Please repeat after me, “God’s gift. God’s gift.” We will be blessed with this title. 

In the book of Romans 11:29, “You see, when God gives the gift of grace and issues a call to a people, He does not change His mind and takes it back..” 

God has given us the gift of faith. 

When it comes to faith, sorely depending on how the person who has received the gift of faith uses and applies, various manifestation of work/deeds/actions will be shown. 

1 Thessalonians speaks about “Your action based on the behalf of true faith” 

If action of faith does not manifest, there is a big possibility that such a faith is only the husk. Faith must accompany actions. 

The person who asks for the power of love must toil. Which means, you need to continuously give and sow love to someone. You must continuously give and love them. 

Even if the other party does not understand, you must toil. (such as by adjusting and enduring with patience) Hallelujah. 

When you have hope, you must have perseverance as well.  “I will receive the hope of God, grace, gift, power no matter what!” If you are patient, enduring, and pray to the end, God will grant you such power. 

You might want to hear the voice of God but you are not. When it comes to hearing the voice of God, your faith is very important. 

We listen and receive the Word of God. Every time when we listen to the Word of God, and the more we react with faith, we will be able to recognize His Word when He speaks.  Hallelujah. 

When God gives us His Word, we will learn the special method or way of God speaking to us through the bible. 

God speaks to us with a unique language. 

The more we read the bible, we become curious. 

The bible was not given to us for the purpose of studying. It was not given to us to simply train discipleship. 

Not only must you believe the Words in the bible, you must properly believe so that the Words of the bible literally manifest in your life. Hallelujah. 

The book of James said, “Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights..” 

It’s the same thing with spiritual experience. Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing of sick, performing power, prophesying, spiritual discernment, tongue, interpretation, these are the most standard gifts of the Holy Spirit given by God. 

Ephesians 4:8 said, “When He ascended to the heights, He put captivity in chains; And in His triumph, He gave gifts to the people.” 

Hallelujah! God has given us gifts. 

James 1:17 speaks about good and perfect gift. 

Why is it good and perfect gift? It is because the Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have their heart in it. When you receive a gift, please receive it with a thankful heart no matter what you receive. 

No matter the value or amount, whatever is given to you by God; say, “Thank you.” But are you really thank you? 

Despite possessing the gift of being able to pray, we are not thankful. “Oh, it’s getting bored!” Even though God had granted the gift of attending church, we are not grateful. God’s heart is in it. 

You must certainly receive gifts of God. Hallelujah. 

When God gives you a gift, if you say, “I won’t receive it! It’s not my preference.” What will happen if you cast it aside, and ignore it? 

God tries to give people gifts with His heart in it, But they reject it because it is not within their preference. Ever since humanism has swept within the churches, people reject and ignore the gifts not wanting to receive God’s gifts, faith, and all kinds of power 

Even though the gifts are given by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is God. 

No matter what kind of gift God desires to grant us, it does not matter if we want it or not, if God grants us any type of gift, we need to receive it. 

If God begins to speak to you, you need to listen. Hallelujah! 

If you reject God’s gifts, what will happen? You are rejecting God! 

There are the gifts the Holy Spirit grants, but if you reject it, you have rejected the Holy Spirit. 

There is two meaning when it comes to gift. Pneumatikos is a holy gift that drives you to long for the holy things. 

Charisma can be translated into holy talent/ability. You probably heard of Charisma. 

Even unbelievers say, “That person has  talent/power. He has charisma!” These words are written in the bible. 

Even though worldly people use it, they use it without even knowing the meaning of the word. 

Charisma is a holy gift of God. It means God’s holy ability and holy power are granted by God. Hallelujah! 

Then what happens when a person possess the holy gifts and when they do not. When you do not possess any of God’s holy gift, you will live a commonly attending church life 

When the holy gift specifically manifest through you, you will be little more useful. You will be equipped with professionalism. 

As you study, research, and is equipped with professionalism, you will become an expert in that certain area. 

1 Corinthians 12:7 stated, “Each believer has received a gift that manifests the Spirit’s power and presence..” The Holy Spirit manifests through people who has received a gift. 

We say, “Oh, that person has the power of the Holy Spirit.”  “The Holy Spirit is manifesting through that person.”  “He has the power in his lips!”  ‘Oh, his ministry shows the work and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.” 

so then, what would be the reason for the Holy Spirit to manifest? It is to benefit. 

The Holy Spirit speaks not only for your own benefit but to edify and give benefit to the church as well. 

Charisma and dorea represents a gift. These words appears about 20 times in the New Testament. 

All type of gifts and grace that are granted to the people by God is called “Charisma” Which means a gift of God. 

There are times, God grants a gift, authority, and power to go beyond the natural man’s ability. 

There are times when we need to make an important choice, but as our thoughts goes back and forth, we are not sure what to pick. 

Then you need to come before God on your knees and pray. Praying will be very helpful. 

If you pray a lot more, you will be able to make a choice without doubting. No matter what kind of circumstance you encounter, you will become bold. You will not run about in confusion. 

If you run about in confusion and have no idea what to pick, you must come before God and pray. This is great grace. 

When Jesus came to the earth, the power of healing manifested, His Word had the truth and power of life, He had healed many sick people, and casted out demons from many, Jesus was always surrounded with people who wanted to be close to Him. 

People knew, “If I go to Him, I will get healed from my sickness without being condemned by Him. 

The priests, high priest, and the Law condemned me. They prevented me from coming close to them. But if I go to Jesus, my leprosy will be completely healed.” But He will certainly want to clarify first. 

Jesus asked, “What do you want?” “I want to get healed!” Then Jesus said, “You have been forgiven of your sin!” Then healing came. The Lord will work when what we want perfectly aligns with what the Lord wants. 

In other words, Dunamai, Dunamis, Dinamite, and Rhema. There is overflowing of Dunamis from Jesus. Because Jesus has explosive and powerful power, when people conversed, looked, encountered the Lord, grabbed onto the fringe of His garment, any problem would be completely resolved. Hallelujah! 

Even if a person had died, a  person can be resurrected. 

How was Jesus able work in such a way? Because the Lord was clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus told His disciples that just knowing a lot of Words is not going to be enough. You can become a fugitive. You can get caught up in emotion. You can become frightened of circumstance, and you can become a betrayer. 

That’s why Jesus said, “Do not leave Jerusalem but wait for the promised Holy Spirit.” 

Jesus promised,  “Father God will send the Holy Spirit in My name. You must recieve Him.” 

But will people receive the Holy Spirit? Do they? When the power of God manifests, people already think it is weird and insane. 

When the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon us, when God’s anointing and presence manifest, many evil spirits that were hidden within us will flee from us. 

The power of God will shatter and demolish all type of yoke, shackles, and any bad bondages such as personality or that may have been inherited to you from your parents. You wil be freed! 

Please do not act according to your personality and temper. If you have really received Jesus and been saved,  you must recieve the power of the Holy Spirit and become free! 

You will have a gentle heart toward all people. You will be able to handle/recieve all kinds of people. You will be able to tolerate and love. 

It will not matter if anyone slanders and criticizes you. How is it possible? It is because the Lord is within you. 

In the book of Matthew 10:8, “Give as freely as you have received!” 

For some people, as the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon them, they charge others when they minister to them. They also charge if people want a prophetic word. 

If we have received the grace of God, now we need to release it to others. It needs to continuously flow down without ceasing. 

If you have received the grace of God, you need to share and testify of it. You need to pass on to someone what you have received. 

What do you need to give to others? It is the Holy Spirit. Does this mean the Holy Spirit is an object? No, of course not. 

When you are always overflowing with the presence and anointing of God, it flows to other people. 

When a certain comedian speaks a lot of joyous, fun and entertaining words, it will make you happy even if you just think about him. 

You will expect and think “How funny and entertaining is he going to be this time?” People will have such an image of him. 

If the Holy Spirit is within you and if the Spirit of joy flows, you are in the realm of the joy of the Holy Spirit. I’ve already told you everyone belongs to certain spiritual realm. 

If you have grown up within a household that has persecuted you in a certain way, been physically abused by parents, building up rage and anger, then without even realizing, these traces/characteristics will manifest through your personality and fleshly nature. 

When these become your shackles, hurt and stress, then if Satan works through your stress and anger, you will release your hurt and stress to someone else. 

You will speak harshly. You will slander someone. You will become physically abusive, and break objects. 

But the power of God will demolish such things. Hallelujah. 

It is because when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be changed. 

The Holy Spirit will send us to the places where we wouldn’t go. Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. 

“What do I have? It feels like I have nothing.” When we are touched by the grace of God and when we recieve the gift, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual method will be created within us. 

Please do not underestimate this spiritual method. 

When you are touched by the grace of God, the presence and anointing of God will pour upon you. Then through God’s work, you will become God’s holy pathway. Hallelujah. 

Therefore, the Lord had given us a method for us to  impart the power of the Holy Spirit all throughout the world. Please recieve stronger power. 

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights” This is not a condition for salvation. 

In a christian’s life, and when christians need to serve, and when they need to carry out their mission, they will be able to carry it out effectively with the holy gift and power. Becaue they need it, God grants such holy gifts and power to them. Hallelujah. 

In order to do the great work of God, God will fill our bodies with His special power. 

Even though we may grow weary, when the power of God comes upon us, still, gratefulness and joy will come out of us. 

2 Corinthians 9:15, “Praise God for his astonishing gift, which is far too great for words!” This speaks about salvation. 

Even when it comes to salvation, the scripture says it is an astonishing gift which is far too great for words. Please someone read it. Very important word. 

“Praise God for his astonishing gift, which is far too great for words!” (He wants just one person read.) 

God has granted the astonishing gift which is far too great for words.. The gift is about salvation. 

God grants a gift in the book of Romans 12:3 ” Because of the privilege and authority God has given me, I give each of you this warning: Don’t think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us” 

What is a holy gift? God grants us a holy gift according to measure of our faith. 

What if measure of our faith is not qualified? Then the only holy gift you will ever possess will be the gift of salvation. 

The more measure of faith increase, the more you will think, “I can’t keep on living like this! I want to do something for the Lord. I need to be touched by God’s grace. I need to pray.” When you start to pray, God works for you. 

But just because you have received a holy gift, do not misunderstand that our nature and personality have no flaws and problems. 

Even though you have received a holy gift, it is possible that you will be slandered and criticized. Even if you have received a holy gift, it is possible that you will commit sin. 

People often misunderstand. ‘Because I have received a holy gift, my nature and personality will be free from sin and have no problems.’ This is not true. 

People who have received a holy gift will be more exposed, and can become corrupted faster than common christians. It is because they are Satan’s target. 

Satan tries to make people who believe in Jesus to easily, dramatically, and rapidly become corrupted, so that people of the world will be shocked and not believe in Jesus. 

This is the very reason why the devil attacks. People begin with the Spirit and the holy gift, but end up fleshly. There are too many saints and pastors ending up filthy. Right? Isn’t it true or not?? 

It will take a long time for the holy gifts to bear fruit gloriously. 

Even people who have received holy gift become shaky. 

They can be shaky temporarily. Even if people who have received holy gifts become corrupted, usually, God does not take their holy gifts away from them. Even if they commit sin and become corrupted. 

But the Holy gifts can be received instantly. But in order for the holy gifts to bear fruit, it will take a long long time. 

Do you know that so many people who have received holy gifts become corrupted? So then, people without any holy gifts as they observe people with holy gifts getting corrupted and not lasting long should think “I will not recieve holy gifts.” ? 

But they have a holy gift already, a gift of salvation. God does not let people who have the gift of salvation to live their lives like nothing happened. God will try to push them to the next level. God will continuously push you up to the next level, and to the higher levels. 

Even if you try not to move to the next level, God will already push you to the next higher level. If you continuously come back down, God will see it as a “neglect of duty” 

God will say, “You’ve believed in Jesus for few decades. What have you been doing? You’ve had a time for your faith to go higher. You’ve had a time to be forgiven of your sins, and you’ve had chances to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. When the other people received the power of the Holy Spirit, what have you been doing? 

Why do you have only one holy gift, which is a gift of salvation? You need to receive hundreds and thousands of holy gifts and as much as you can! Look at the other people, some are being loyal and faithful unto death, why are you stagnant about it?” The Lord will ask you! 

You can not give any excuses before the Lord. Even if you’ve received many holy gifts, with your humanistic mind and nature, “Well, I do not want to do that, I do not like to do that.” These type of thinking limits the work of the Holy Spirit. 

It is the same thing with pastors. Although God had granted many holy gifts, they say, “Well, this type of holy gifts do not fit my personality. Why would they flow with their personality acting like a corrupted people. 

Why would people believe according to their nature? If they are in a bad mood they will not go to church and stop believing in Jesus? 

In reality, do you know so many people with such a corrupted mind are in churches? 

So called believers want to do only what they want to do. But such an attitude belongs to the people of the world! People who believe in Jesus must do things even if they do not want to do! Say Amen! 

You must rightly and properly believe! Do you know there are so many fakes within the churches? They want to go to church without responsibilities. 

They refuse to be utilized by the hand of God. No matter how many times God try to fish and utilize them, they do not bite the “bait” 

Do you think these types of people will be saved? As a matter of fact, there are so many people who have not been born again. 

There are countless people within churches who are not born again. 

Therefore, there is an overflowing of lawless rebels within the churches. 

When I visited hell, I’ve seen the evangelists who had appeared on Television. Even many renown pastors who had appeared on Television were in hell. 

There are pastors whose personal life is messed up. 

In these days, entertainers who have divorced and remarried act honorably having no shame. On Television, one particular entertainer said, “I been married for 20-30 years, but I could not get over my first love. I’ve dumped my first love, and had met a new woman to have a family. I have children as well. But I’ve realized that I need to go back to my first love.” 

So then, what about his current wife and children? He is simply casting them away. 

In fact, there are too many entertainers out there acting in such a way as this man. 

Is this biblical or not? Is it biblical or not? They are on their way to hell. 

Even these types of people attend church. And sing, “My Lord, please do according to Your will,,,~~~” 

It’s insane. Do you think these people will receive salvation? 

These people all know what’s right or wrong. 

We must not be deluted and decieved. 

Too many are living in their delusion. These type of people need to experience hell. 

They need to be at the lowest part of hell which is the place people who have committed adultery end up. 

They need to experience this particular domain of hell at lease once in which are the people who had refused to fulfill their countless missions in their lives. 

They will gain the fear of God and will not interfere the other people’s sin or business. 

Whether the other person properly believe or not, you need to first exam your own soul and work out your salvation in trembling and fear. “I must keep my faith. I must not judge or criticize. I must come and surrender before God. I need to be busy keeping my faith. I must be faithful with dilligency.” 

No matter what kind of task is given to me, I will do my best to execute it.” This is how you supposed to be. Do you believe it? 

There are countless churches that are moving in the opposite direction of the Lord. 

When it comes to the holy gifts, there are gifts that are granted to you to accomplish some kind of purpose. There are gifts that performs power, and a gift that carries out certain type of duty and position to serve accordingly. 

Romans 12:6,8 speaks about accomplishing a purpose. This is an important statement. 

We all have different gifts, each of which came because of the grace God has given us. The person who has the gift of prophecy should use that gift in agreement with the faith or in proportion to their faith. 

If you are a preacher, see to it that your sermons are strong and helpful. If God has given you money, be generous in helping others with it. If God has given you administrative ability and put you in charge of the work of others, take the responsibility seriously. Those who offer comfort to the sorrowing should do so with Christian cheer. 

These manifest the purpose of a gift. Which means, a gift of prophecy, a gift of serving, a gift of preaching/teaching, a gift of comforting, a gift of generousity helping others, a gift of administrating, a gift of being merciful to people. These gifts have some kind of purpose. 

The gift of prophecy is to edify church. Hallelujah! 

A gift of serving has a purpose to serve others. 

You need to possess a gift of teaching when it comes to teaching others. 

“That person needs to be comforted by me.” You will comfort a people who are hurt with the gift of comfort. 

If you have the gift of giving, you will help who are in need. 

Administrating people have the gift of leadership. Being compassion and merciful to others is a gift as well. Hallelujah. 

This shows the uniqueness of God’s nature. 

God has various nature. 

God will say, “You have taught well. You have comforted many people and I remember it. Here is a crown that is for a people who comforts others.” 

“You have helped many who are in need. Look at your heavenly mansion!” “But Lord, I think I barely helped any!” “That’s not true. I know it all. You have done things secretly did’t tell your left hand what your right hand is doing.” 

“When you’ve handled people, you did not handle with fleshly strength, or with hot temper, but you have handled it with love and grace.” Hallelujah! 

“You have been merciful to people who are difficult. You will receive mercy.” 

Let us read the book of Ephesians 4:11,13. ” And he has appointed some with grace to be apostles, and some with grace to be prophets, and some with grace to be evangelists, and some with grace to be pastors, and some with grace to be teachers. 

This explains a holy gift received through  position/duty. 

The most important thing. This is what you also like. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. 

Now there are many kinds of grace gifts, but they are all from the same Spirit. There are many different ways to serve, but they’re all directed by the same Lord. There are many amazing working gifts in the church, but it is the same God who energizes them all in all who have the gifts.Each believer has received a gift that manifests the Spirit’s power and presence. That gift is given for the good of the whole community. 

There is a gift that manifests. We express a gift that manifests the Spirit’s power. Repeat after me, “Long for power” 

If you long for power, the Holy Spirit will work towards it. God will grant just as you long and desire. Hallelujah. 

There is a gift of wisdom. When you possess this gift, you will be led through  knowledge. With this information/knowledge, God will lead you to operate and perform through wisdom. The gift of wisdom is very important. 

It might seem like the gift of wisdom and knowledge is similar, but they are different. 

A gift of knowledge will accurately teach the fact that perfectly fits the state of circumstance. The gift of knowledge will give accurate information. The gift of knowledge will give guidance that fits perfectly to the current situation. Hallelujah. 

What is the gift of wisdom? When someone does not know what to do with the information, a person with the gift of wisdom gives advice. During prayer, things will come into your thought. When people run about in confusion, a person with the gift of wisdom will give advice, and suggestion, “If you do this and that way, it will be great.” 

People will reply, “I would not have thought about that! How in the world did you think about it to advise me in such a way? Thank you!” This is wisdom. 

The difference between people with and without wisdom can be compared distance from the heaven and earth. 

It will be good if wisdom and knowledge interacts and complements. 

This person has the knowledge that fits the reality of his situation, but he has no wisdom. He knows so much and accurately when it comes to do the work of the Lord. But he is lacking in wisdom to carry out the work of the Lord. 

He can’t distinguish from front to rear and from left to right. Wisdom will distinguish it not knowledge. Hallelujah. 

When you possess the gift of wisdom and knowledge,  these two gifts will complement each other. Hallelujah! 

Knowledge is about a situation. Wisdom is about advising. 

It will be great if these are clearly distinguished. 

Faith, a gift that is granted by God. 

A gift in healing the sick. It literally means the power to heal sickness. This gift manifest power. This is a gift that dramatically performs the work of God. 

It will be great if we are able to dramatically perform the power and gift of God. Hallelujah. 

I’ve went to China to hold a holy fire conference. On the very first day of the conference, a woman in her mid 30’s came. She was a handicap. She said some kind of a traumatic event had occurred when she was only few months old. 

Her legs were stiffened, therefore she could not stretch them straight. Her arm and hand was bent and could not be stretched out. She had lived her whole life in such a conditon. Now she is in her mid 30’s. 

As soon as I arrive for the conference, I said, “Let us pray.” Within that moment, 3 people carried this woman who had stiffened legs, bent arm and a hand. She could not walk on her own. 

I did not even start preaching. I felt the loaded responsibility. 

Although God had granted me the gift of healing and all, when the people brought the woman in such a critical condition from the start, and asked me to heal her, I felt a great load of responsibility. 

I’ve testified of Pastor Kim, Ik Doo once. 

In Phyong Yang city (in North Korea), he had a renown incident on a street marketplace with a cripple. 

Pastor Kim, Ik Doo used to be a gangster. But after he transformed and became a pastor, he used to go up to a mountain and prayed a lot. When he prayed a lot, he felt like he can do anything. 

One day, he went to a cripple who was at the  marketplace. “Hey you! Look at me!” Then all the people around them gave full attention to both. 

This cripple had never walked in his whole life. But he commanded, “Hey!! Look at me!! ” He began to speak statements in the bible. “I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!” Then he grabbed a cripple’s hand and pulled him up. 

Do you think the crippled got up and walked or not? Not. 

While all people were watching, he pulled the cripple’s hand. But his legs were still in the crippled condition. 

This crippled homeless cried out, “Ouch!! This bastard is trying to harm me!! 

This story should be very funny…but you do not even laugh…It’s very sad, I should finish preaching here.. 

Anyways, people tried to stop Pastor Kim, ik Doo. He was greatly humiliated. 

So, on that day, pastor Kim, Ik Doo became very upset. He furiously argued with God. Because he was greatly upset, he went to the mountain and beat up some trees, and himself. He prayed as he yelled, “How can you do this!!! Ahhh!!!!” 

As he prayed, he became calm and filled with grace. “Whom should I heal..” He had spotted the same cripple. 

Pastro Kim, Ik Doo came close to a cripple. 

The more he came close, the more a cripple moved backward, and said, “Why are you doing this?! Do not come near! Please do not come near! Why are you doing this!?” 

You can imagine the scene right? There were a lot of people and pastor Kim, Ik Doo thought, ‘What if he does not get up, what should I do?’ 

He carried the cripple on his back and began running fast. The crippled cried out, “Please someone save me! This man will harm me!” Pastor Kim, Ik Doo tried to find a place without any people around. He ran about few bystreets. “Someone save me!” “Be quiet! You are too noisy!” 

They arrived at the dead end alley. Pastor Kim, Ik Doo placed the crippled on the ground and said, “Only you and I are here.” “Why are you doing this!? Please someone helpe me! Anybody there!?” Perhaps, the crippled said in his mind, ‘What bad luck! This insane man has trapped me!’ 

Pastor Kim, Ik Doo began to pray, “Lord, please work work work work..!” 

When he was in the main street, he made a big action (to show). But this time, he did not make any big action. He said to the crippled, “You better listen when I say nicely.” 

“I don’t have any silver or gold for you. But I’ll give you what I have. In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, get up and walk!” Then he pulled the crippled. The crippled got up and walked! 

Do you know the feeling of risky moments? Such as pulling a crippled but not getting up! 

If I pulled the crippled but what if the crippled does not get up, what should I do? To tell you the truth, I feel like going insane.” 

You should experience it too! 

When I was blazing with passion, I used to evangelize with a loud voice on a 5th street of Jongno. 

I’ve encountered a grandma who was in a religion named, “Soka Gakkai International” I was in my late teen and when I used to carry out prayer life in a mountain. 

I was like, “Lord…” It felt like only if I place my hand on her head, she will manifest with her eyes rolled backward. 

So, I placed my hand on her head. I was right in front of this particular pharmacy. Many people were walking around. It was about a lunch time. 

I placed my hand on her head and commanded, “In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, depart from her you demon!” Then I shook her head. 

Grandma screamed and said, “This bastard is harming me!” 

Then she said, “Believe in Jesus? Up your ass! Come on! Knock me down! Why won’t you knock me down! Come on! Come on! Do it!” 

“Believe in my god!” Then she began to repeatedly chanting a spell. “nam myoho renge kyo..nam myoho renge kyo…” 

She began to follow me around and harass and bother me. I felt like going insane. 

I heard a “beep beep” sound which notifies soon arriving of a bus. I apologied to grandma as I ran, “Ok ok! I’m sorry!” But she ran after me, “You come here! You come here!” Within that moment, bus number 154 arrived. So I rapidly jumped in and got away from her. 

That same day, at night, I went to the Samgak Mountain and I prayed as I slapped my own cheek. 

“God! How could you do this to me! Why are you doing this to me!?” 

Last year, I went to India to hold a holy fire conference. I was praying over a blind man’s eyes as I was rubbing his eyes. Inside of my mind, I thought, ‘Like Jesus, should I spit on a dirt and make it into a mud and rub it over this blind man’s eyes? Should I do it or not?” 

You don’t understand. This blind man’s religion was Hinduism. 

He opened his eyes but one of his eyes was covered with some kind of white substance. He had big eyes. 

One eye was completely covered with white substance. The other one was also blind. 

People were carrying in all kinds of patients. All people were watching. 

I began to hear the Lord. The Lord began to speak through Me to the blind man, “I will give you a chance. Will you believe in Me, Jesus?” “Amen..” I told my wife, “Samonim, put some holy fire into him.” I continuously rubbing his eyes and put holy fire into him. We continuously ministered with holy fire and put holy fire into him. 

Then all of a sudden, the evil spirits began to come out of him through caughing. I saw the evil spirits with appearance of snakes come out of him and all the other form of evil spirits came out of him. The Lord said, 

“I will give you a chance. If you open your heart and receive Me as your Lord and Savior, you will be healed. You will be able to see. 

The blind man received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. He had realized that he became healed after he got home. 

This time, when I went back to hold another holy fire  conference, people heard word about healing of the blind man. Another man believing in Hinduism came with a girl. This girl could not come out of the car. 

This girl had never walked in her whole life. 

When I observed her legs, they were thinner than my arms. Only thing left was skin and bone. 

She could not even come into the church. Earlier that day, me and my wife had a little argument. We had a small argument with words. I became upset so I came to church ahead of her. 

My mood was bad. But regardless of my feeling, when I arrived at a church, they wanted me to heal this woman. 

“Lord, I had an argument with my wife, before i got here. This is really too much! I am in a bad mood right now Lord! Oh that wife, why would she make me upset, she shouldn’t have stirred up my temper!” It could have been great if I did not become upset but unfortunately, I got upset with her. 

People began shooting with their cameras. This hadicapped girl was in the back of the car seat laid down like this. 

They asked, “Pastor Kim, please pray for her to be healed.” 

“Am I the Lord?” 

Anyways, I went back of the car seat. The girl was laying down on the back seat. She tried to stretch her legs, but legs made cracking sound. 

Her arms and legs were shriveled and twisted. What will happen if her arms/legs become broken and go backward if we try to stretch them with a strength. We ministered to her with holy fire. 

I rubbed and pressed her stiffened arm with fingers. “Lord, I’m not in a good condition. Why do you do this to me?” People had expected me to perform great power. Therefore, they opened the car trunk (connected to the back seat) and began to record the scene with their cell phone camera as they flashed taking pictures. 

“Is power manifesting or not? Is this fraud or not?” I thought they might be thinking in such a way. 

There was no way out. “Lord, can I just briefly pray over her? Can I perform the work without having a load of responsibility? 

No matter how much I prayed to the Lord inside of my mind, He did not answer me. 

If God does not answer, this means continue to carry out the given task. 

(I began singing) “With the blood of cross, I desire to be washed and cleansed from sin~~ oh, what should I do!” 

People were intently watching. 

I touched her arm and leg. I also put holy fire into her. 

“Whatever happens, will happen. I am not the one who does the healing anyways. It will be the Lord who does the healing.” Then I pulled her out of the car. She began to walk! Hallelujah! 

We have a video clips. It was first time for her to walk in her whole life. 

Also when I went to China, people got healed. I am revisiting India next year, I don’t know how many will come. Maybe a few dozen of people. All types of people comes to the holy fire conference. 

When I visited Uganda, a man had the top of his foot really swollen. It was huge. 

From the swell oozed fluid unceasingly. Water oozed out like as though spring water coming out of the earth. Flies were all over his foot. 

It looked somewhat like sea squirt. He asked me to pray for him. Suddenly, I smelled the rotten smell of the flesh. 

When God grants you any type of power and the power to heal, even if you have to smell the rot or the corp, you must stay cool and calm without changing your face expression, you must carry out your task as you touch the person with love of the Lord. 

So, in China, the woman had her arms and legs stretched out and got healed on the first day of the holy fire conference. After I explained the process of opening our spiritual eyes and 

we prayed powerfully, two people got their spiritual eyes opened. 

After hearing two people’s testimoney, people were on fire the next day. 10-20 people had a spiritual experience and testified. People shouted out in prayer, “Let us pray!!” They did not care although a publick peace policeman was near by. They shouted out in prayer. 

Because God worked, He protected and guided. 

On this earth people have many complicated stories and matters. 

When you pray in tongue, your heart, thought, stories, direction of your life,  matters of your household, matters of your church, your job, business and so on will all be delivered straight to God. Praying in tongue surpasses human language that has limitation. 

When you pray in tongue, you are continuously conversing with God in the spirit. It does not matter even if you do not understand. The more you pray in tongue, your spirituality will deepen and things will be sorted out. In the end, a gift of interpretation of tongue will be granted. 

When you receive a gift of tongue, you will surpass the mind/heart of the flesh. It will surpass your thinking. 

Even though you’ve been living according to your way of life, once you receive a holy gift of God, your prayer of tongue will surpass your reality and enter into the kingdom of God. 

It will be good when all holy gifts operates as they complement together. 

A holy gift of interpretation is paired with the holy gift of tongue. You may speak in tongue, but in order for you to interpret tongue, one thing is required. You need to pray a lot more. 

What was the pair that is with the holy gift of tongue? The gift of interpretation. Please receive a holy gift of interpretation. 

At first, when you receive the holy gift of interpretation, you won’t really know. As you keep on praying in tongue, you will intuitively know the meaning of your tongue. 

You will know through your thinking, feeling, and intuition. If you continuously pray more powerfully, tongue will be clearly and precisely interpreted in your native language. 

From then, you will be changed and different when it comes to the work that serves the Lord, 

You may become worn out, tired, having hard time and weary, but whenever a holy gift is grant to you one at a time, you will be changed, you will experience some kind of change with your spiritual power, and working of healing of yourself will maniefest. 

Thanksgiving words will come out of your mouth. Joy, happiness, and grace will begin to overflow. 

There are three types of the holy gift of faith. 

First holy gift of faith is an ordinary faith. 

Second the holy gift of faith is a faith that gradually develops from the ordinary faith. Hallelujah. 

People who possess the ordinary faith only believe in an ordinary way. 

People who developed their faith a little bit more from ordinary faith will have a heart such as, “I want to perform the work/task of God more specifically. I want to serve more dilligently with the work of the Lord.” 

God will powerfully impress through the person with a special faith. When this person receives such an impression, he/she will be able to give offering, serve, going to mission, give some kind of special gift/offering to God, 

Your behavior, emotions, and will will vividly feel the work/touch of God. “Oh, I want to do that work! I want to serve in that area! I want to help that part! I want to go to mission to Africa and so on.” 

Every time God impresses you, special faith will be created and this will be a pathway in your body. 

1 Corinthians 12, there are holy gifts that manifests power. This is God’s special bundle of gift. 

When you receive one holy gift, God will grant you two. When you receive two, God will grant you three. When you receive three, He will grant you four. God is willing to grant you ten and twenty holy gifts. Hallelujah. 

When you receive such power, you will be sensitive when it comes to reacting to the voice of God. 

Repeat after me, “Let us receive every gift that is granted by God.” Hallelujah! The more we receive such power, the more better it will be. 

Sermon by Pastor Kim, Yong Doo
Head pastor of the Lord’s Church, Korea
Author of Baptize by Blazing Fire book series

Translated by Pastor Steve & Yoojin Kim
Pastors of Fire of God Church in San Francisco (Fremont)
Fire of God Church is a branch church of the Lord’s Church, Korea and is under the spiritual covering of head Pastor Kim, Yong Doo