Only when we possess the heart of a child, we will enter heaven.

When Jesus spoke about heaven, Jesus spoke about various kind of colors.

Jesus spoke about the people who will enter heaven. Do not lie. Do not fabricate the words that are not true.

The book of Galatian and Corinthians speaks about the holy gifts, but when you look at the book of Hebrews, the author warns people who are supposed to come to heaven to be careful even if they have received the holy gifts. They need to be careful because their salvation may still be drifting away. You need to take good care of your salvation.

The book of Revelation 22 verse 4, on this earth, when our spiritual eyes become awakened during prayer and visit heaven, there will be times the Lord will show His face. But there will be times the Lord will not show His face.

But most of the times, the Lord will not show His face. Unless the Lord gives special grace, we will not be able to see His face.

There are special cases the Lord wants to reveal His face. From the perspective of the Lord, when we look pathetic and when the Lord feels compassion, and when our hearts are pure, we will be able to see the face of God and Jesus.

But most of the times, only after we die, we will see the face of the Lord. When we are still alive, due to the luminous face of the Lord, we will not be able to see His face. We will not be able to see His face because we have flesh that is full of sin.

Whenever we read the book of revelation, we will be able to exam our faith/belief.

Whenever we read the book of Revelation, our worldly life will become chaste and pure.

In the book of Revelation chapter 22 verse 20, The Lord said, ““Yes, I am coming quickly.”

Therefore, we all thought that the second coming of Jesus was going to happen very soon but it did not happen so soon.

It has been a long time since Jesus said such a statement. It has been over 2000 years.

Satan had mobilized all kind of means and method and sealed the Revelation.

In the book of Revelation chapter 1 verse 1, God had begun to unveil the Revelation of the Lord to share it with His loving servants. Hallelujah.

Who are the people who are longing and waiting for a second coming of the Lord? They are the bride of Jesus.

The church is the place where the Bride of Jesus has gathered.

When we read the book of Revelation, (I will speak about heaven later) there are several very important core points

Let me simply explain to you. From chapter 1-3 is about the message of the Lord to the seven churches in the province of Asia.

There were seven representative churches. The Lord appeared to Apostle John and shown him things regarding the churches.

There was the Lord’s inspection of their current condition. Please repeat after me, “In the last days, there will be an inspection of the Lord.”

The Lord had appeared to each church and inspected them.

What does “an inspection of the scene” mean? It means, some kind of crime had happened. The police inspect the criminal and inspect the actual crime scene.

Jesus comes to these seven churches and inspects the condition of their reality.

Jesus had a few words for the seven churches through the letter.

From chapter 4, the throne of God unfolds.

The Apostle Paul saw 24 Elders surrounding the throne of God. They all had their heads downward and each wearing a golden crown of victory.

Around the throne and on each side stood four living creatures, full of eyes in front and behind.

The first living creature resembled a lion, the second an ox, the third had a human face, and the fourth was like an eagle in flight.

When we see the scene with our spiritual eyes, They are not four mere creatures. They were one of the Archangels that is demonstrated around the throne of God. We’ve learned that these creatures are powerful Arch angles of God.

From chapters, 6-8 is written about the seven seals. Each time when a seal is broken open, some type of disaster manifested. These are the seven seals Judgement.

From chapters, 8-9 has the Trumpet Judgements. The angels have the seven trumpets.

Each time when each trumpet was blown, a judgment occurs on this earth.

After these incidents, some people come into the scene. Who are those people? They are the people who are praying in the temple of God. They have authority and power. They are the two witnesses.

The people who will be granted the authority and power are the two witnesses. They are the people who worship, pray, and stay within the temple/altar of God. These people will possess such power.

These people will be called by God and will be granted the power of God that closes and opens the gates of heaven. They will bring the heavenly power on this earth for 1260 days, which is 3 and half years. It will be 42 months.

We call them, “The two olive trees and the two lampstands.” We call them the “Two witness.”

Until the second 3 and half years of great tribulation begins, these people will powerfully perform the power of God.

The second half of the Great Tribulation will be 3 and half years. Beginning of this time, all will be captured and will become martyred.

Their heads will be severed and their bodies will lie in the main street of Jerusalem.

But after three and a half days, they will come alive again. They will rise to heaven in on a cloud.

From chapters 11-12, second 3 and a half years of Great Tribulation begins.

A woman clothed with the brilliance of the sun represents the “Church”.

She was pregnant and was crying out in labor pain, in the agony of giving birth. The woman fled into the wilderness

The story portraits the dragon chasing after the woman into the wilderness.

The woman fled into the wilderness, where God had already prepared a safe place for her, and she endures the second 3 and a half years of Great Tribulation.

How did she flee to the wilderness? God granted her two eagle’s wings to escape. Then she was nourished for 3 and a half years.

The Anti-Christ specifically comes into the scene on the earth. In chapter 13, Satan gives power to the Anti-Christ. In this time frame, the mark of the beast, 666 comes into the scene.

Chapter 12-14 speaks about many events.

In chapter 14, where are God’s people hiding? Who has gone to the safe place? They are hiding on Mt.Zion. Repeat after me, “Mount Zion.”

When God’s people are hiding in the safe place, “Seven bowls” of Judgement begins. The seven bowls of God’s wrath judgment begins. This also continues in chapter 15-17.

From the chapters 18-19, The event of the Son of God, Jesus, finally comes back to the earth.

In chapters 6,7 was the event of the rapture of saints. It was about saints who meet Jesus in the air.

In chapter 20, The thousand years reigning with Christ begins. After the thousand years, in chapter 21 and 22, the judgment of the great white throne will occur. The New Jerusalem will descend out of the heaven. Hallelujah.

I’ve explained the whole content of the book of Revelation.

When the first seal was broken open, the Anti-Christ, the one who rode a white horse came onto the scene. This event represents the peace of the world was also written.

North Korea dictator Kim, Jung Eun has suddenly changed when he seemed an impossible man to be changed.

After Kim, Jun Eun was changed, North and South Korea are getting along comfortably. After about 3-4 days, summit meeting will be held.

I don’t know how to view this, I am very cautious about it. It seemed like North and South wanted to kill each other before, but now, it has suddenly changed.

When North and South join, China, Russia, Japan, and America will all be connected. This means all the world will be connected.

The economic power of South Korea is connected to the world’s economic power. If the economy of South Korea ever goes bankrupt, it will affect the world’s economy.

Bitcoin has brought great attention to people. But the Korean minister said, because it is imaginary money, it is considered fraud and deception.

When Korea put the brake on it, many Asian countries also began to put the brake and stopped trading bitcoin.

Even though Korea is a small country, the Korean economy is coupled with the world’s economy. Korea’s electronic products are one of the best in the world

Korean electronic products are one of the high-end products.

Everything that is happening in Korea is all connected to the world. Hallelujah.

When good things happen, it’s great. But when bad things ever happen in Korea, the bad event can possibly drive the whole world to shock.

Each time the seals were broken open, a famine occurred.

When the first seal was broken open, the Anti-Christ had come unto the scene. When the second seal was broken open, the red horse appeared. It represents war. This means breaking the peace.

When the third seal was broken open, famine occurs. After the war, famine and sadness will follow.

Then a black horse comes onto the scene.

When the fourth seal was broken open, a pale green horse appears. This represents death and death’s Domain. So many corpses will occur.

In the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse, 20 appears Anti-Christ. 7 years, after half this time, he will put an end to the sacrifices and offerings. He will set up a sacrilegious object.

When you read chapter 13 verse 14, the devil brought the wounded beast to sprang to life again. Then the idol statue speaks.

Imagine. What if a statue of Buddha or the statue of the Virgin Mary starts to speak?

“Welcome Deaconess Park. Welcome Deacon Kim and Deacon Lee as well. I know you did such such things today. You will have some money coming in soon. You will be involved with some kind of incident after few days.

Imagine if those idol statues start speaking, and prophecy. The devil will give life to speak.

The statues like such as these will be placed within temples.

Because these statues will specifically tell you what will happen and it will come to pass, many will be deceived.

I think in Southeast Asia in the Philippines, a statue of Mary shed blood from its eyes. People came to see it. People chase after such an event.

In WWII, in the Pacific Ocean, on an Island, many people fell from a cliff. What was the name? It is famous for honeymoons.

The Island is located in the south Pacific. It is an American territory. Not Hawaii, the smaller one. Not Guam, there is one more. Bali’s location in Indonesia.

Anyways, this Island has a cave church. There a Mary statue standing tall right in front of a church. Water comes out from the front of a Maria statue. People claim that if you drink this water, you will be healed of your sickness.

They do not have a water supply plant. They distribute this water to people who came from all over the world.

People touch the feet of the statue of Mary. People kiss it’s feet, pray and drink the water. The word has spread that the water is effective. Therefore, people from all over the world visit this place and come to tour.

Because of the “promising” word that you will get healed if you drink this water, many people are visiting.

When the 7th seal was broken open, the sign of the Son of Man had manifested from heaven.

Many mountains and Islands will relocate their places due to a huge earthquake.

The stars of heaven will fall. Heaven will tear apart and roll up like a paper.

Some kind of universal turbulent incident will occur.

The sun will become darkened and the moon will lose its light. Therefore people will be overcome by fear

When the fearful day comes, the Bride of Christ must be happy and joyful. Hallelujah.

In the book of Matthew chapter 24 and verse 30, it states, “Then the sign announcing the Son of Man will appear in the sky..” When the time of return of Jesus approaches, the sign will manifest.

The tribulation of a saint will be a total of seven years. In the book of Matthew chapter 24, the book of Daniel chapter 9 and 10 states it.

Within 7 years, the second 3 and a half years will be considered the Great Tribulation. In this time frame, the tribulation will be very severe, therefore, the power of the holy people will be crushed.

“And if those days [of tribulation] had not been cut short, no human life would be saved; but for the sake of the elect (God’s chosen ones) those days will be shortened.”

For now, I am only explaining what is written in the bible.

When the 6th seal was broken open, finally the great tribulation is over.

The seal of Israel occurs.

In chapter 7, the rapture of saints occur and Jesus restores.

When the rapture occurs, the Holy Spirit will seal on the foreheads of the saints who will be saved. It is like stamping of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah.

Some people claim that they can discern if the other people have the stamp of the Holy Spirit or not.

They say, “You have a stamp.”, “You do not have a stamp.”

In 1990, October 28th, a group of a people believed that rapture will take place at this particular place. Therefore, many pastors, Elders, deacons and even well-known church members from megachurches went there.

They were asked, “Do you have the Holy Spirit stamp or not?” Even the mentally handicapped people were asked.

Korean broadcasting company, KBS, and MBC were shooting the scene. The rapture was supposed to take place at midnight. All those deceived people were jumping up and down wearing white linen clothes.

The white linen is not made by human hands. The white fine linen represents the righteous deeds of saints.” Hallelujah.

The white fine linen represents the righteous deeds of saints.” If you live your lives holy, pure and clean, you will be clothed in the fine linen.

This fine linen that we will be clothed with will be granted by God.

The book of Revelation speaks about the judgment of the Trumpet, seal judgments, and the bowl judgment. I will speak about the bowl judgment later once more.

Now we are speaking about heaven. The life of heaven is impossible for us to imagine.

1 Thessalonica chapter 5 and verse 3, “Peace and safety, all is well and secure!” then in a moment unforeseen, destruction will come upon them suddenly..” This is when the second-coming of Jesus will occur. Hallelujah.

The moment we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God will send an angel to us.

That angel will always be with us until we die. Hallelujah.

When we were spiritually opened and an angel came to us, it was not our guardian angels that brought us the fine linen.

God had specially dispatched an angel. This angel brought us the fine linen to us. It was carefully folded. They clothed us with the fine linen.

The feeling of it is like..you know silk right? Silk is very soft. But fine linen feels 100 times thinner, lighter and soft.

The moment we saw the fine linen…Can we easily see sewing marks on our clothes right? But the fine linen clothes that we will be wearing are not sewed.

It is like one piece of cloth that is not sewed. Hallelujah.

When angels appeared, the appearance of their faces is a little difference. First common thing is that all of their faces are brightly shining. Their faces are luminous.

I’ve never seen any angels with eyebrows.

Each time when we tried to look at the faces of angels up closely, we were not able to see their faces clearly. I’ve never seen any angels with brows.

The appearance of the faces of angels was luminous. The white light shone but when I looked closely, it was not white light. It was like different colors all harmonized and shone.

Heavenly jewels are also like that. It seemed like a hint of very soft green was one of the colors.

What I express to you now is not definite. Even though this is not written in the bible, I’ve seen angels faces that are luminous.

The intensity of the luminosity is beyond our imagination. The clothes in which angels are wearing are something that’s beyond our imagination.

People who perform the spiritual warfare, praying the powerful prayer that breaks down the strongholds of the enemy and carries out such a powerful faith walk have a guardian angel that has a different appearance. Their outer appearance changes a little bit at a time.

I’ve seen angels clothed themselves in a warrior’s outfit. In the gladiator movie, a gladiator wears X shaped leather on their chest.

They hold a spear/a sword and a shield. Remember, that the powerful angels arm themselves in such a way, then guard and protect us. Hallelujah.

There are times when angels touch our skin and body. A moment ago, the Lord has touched my left side of my head. The feeling is very similar when the Lord touches or the angel touches. We can’t really discern through feeling.

But when my spiritual eyes are opened, and when angels touch, it almost feels like a very very tender uncurdled bean curd tofu. The type of tofu that crumbles even at our softest touch.

I’m not saying that an angel’s hands crush like that. I am trying to explain that’s how soft, graceful, and very delicate their touch is. Anointing is created as well. Hallelujah.

When the angels touch us, we feel the presence and anointing, imagine how much more great and powerful power will come upon us. Hallelujah.

When our spiritual eyes were first opened, during our prayer, an angel came and took us.

An angel dressed us in fine linen. Then our arms spread to left and right. We flew in a manner through the air.

We fly and pass through the Northern sky of the earth. We pass through the galaxy and space. Then, we arrive at the throne of God.

In the process of traveling, I’ve seen a vivid white color line in the midst of space. It’s like in the afternoon, when there is a bright sunlight, you sometimes see a white line created by a jet in the sky.

When I flew through space, I’ve seen one vivid white line. The line was very narrow. In the midst of space, I’ve seen only one light line.

First, I thought it was a light. But, when I came close to look, it was a golden path width was about 3-9 feet. The road was made of gold.

Normally, people can’t see this road. Only people who are saved will be able to see it.

Our salvation is truly a precious thing. Hallelujah.

Repeat after me, “Please, let my eyes see the road of salvation.” Hallelujah.

The road of heaven is certainly there. Only the eyes of saints can see it.

It seemed like angels were moving forward floating in the air.

This white beam like a road was made of gold when you look at it closely. When I softly landed on the road, it felt like it was moving like an Escalade.

Even if you want to go fast or slow, you can not. Once you are on this road, the road will automatically carry you forward. I saw some saints in front of me. I tried to run fast and talk to the saints in front of me, but it was not possible.

The distance between that saints and me is constant.

These souls were saved when they believed in Jesus. These souls were on the way to heaven being saved after they died. For us, God opened our spiritual eyes. Then the Lord had let us experience it. Hallelujah.

Sometimes, angels will explain things.

When we’ve passed through space, the angel said, “Let us only see ahead and move forward, move forward as we only look ahead. Look at the countless number of stars, there are dead and alive stars.”

occasionally, the jet black stars that appeared to represent the devil.

Some stars were luminous. These stars were radiating light from within.

Sometimes, when I pray, it feels like I prayed for 100 years. That’s how difficult it is for a spirit to be opened.

Sometimes, within 2-10 seconds from the beginning of my prayer, my spirit opens wide up.

Sometimes, in order to train us to pray, God makes it difficult for us to be spiritually opened. Sometimes, my spirit opens and enters into the spiritual realm within a second of the beginning of prayer.

When we go to the throne of God, we arrive at the gate of heaven first. Sometimes, we are asked to show some kind of a ticket.

Sometimes, when we arrive at the gate with Jesus, the angels bow before Jesus. We can enter straight into the gate holding His hand or robe of Jesus without having to check if we have a ticket.

When we went there with an angel, the angel had to give some kind of signal to the other angel that was guarding the heavenly gate. Some kind of process was there.

“Have you been saved? Show me your ticket.” My hand automatically stretched with a ticket that looked similar to a passport. It has written, “Jesus Christ, Alpha, and Omega.” Thick blood of Jesus was freshly on it.

The angels were able to tell right away if you are a citizen of God or not through the ticket.

When we go to heaven, we will see the realm that is impossible for us to imagine.

We will see ALL things and it will be the first time in our life. All things will be new to us. Nothing that we see will be anything that we have imagined. The new world will be waiting for us.

But when you enter into the kingdom of the Lord, you must believe in Jesus and be rebirthed with the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah.

When I looked at heaven from a distance, it looked like a planet. It is like a huge star.

The closer I get, the outer had a form of a square like a dice.

I felt, and it feels like 1000 times more bigger than the earth. That’s how enormous heaven is. Hallelujah.

About heavenly mansion..what I’m about to witness is not mine but my daughter and my son’s testimony. When you go to heaven, you will have your own house.

The inside wall of your house has pictures displayed. These pictures are of whom you have interceded, whom you have evangelized, whom you have witnessed the gospel, whom you have prayed, those who have been saved through you, and people who properly and fervently believed in God through you.

whether directly or indirectly, all your prayer and other good works you have done are all displayed on the wall. Each display is written “In such such year, month, day, hour, and minute, this person was saved.”

“In such such year, month, day, hour and minute, I had evangelized to this person.”

“In such such year, month, day, hour and minute, I was insulted.” “I was tested in such such day but I passed the test.” Then the explanation of how he/she had overcome the test was written. This kind of display rooms is in your houses. Hallelujah.

If you have evangelized, the picture of whom you have evangelized is hung. God will be very pleased if this person is saved.

The name, picture, condition, and church of whom you had evangelized were beautifully adorned. You will be joyful as you look at these displays.

But whom you have interceded are still on the earth and still walking a life of a faith, there is prayer time of “intercessory prayer” Having displayed on your heavenly house walls is also your reward.

So then, how do we live on this earth? It is best that you yield, forgive, sacrifice, love and cover the other person’s shortcomings. Move forward in such a way. Hallelujah.

In the book of Matthew chapter 5 and verse 11, 12 “How ecstatic you can be when people insult and persecute you and speak all kinds of cruel lies about you because of your love for me! So leap for joy—since your heavenly reward is great!”

Some people whom you know, who you do not know, and some people who twist things about me, they insult, curse, mock and say all kind of things to you such as “You are a cult and mystic!” these will come as a reward to you.

This late at night, we come before God seating down having a service. To tell you the truth, I can’t properly open my eyes.

Even though I have severe inflammation in my mouth, I have to continuously(daily) preach, praise and worship, pray and so on. Doing all these despite my condition will become my reward. Most of all, I am doing it for the glory of the Lord. Hallelujah.

You are sitting here for the glory of the Lord. Even though you will go to the work tomorrow you have come sitting here to listen to every word of God to live a proper spiritual life.  Hallelujah.

Praise songs and music in heaven are endless.

(Sings…) “The salvation belongs to the One Who seats on the throne of God and the Lamb.”

These type of praise and worship songs are continuously sung. Some people ask, “Isn’t it going to be so boring when you endlessly praising like that?” It may get tiresome on the earth. But in heaven,

there is no nighttime. “There is no nighttime in heaven. There is no nighttime in heaven. Hallelujah”.

In heaven, your physical has radically and perfectly reformed. There is no skin disease such as atopy.

In heaven, the life of worshipping God is not like, “Ah, it is so boring, and tired.” But It is active, full of energy, joyful, fun, very grateful, impressive, and living within the happiness and joy. Hallelujah!

In heaven, you will see the face of God. It does not matter what parts of heaven, you will be able to see the face of God.

Last Sunday, I prayed over my grandchildren. As I was praying holding my eldest grandchild’s head, Sarang’s head. Because she was so lovely and cute, I playfully and lightly hit her head with my fist as I was praying. Then She said,

“Granpa, properly and rightly pray over me. It isn’t right for you to hit my head, is it? Grandpa’s head is filled with dung.” She said my head is filled with dung.

Once I said to her, “You are silly.” It has been craved and sealed in her heart. Ever since she always tells me that my head is filled with dung.

Once, as I was eating, saliva flew out of my mouth. She then said, “Granpa, you have dung in your head!” I don’t know how I became dung.

It is because I once said, “You are silly.”

Whoever speaks to his brother “Raca” What does it mean, Raca? If you say such a word, can you go to heaven or not? You need to speak carefully.

When you look at the Bible, you will find yourselves full of things to repent. Don’t say even jokingly, “You dumb, you stupid” You can’t even say such a word anymore. It is not easy.

In heaven, music plays endlessly. The praise and worship song is endless. Even when it comes to rest, you can rest endlessly.

When I say, “rest”, I do not mean you sleep, and play all day long with doing nothing. The resting in heaven is not as same as how we rest on the earth due to exhaustion and tiredness. Hallelujah.

You will never feel tiredness. You will never feel tiredness for eternity. Hallelujah.

This worship song, “The salvation belongs to our God, the One Who is sitting on the throne of God and the Lamb.”

Countless saints all sing this praise and worship song with a chord. Their voice comes out with a chord. It is like an orchestra.

It is like, within the grand orchestra sound of music, your own voice will also be defined as the sound of music. You will be shouting out, and praising and worship. Hallelujah.

When you are singing praise and worship, you will notice what kind of tone your next person sings. All saint’s chord will automatically be harmonized. Hallelujah.

When I stood in front of the gate of heaven, the angel said, “Since we have arrived at the gate of heaven, let us sing a praise song.”  “But angel, I do not know any of angel’s praise and worship songs.”

Whether we know or not, the angels initiate singing. When they began singing first, our mouths automatically and widely opened up. We naturally sang together.

It is like we’ve always sung it for hundreds and thousands of years. One of the praise songs goes, “Lord tightly holds onto my hand as you go..” All our mouth automatically opened up and sang praise and worship songs. Hallelujah.

You do not have to know English. When we go to heaven, we will sing in one accord. Hallelujah. This is a very thankful thing. Do you believe it?

Some may ask, “If we do not get married in heaven, it won’t be fun.” This is not true. It will be several thousand times more happy, joyful, and fun than getting married on this earth. You will enjoy by far.

Our bodies will not decompose, or get old. Our bodies will completely become new. We will become a new person.

Our bodies will be specially designed by God. In heaven, our bodies will completely be changed to a spiritual body.

Our bodies don’t just become a spiritual body with a few words. It’s not that you will have only spirit and soul without flesh. Your bodies will be well made spiritual bodies in heaven, hallelujah.

You have a flesh but not the same kind that you have now which will rot away. Your bodies will become a spiritual body. You will be able to fly, you won’t get tired even if you walk or run. You will be able to communicate with all kinds of animals and plants.

Whether you speak or not, you will still be able to communicate.

At home, I playfully and lightly knock on my dog’s head. “You can’t even talk, you dog.” But dogs have the ability to think. They know whether their owners like them or not.

When I bend my body and looked at it, the dog knew I was the owner who plays with her.

When you look at people who handle dogs well, they carefully and with emotion handle dogs. I heard that’s how they are connected to their dogs.

But that’s nothing. I believe that our bodies that will rot away will resurrect with a holy spiritual body.

Our bodies will be transformed into the glorious, and powerful bodies. We will be wholly changed to the configuration that belongs to heaven. Hallelujah.

We have the ability to think, have emotions and have free will. It is the same thing in heaven. We will be living in heaven having complete consciousness, and character/personality. Hallelujah.

When Jesus prayed on the transfiguration Mountain, Moses, and Elijah appeared. Prophet Elijah did not experience death and appeared at the site where Jesus was. They talked about the death of Jesus. Hallelujah.

We will also become like them. Our thinking power, reasoning power, and ability to communicate. We will fellowship, and we will all know that we all possess happiness and joy.

We will all sing praise songs in a loud voice. We will perform and act with complete knowledge.

“What did you eat yesterday? Do you have something delicious at your mansion?”  “Oh, of course, we have much delicious food at my mansion!”

“I’m not talking about fruits of life that grow in all seasons. If I go to your mansion, what can you offer me?”  “Oh, just come to visit me, I will make something for you!” (commanding angels.) “Come, angels, make this and that kind of food!”

Angels replies, “Yes, beloved saint!” Then angels actually cook for you. Aren’t you getting excited and happy just by imagining it? Hallelujah!

At this moment of our life, we have something in our mind and imagination, things that we have in view, and there are things that we want to know. In this world, we may feel lonely, difficult, and go through suffering. “Why am I always going through difficulties?

“Why can’t I get married?” “Why is it so difficult for me to make money?”  “Why is it so difficult?”  “Why my household always in difficult condition?” “Why my business shrivels away? What should I do?” “Why our church is in such a bad condition?”

“Why do my children make trouble and give me heartache?” “My husband physically assaulted me today. Why am I living with a household that does not believe in God?”

The day we go to God, the day when we stand before the gate of heaven, all revelation will be released. All the secrets will be released. The purpose of all your test will be released. Hallelujah!

Even if you do not know the reason for suffering, and even if you do not know the purpose of God, when you go to the kingdom of the Lord, you will understand it all.

As I am preaching such a subject, the Lord is continuously pouring oil on my head, touching my face, and listening to all I am preaching.

The complete understanding will be accomplished once we come before God.

We will be possessing all kind of power. We will be able to learn all kind of wisdom and knowledge.

Please remember. We will be enjoying the reward in heaven for eternity.

The tears you shed for God on this earth, tears of loneliness, tearful prayer regarding your devotion and all your sacrificial service with a tear, blood, and sweat… The Lord will wipe away all that tears away from your eyes. Hallelujah.

Then the Lord will place the crown of life on your head. “Well done, My good and faithful servant. You’ve endured well”.  We will speak the conversation of love with the Lord.

Knowing this we are able to endure.1 Corinthians chapter 15 and verse 58, “So now, beloved ones, stand firm and secure. Live your lives with an unshakable confidence. We know that we prosper and excel in every season by serving the Lord. Hallelujah!

2 Timothy Chapter 4:7 is the confession of Apostle Paul, “I have fought an excellent fight. I have finished my full course and I’ve kept my heart full of faith.”

The parents of the bride will prepare everything for the bride, their daughter beautifully for the bridegroom.

It is the same thing as the bridegroom. He will come and fetch a beloved bride and take her to the most precious house. He will be prepared well to take us. The Lord as a Bridegroom, He will come and fetch us.

Then, how do we have to be prepared well on this earth? Literally, the heavenly Judge is watching how we perform our lives from heaven.

Exam. “How did I perform today? Did I spend today without meaning?” “Did I spend today without prayer? Did I not call upon the name of the Lord? Did I spend today without being patient?”

It’s basically all depend on how you perform. It is all according to your actions on this earth.

It is like according to how much faith you have. “I will pray at least 30 minutes before going to bed. I will read at least one page of the bible.”

If you pray, “Please help me to overcome all kind of test.” All kind of test will come. Then you need to overcome the test. If you fail to pass the test, you will be afraid to even pray, “Please help me pass the test” prayer.

But if you neglect or disregard, you will be judged accordingly. When you overcome victoriously, you will be judged accordingly and enter into the kingdom of the Lord.

God will grant reward to those who overcome. Repeat after me, “We must overcome. We must fight ourselves and overcome.”

We must fight against our thoughts and overcome. We must fight against our mind and overcome. if our mind and thoughts are fleshly, then we must fight and overcome. Hallelujah.

The heavenly resources have been opened for us to possess. It is all based on how you act and react. If you are on your knees praying, “God give me the strength, it is very difficult for me to endure. God help me!” Then God will empower you.

“Yes, you can do it! You can do it with your faith! I will recompense for all!” It will be beyond your imagination, you will experience things for the first time in your life, and for eternity. God will recompense all for you.

While you are on this earth, if you do not want to be responsible for anything, even if you somehow make it to heaven and stand before God, He will have no reward to give to you.

When it comes to doing the work of the Lord, you must aim yourselves to fulfill and be responsible for putting all your best effort. You must diligently live and bear fruit. Only in this way, the Lord will take responsibility and take care of you/your lives.

According to how you have lived and performed on this earth, your status in heaven will be differentiated. Even when it comes to the bride, there will be ranking.

Even yeast have rank and level. Brides in heaven have different level and rank. According to their rank and level, the reward will be differentiated.

Please up your level and quality. Let us pray. “Father God, thank you for Your grace. We do not know the time of coming of Jesus. You said, only You, Father God knows it. Help us to always pray and help us to maintain tension.

Lord, as we read the word of the book of Revelation, we desire to live more sincere and holy.

Please get rid of all filthy things within us, such as lying, and all that are exaggerated. We will pray to hold onto Your Words.

On this earth, we will devote ourselves and be responsible for the work of the Lord. Let us show the glory of the Lord on this earth.

We want to be comforted in eternal heaven for eternity. Please give us the strength and power. When we fall into the temptation, please help us to overcome quickly.

Help us to forgive people who we need to forgive. When we need to be forgiven, help us to be forgiven with the love of God. Please help that everything to be accomplished. In Jesus name, we prayed, Amen

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo