Spirit and grace. We might have to meet unbeliever, Buddhist, shaman and so on. But in order to evangelize to these types of people, you need to be filled with the power of God. You must firmly stand on the Word of God.

No matter what kind of situation you may encounter, you must not be shaken. Only then you will be able to preach the gospel, and the power of God will manifest.

It is best if you interact, flow and carries out intercessory prayer with spiritually mature people. Even if you are not spiritually mature yet, only if you fellowship, pray and spiritually flow under the guidance of spiritually mature people, you will become like them.

When the presence of the Lord begins, we will sink into the Holy Spirit, and we will receive such a guidance.

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo