Let us share grace with today’s sermon and the title is “Blueprint”.

This word may be used as a business term. But let us share grace with the title, “Blueprint of faith”.

Common business corporation talks about, “Blueprint”. The company has the mind of business with such a statement or presentation,  “My business has such such kind of dream in the future.

“In the future, I would like to do things in this and that way. My business vision is such and such.” Blueprint talks about the plan/concept of the future.

When you don’t have an understanding of the blueprint, you will live your life however you desire. But as people increase their knowledge and changing of living pattern, people possess purpose and goal. This is called “Blueprint”

Think of some kind of concept and planning things for your future to try it out. 

Today’s bible verse and the Bible always talks about our future. 

It is written in the Old Testament but the New Testament is more specific about our future. It writes about the Son of God coming to this earth and after His death, going to heaven to prepare our mansion. Hallelujah.

People who have invested and worked diligently relying on the earthly system will not be able to pull anything out of it in the future. 

What will remain in the end? Nothing else will remain, but only the history of how you followed the Word of God by solely relying on it with faith will remain in the future. Hallelujah.

Then, what must we do on this earth? 

We need to possess the blueprint of our future on this earth and we need to think this way. ‘I must diligently live such and such way and shine like a star for the glory of the Lord now. Then later on, when I go to the kingdom of the Lord, I will be recognized. I must faithfully be loyal on this earth unto death so that when I enter into the kingdom of the Lord, I will be approved.” 

Those who diligently and faithfully live with such a mind/blueprint, as the timing of God approaches, we will eventually enter into the timing of God, and we will count the cost. Hallelujah.

I know a man who had died and stood before the judgment seat, the throne of God. 

“Who are you?” He replied. “Lord, I am a saint (name). I’ve arrived before you, Lord.”

“Let Me watch your whole life.”

As soon as God spoke, right in front of very eyes, his life from the birth and to the death had opened up on the screen. It was like a panorama. 

In the screen, it had shown that he had given a countless number of worship and church service. 

This man thought that he had given a countless number of worship and prayer. But he had realized that there were only two times in his life that his worship and prayer were genuine enough for God to receive. 

Even though he had prayed so much and he had given a countless number of physical services to God, there were only two times that were qualified for God to receive. 

He was being evaluated in front of a countless number of heavenly saints and angels, 

“You have given only two times of worship(including service, prayer and more) that were qualified for Me to receive an answer. 

He must have greatly shocked. 

I have served and worshipped God for my whole life, God had received only two times. God did not remember the other times. 

If there is the most frightening thing in this earth, that must be a time. No matter how beautiful, fresh, smart and powerful you may be, after 60-70 years, you will become an old person. 

No matter how famous talent, miss Korea or universe, and no matter how nice looking you have, once you age, you will become a wrinkly old person. 

look at entertainers, even after became an old, wrinkly person, in order to hide, they put thick makeup. But when a cameraman zooms in and closes up their faces, it’s a mess. 

I once asked this one particular pastor I know to preach. When he/she came to our church, he/she took something out. Then..he/she began to put powder on his/her face. He/She then took out an eyebrow pencil and began drawing his/her eyebrow. 

He/She was taking care of his image. 

Always trying to look fresh. His/her voice is soft, “Oh, yes~ Hallelujah!”

There is no way to prevent you from aging. 

I’ve never thought that I was going to lose my hair this early. I’ve never thought that my hair was going to turn into grey earlier. 

Even though you guys dyed your hair, masking yourselves seating here hypocritically when I look at your hair root intently, roots are soooooooo~~ grey. 

I won’t tell whom I’m talking about!

In these days, my son sighing deeply. 

I said, “What is the matter? You haven’t reached thirty years yet”

“In these days, I am getting grey hair!” I said, “Of course! Think about it, you have three children already! It’s natural that you have grey hair earlier!” 

You have no other way to prevent when it comes to aging.

When you reach the end of your life, you will have to put all down and become empty handed and stand before God.

A grave cloth literally does not have any pockets. When a person dies, he/she will dress up with a grave cloth. This cloth does not have any pockets. 

We must leave with empty handed. 

After you get old, you will remember the most beautiful memories and value it. 

Perhaps, it’s the same with you. In my entire life, there was the period of a time which I was the most refreshing and young. In that period of a time, I remember how I diligently serve the Lord.

But now, only think about it and have a heart about. Those years have already passed rapidly. 

This is why, one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like only one day to God. Do not forget this. Hallelujah.

When we stand before God, There is no such thing as death. 

Compare to the heavenly realm, we are only a dayfly on this earth. (A dayfly lives only one day)

During a thousand years, we may feel like we have lived a diligent life. But in the end, your fleeting life is but a warm breath of air that is visible in the cold only for a moment and then vanishes!

In the days of Apostle Peter, because of the statement, ‘Jesus will return soon’ He thought Jesus was going to return soon in his lifetime.

People get the idea and calculate utilizing the time of this life. But what’s important for God is, how will we valuably and wisely utilize short time on this earth to glorify God. 

Due to the matters of how to eat, live, and raise your children, you are busy going to work. But in your life, even within 24 hours of a day, how much have you thought about God?

Some only come to service once a week, some pray daily and come to service daily, and so on. But in the end, when we stand before God, only events that God was solely being centered will be remembered and will be received by God. 

Some people testify that they have seen my heavenly mansion in heaven and it was unimaginably nice and huge. But to tell you the truth, I’m not very interested.

I have some interest because I will die later. My primary goal is to go to heaven no matter what. you don’t have a clue what tomorrow may bring!

You don’t know if I will get dementia, sickness or die from some kind of accident. When some kind of test, suffering, disappointment comes, 

we need to overcome well with faith as you call out to the Lord, “Lord, Lord, Lord!” My wish is to go to heaven as I always call out to Lord. Hallelujah.

Those who believe in Jesus must possess clear model regarding their future. 

You must invest that’s effective and worthwhile for your future. 

So then, what should you do? You must possess the blueprint regarding your future. “I want to live in such and such a way when I go to heaven.” Then you must start preparing now while you are still alive.

Such as, “No matter what happens, I will be thankful! No matter what happens, I will not cuss! No matter what happens, I will praise God at least once a day! My lips will habitually say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sing praise’. My lips will habitually say ‘Hallelujah and Amen’

By doing it, we will be preserved before the Lord. He will ask, “How many times had you say, “Hallelujah, amen?” “Lord! I love Hallelujah Amen so very much!”

“How did you carry out your  prayer life?” “Lord, I prayed entering a house and coming out of a house. When I arrived at the church, the first thing I did was praying.

Instead of saying, ‘I’m busy busy busy!!” When you arrive at the church, pray at your seating. Hallelujah. 

Pray after the service and pray when you are driving. When you arrive home, pray the thanksgiving prayer to God for safely arriving home. 

When you arrive at your work, does not matter if people see you or not, close your eyes for a moment and give a thanksgiving prayer. “Lord, please help me to be victorious today. 

Please be with me today so that I do not participate in committing sin with others. Even if someone provokes me, help me to have a joyful and welcoming expression on my face. Help me to put a smile on my face. 

Let countless people believe in Jesus through my actions. Let joyous and pleasant feeling be created by me. Jesus, let Your image be manifested through me. This is how you need to pray. These good images will remain in heaven.

You might have worshipped, attended nightly church service, fasted and prayed daily. But when you stand before God, He will say, “I will watch how you have worshipped Me” Then like panorama, your whole life will unfold before your eyes.

You will be watching it together. “Even though you were a very shy person. Even though it took a long time for you to mature, you holy danced very well. You danced with faith. The way you danced may look foolish and embarrassing from other’s perspective. But you still danced for Me.”

“God I’m sorry. I should have danced little more entertaining for You and Your glory! I should have tried to make you more pleased!”

Perhaps, the Lord will say, “Good job good job!” Hallelujah.

For us to be complemented by the Lord, we need to control our lives of flesh according to the blueprint of the kingdom of God. “I can’t act in this and that way. I need to be changed!” You must continuously be changed.

From the view of the Apostle Paul, one of the reasons why the saints of his days were going through difficulties was not possessing the true image of the future. 

They did not have some kind of blueprint. Therefore a portion of the early church saints was not doing anything but only waiting for the return of Jesus. 

They did not get into tasks of their daily lives. Because the Lord said, “I am coming soon” they thought He was coming in their generation. They forsook all their occupation.

A portion of them went into deep into the mountains and caves then prayed. 

These saints were waiting for the soon return of the Lord. But the Lord did not come. Apostle Paul was crucified upside down martyr. 

Therefore, their values of belief began to shake. They became frustrated. 

All people have their own outlook on their future. First one is 

But in the Bible, there are two types of future outlook. First one is preservation.

Until Jesus comes back to this earth, all four seasons, orders, and so on will be preserved. 

It is because of the timing God has set. 

Because God has set it, there are four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Night and day always rotate. 

People go out working in the daytime and they rest at night time accordingly to its cycle. 

Men and women get married. These things are all set by God. Hallelujah. 

But someday will come. A distinctive day will come. This will be the day of judgment. The day God will judge. 

This last day of yours will come all of a sudden. 

Therefore (due to the concern), sometimes, people can’t function with a mind at ease. They are not able to properly function in the world. 

But if you try very hard only on earthly tasks, and if all of sudden the Lord comes into your life, He will reproach you. 

Therefore, although you need to do your best on tasks in your daily lives, all your entire being must be in the Lord. 

Even though the Lord said, “I am coming soon.” You can’t just do anything and wait for Him. You need to go to work to eat and carry out a normal life. You need to get married. 

You need to adjust your life according to the weather of certain seasons. Whether spring, summer, or fall, you need to plan to adjust yourselves to certain seasons. 

We need to live our lives being prepared regarding the timing of God which will occur in the future. We do not know when the judgment day will come but we need to have an objective adjusting to God’s standard keep in mind of the judgment of God. 

Therefore, people who believe in Jesus are always under tension of living balanced without leaning only to the one side. 

You must give your best effort on this earth. You must possess the future blueprint of how you will live in the kingdom of God. You need to plan and prepare all things one after another on this earth. So when you enter into the kingdom of God, your reward and your mansion will be waiting for you. 

You will say, “What I’ve dreamed of has finally come to pass!” 

The day you enter into heaven is the day your blueprint plan coming to pass. Hallelujah!

This is the very reason why we are under tension. Whether we are tired or laborious, we need to still pray before God. We need to prepare in perfection. 

It will be great if Jesus comes right now. Right? 

But if He comes right now, what about the people who are related and connected to me that have not received God yet? There are people who are related and connected to me that go to church but still have not been born again. I am apprehensive about them.

It is a great thing for us that the Lord has not come yet. Hallelujah.

In 1992 October 28th, eschatology has raised clamor that Jesus was coming on this particular day. Therefore, I was in such a worry. 

I was worried because, In 1992, I was ordained as a pastor. I was worried about not having a chance to lead a ministry and go to heaven. 

I was very anxious because those who claimed that their spiritual eyes were opened has initiated the atmosphere as they even said that they have received the date as well. 

Even though the Bible teaches otherwise, so many people were being deceived. Even people who had normal Christian life became deceived and spread the rumor to common churches, “Jesus is coming on October 28th!

“Who’s coming?”  “The One” “Who are you talking about?” “The Lord is coming!” “That’s absurd! That’s a nonsense!”

“I’m serious! I’ve been to the place of this prophetic word! When you visit there, they will discern if you are marked on your forehead or not.” “What kind of mark?” “The seal of the Holy Spirit.” 

To receive this seal, crowded pastors, elders, and saints lined up waiting on their knees. 

If you look at the statue of a Buddha, it has some kind mark on it’s lower forehead. in a similar way, people wanted to check if they have the seal on their forehead. 

Therefore, the whole atmosphere turned into fear. 

But in today’s verse, what did the Lord say? There is a reason why the Lord delaying in coming. He wants no one to perish but all to be saved as many as possible. Hallelujah.

As the Cuban airplane was getting off the ground had crashed. 130 people were on the airplane. 

Only three people survived. Even though only three survived, its better than nothing. Very thankful.

Among 130, 127 people have vanished at a scene without any trace. The corps was all burnt and became ashes. 

Only three survived. Even these three are in a critical state danger of losing a life. 

If these people were born again Christians who had properly believed in Jesus, they may have ended up in heaven. But if not, where do you think they have ended up? If not, hundreds of people may be in hell at the same time. 

furthermore, there are countless accidents occurring all throughout the world. Events of terrorist occur such as a suicidal explosion. 

Many ISIS terrorists are not from Iraq. Most of them are from Europe. They are a citizen of Europe. 

In Sweden, among Caucasians, about 300 and 1700-1800 people from France went over to Iraq and became members of ISIS.

Even people of Belgium and England was brainwashed went to Iraq and became ISIS. Countless numbers of young white people from Europe were misled and left their countries. 

They then severe people’s head and killing people shown through video clips. 

Those who have killed others will go to hell. But those who died in such a brutal way will go to hell (if they have not received Jesus)

Where do you think all these people will end up? They will go to hell.

Despite this fact, why the Lord does not come quickly? Becuase of many pitiful souls. We must enduringly wait. 

Also, we need to put all our effort to save more souls. Hallelujah.

The Lord will not obviously notice us. But, the bible stated that we can discern through the signs. 

But even when it comes to signs, we can’t really properly discern, it is too metaphysical

War occurs here and there. Big and small natural disasters occur. But when the time of coming of the Lord is close, these signs will occur greatly, and more frequently. Hallelujah. 

Even if thee signs occur greatly and frequently, Father God will coordinate the time of return of the Lord. 

In today’s scripture, besides heaven we will enter in the future, the earth will vanish with a great sound. 

Two days ago, we had a heavy rain. The rain accompanied with thunder and with a stroke of lightning. You all heard right?

I got startled. But my wife said, “Ahhh…Very nice…I really like it~” I asked, “Why is it very nice when it is thundering and lightning?” She said, “Because it seems like it’s the sound of God..”  What? Does it mean I do not have faith?

Have I sinned a lot? When thunder and lightning struck, I got startled. My wife said, “Please repent and repent.”

Like when a big storm blows the roof will fell off and fly away. The heaven on this earth and the earth will become like a paper in the end and vanish. It will vanish with a horrific roar. The heavenly bodies will melt away as in a tremendous blaze.  And the earth and everything on it will be burned up.

“The earth and everything” means, (material) elements. What are the material elements? Sun, moon, star, universe, earth are material elements. These will become destroyed and vanished.

Every event that had occurred on the earth will particularly be exposed. Every other word that was spoken will be exposed. 

Your every single action will be exposed. 

Some bible version stated, all will burn up with fire and will be vanished.

Whether tall building, good and bad facilities will entirely burn up without anything being spared. 

It’s like Twin Towers had crumbled down and disappeared without a trace when two airplanes collided a few years ago. 

That’s when God’s judgment finally begins. You will exam, “How did I live so far? How did I speak? Did I speak futile words?”

Every word you have spoken had been recorded and these words will be replayed before God. 

In the Old Testament, through His prophets, God had exposed the sin of Israel people. 

Because, if God let them be, they will end up hell. 

God’s intention was to expose the sin of Israel so that they can repent until their tear dries up. 

Because Jesus came to the earth in advance, now we can repent before the Lord and be forgiven of our sin. Hallelujah. 

If any of us go to hell without even knowing what kind of sin we have committed. We will feel tremendous unfairness and chagrin.

All the remaining things on this earth will burn up with fire in the future. All things are remaining to be destroyed in the sulfur. God is preparing it now. 

What does God treasure? Which verse does it state? “Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness.” (2 Peter 3:11) God truly treasures holy conduct and godliness.

Repeat after me, “Holy conduct and godliness” You really need to conduct holy. Holy conduct, holy thinking, and holy speaking. 

When we say, ‘holy conduct’ Does not mean you walk and speak slowly, “Hallelujah~~Hellooo~” 

Yes, holy conduct is crucial. Also, you need to be godly. 

Repeat after me, “I need to conduct holy. I need to be godly.” Hallelujah! Only then, we will be able to survive at the time of final judgment. 

How will we endure on the days of tribulation and suffering? Only a holy life and a godly life. 

When a test comes, the only thing that will help you overcome will be your faith. 

Faith in respect of God. Holy and godly faith. We must come and kneel down before God. 

When the judgment of God comes, things will instantly be blown away. You and my flesh will vanish. 

It’s like a house instantly gets blown away when a storm comes. The only thing that will leave you will see will be a housing lot.

When the judgment of God comes, within yourself, only times when you lived and conducted spiritually will be manifested and exposed.

Soulish and fleshy parts of you will be destroyed and vanished. Only your spirit will stand before God and be judged.

How much did you carry out the obedience of faith? How much had you kept the purity of faith? Only thing will be left will be pure gold. Hallelujah.

All creation will be transformed. 

Even dogs will not be the same dogs you see on the earth. The same thing with birds, wild beasts, all types of trees, and all types of plants will bloom flowers. 

When I visited heaven and see, all types of trees had fragrance, and all plants bloomed with flowers. They seemed to possess a personality because they were able to converse with God. 

What the flower was thinking was known to me because flower and I were connected. When I said, “Oh, flower, you are very beautiful.” The flower reacted with happiness. 

Let’s imagine your faces are flowers and let’s express. “Oh, the flower of deacon Jung Chul.”

Oh well… (Will finish translation from this point because Pastor Kim basically finished preaching. He will just have fun with His church members. God bless you.)


Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo